20 Surprisingly Flattering Photos Of The Cast Of Orange Is The New Black

Viewers could never get enough of HBO's hit series Orange Is The New Black. This gritty jailhouse series showed life behind bars as we had never seen it before. Every season threw us curveballs and cliffhangers that made us beg for more.

The show's female-heavy cast stayed true to character, appearing disheveled and worn-down to the down, for every episode. Life in jail is no beauty contest after all. We are so used to seeing these famous actresses looking less than their best, it's hard to imagine them dazzled up and strutting down the red carpet. Many of them look like completely different people after a shower, shave and some make-up magic.

Here are some of our favorite Litchfield ladies out of their jailhouse digs and glamming it up for the cameras. What a transformation!

20 Taylor Schilling Is A Total Covergirl

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Taylor Schilling's leading OITNB character, Piper, could care less about her looks. While spending her days in Litchfield lockup, she was far more preoccupied with her dear Alex to give a rip about her appearances. Off-screen Schilling is a serious fashion-forward cover girl. She proves her boldness and beauty in this cover shoot.

19 Taryn Manning Doesn't Even Look Like The Same Person

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Taryn Manning had one of the most dramatic transformations playing her character, Tiffany Doggett, aka Pennsatucky. Her acting abilities never allow us to forget all of her talents, but the dressed-down style that her character rocks does sometimes make us forget this lady's beauty.

18 Emma Myles Went From Plain To Poppin'

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Emma Myle's sure knows how to go from gross to glam. She managed to say goodbye to her long locks and bring some serious style to the red carpet walk. We have to say, that red color does her so much more justice than her brown jail jumpsuit. She is looking fierce and flawless on the outside.

17 Alysia Reiner's Character Transformed As Much As Her Look Did!

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We watched Alysia Reiner's character go from one of the show's most heartless, detested characters to someone who we could not help but pull for. She grew on us, as well as on her former enemy and colleague, Joe Caputo. Her character got her happy ending, much like the actress in real life.

16 Julie Lake Is A Total Transformation

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Her visual transformation from character to a stunning actress on the red carpet is not the only transformation in the works. This OITNB actress is expecting her first child as well, a son, as reported by people.com. We are so used to seeing her character's brown teeth, it's nice to remember that in real life she clearly visits her dentist frequently.

15 Jessica Pimental Might Have An Alter Ego Outside Of OITNB

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On the show, she played an emotionally, tormented mama looking at life behind bars. Life on the outside looks a bit differently for this eccentric actress. Jessica Pimental, who plays Maria Ruiz, is a total metalhead. Her looks in real life and on t.v. are definitely different, but her hardcore personality basically stays the same.

14 Elizabeth Rodriguez Is A Smoldering Mama

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This gorgeous Orange is the New Black cast member is a good looking mama both on the show as well as in real life. On the show, she plays Daya's mom Aleida Diaz, a toughened mama who can not seem to stay away from her jailhouse family no matter how hard she tries. In real life, she has no issue staying on the straight and narrow.

13 Uzo Aduba Makes A SAG Statement

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When we watch Aduba portray the mentally unstable Suzanne, on Orange is the New Black, we forget that the actress behind the character is actually a showstopping beauty. Gone are the crazy eyes and unkempt hair. This lady cleans up nicely when walking the red carpet. Just check out those cheekbones!

12 Dascha Polanco Shows Off Her Volumous Perfection

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Yeah, can we please have a bit of what she is serving. This lady might look boxy and worn out in her Litchfield jailhouse get-up, but out in the real world, she is absolute perfection, with lovely curves in all of the right places. Polanco is a smoldering woman who certainly knows how to work a camera.

11 We Are Legit Lost In Danielle Brooks' Hair

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Like please, can we just be in proximity to this woman's sheer magnificence? We sure did love watching our girl Taystee each and every week. While she didn't get a fair shake out of the system, she definitely has it made in real life. This stunner is expecting her first child in the near future.

10 Laura Prepon Is A Raven Haired Beauty

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Actress Laura Prepon has always been a natural beauty. Whether she is rocking her signature red hair or her dark, luscious locks, she has to work hard to look like less than a ten. The Orange is the New Black costume and makeup did their best to help Pepon appear haggard, but that could not have been easy for them.

9 Ruby Rose Is The Perfect Combination of Flirty And Edgy

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OITNB fans will remember that one season where Ruby Rose came on and shook things up for a bit. This edgy model makes a statement with just about everything she does. Here she reminds us that she is flawlessly fierce on screen, on the red carpets and on the pages of our favorite fashion magazines.

8 Natasha Lyonne Has A Style All Her Own

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Natasha Lyonne has never been the type of actress to get out there and conform to the world's thoughts and views on what beauty is. She most certainly marches to the beat of her own drum, and it seems to work for her. Post-filming OITNB, she looks like she got her hands on a hairbrush and some conditioner.

7 Jackie Cruz Is Total Glam When She Changes Out Of Her Jumpsuit

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Jackie Cruz's OITNB character misses the finer things in life once she gets locked up and put behind bars, and it seems Cruz loves to get fancy in real life as well. She rocks this bedazzled style while making a red carpet appearance. Here she looks nothing like her kitchen-working character Marisol.

6 Yael Stone Is Petite Perfection When She Sheds The Lorna

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The Aussie-born new mother, Yael Stone, is a petite powerhouse of beauty, talent, and personality. Her OITNB character, Lorna was full of mental issues, and strokes of bad luck, but the woman behind the character has none of that going on out in the real world. We can't wait to see what she does post-Orange is the New Black.

5 Diane Guerrero Makes Beauty Look Easy

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Of all the characters that got "dressed down" to play their roles on OITNB, Dianne might have had the hardest time shedding her pretty. Even in her character's darkest moments, she is painfully stunning. Guerrero could wear a paper sack and we would still be a little bit jealous of her looks. We can't lie.

4 Samira Wiley's Best Accessory Is Her Talented Wife

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With skin like that, it's a stretch for this actress to look down and out. Her character, Poussay, was a crowd fav on OITNB, and Wiley is one of our favorite actresses to watch walk down the red carpet with her writing genius wife. Wiley wed OITNB writer, Lauren Morelli in 2017.

3 Laura Gomez Looks Lovely Outside Of The Clink

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Laura Gomez's OITNB character started out scary looking, but as we got to know her character, she grew on viewers and fans. While her show appearances were less than pleasant to look at, her heart and soul were both undeniably beautiful. When she walks the red carpet she glows, not scares.

2 Kimiko Glenn Left Litchfield For Hollywood


The actress who plays Brook Sosa blows us away with this red carpet transformation. She exudes old Hollywood regality in this red satin dress and simply done hair and makeup. This out-of-studio look is a far cry from how her forlorn character Brook Sosa appears in Orange is the New Black.

1 Lori Petty Wows With Her Wild Side

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She plays one kooky character on OITNB, and Lori Petty can do that pretty easily. She has always had her own way of doing things and certainly has always had her own unique style. While she doesn't sport sequins and floor-length gowns to formal events, she still looks fly in this pink suit.

Resources: rollingstone.com, people.com

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