Sweaters And Midi Skirts Are Set To Dominate The World Of Winter Fashion

Forget the 1970s, 2018 is the real year of the midi.

After decades of underwhelming the public, long hemlines are finally to be taken seriously. And to make matters more precarious, this winter they're set to be combined with chunky or oversized sweaters.

The trend has already been endorsed by a slew of fashion-conscious A-listers such as the style's unofficial ambassadors Victoria Beckham (whose knees we don’t recall seeing in years), Jourdan Dunn, and Aubrey Plaza. All the celebs mentioned look sensational in this combo, and are clearly rocking the “cool girl” winter trend.

So should we just go ahead and emulate them?

Even though this chic combo looks super comfy and effortless, it can go from elegant to frumpy if someone is shorter than 5’5 and commits the grave sin of styling it with flats. It sounds so unfair, but whoever invented midi skirts didn’t have short women in mind. Therefore, styling this outfit with a pair of stiletto pumps, heeled sandals, or classic heeled boots completes this statement look and reduces the risk of dreaded frumpiness.

What’s more, for those who are anything less than statuesque, make sure the midi skirt hits mid-calf, as it is intended, and that it’s not a maxi skirt in disguise.

Undeniably this is a trend that will favor the more svelte figures, so don’t expect to copy catwalk looks without certain alterations. Oversized or chunky jumpers can swamp the figure and make the waist disappear. A cropped knit, like the one worn by Aubrey Plaza, is ideal for waist definition and balance. Tucking in sweaters is also a no-brainer.

However, those who are top-heavy with a large bust or wide shoulders (or both) can just opt for a clean cut, only slightly oversized sweater, and skip the chunky knits altogether.

If I’m honest, speaking as a short person with a big bust, the sweater-and-midi skirt combo gives me a mild panic attack. So, while I do love how effortless it looks on others, I’ll proceed with caution, sticking to paper-thin knits and light-weight skirts.

But for all others, it might be time to start stocking up on these pieces for comfy and stunning winter fashion.


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