This Dating App Is Trying To Help People Find A Connection Safely

There are hundreds of dating apps out there to help singles find love. However, the Sweet Pea app is putting a twist on the standard dating apps by changing the conversation.

The goal of the Sweet Pea app is to help users not only make a real dating connection but also to create an inclusive environment where people can have a real conversation.

"The idea of Sweet Pea came from the most memorable interactions I've had with strangers from acquaintances to significant others, these interactions were all started through conversations that caught my attention, made me think, made me laugh, or were just generally engaging in some way. As we increasingly turn to smartphones for everything from socializing with friends to meeting new people, I want to make sure these kinds of nuanced, meaningful social interactions don't get lost in translation.” Michael Bruch, CEO and Founder of Sweet Pea told Bustle last spring.

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The focus of Sweet Pea is to get people talking. Sure, it sounds like a great idea but how is this idea going to be implemented into the app? Well, for starters there is what is called an icebreaker which is designated to help users start a conversation. There is also a section where users can place and use video stories.

Burch shared how he came up with the idea to change the conversation among singles with Sweet Pea.


“It's surprising how many matches on dating apps don't lead to any sort of conversation or real connection. As a result, many dating apps make people feel more lonely than they were before they got on them. Practically speaking, Sweet Pea makes starting a conversation easier, and has the effect of making connecting with someone new online a more expressive, less anxiety-filled process.” He revealed.

Along with helping start a real conversation, Sweet Pea also hopes to help give those that have anxiety about dating a safer environment. This is where the inclusive community comes into play.

Another quality that sets the app apart from others is that it has partnered with organizations like The National Domestic Violence Hotline, Loveisrespect, and RAINN, to give back to charities that help women.

Is Sweet Pea really different from all the other dating apps out there?


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