15 Surprisingly Flattering Photos Of Mayim Bialik (And 5 When She Was Caught Off Guard)

Mayim Bialik isn't an A list celebrity. She is not Cameron Diaz or Jenifer Lopez, but she is something special.

This lady has been around the entertainment world for a very, very long time. Remember when she wore floppy hats with giant flowers and went by the name Blossom? Oh, we do. She went off the grid for a little while and did some other really cool things outside of acting– like having a family and earning a degree in neuroscience– only to then return to the small screen with a vengeance.

She landed a role in one of the most popular shows in history, The Big Bang Theory. On this show, she definitely dresses down as frumpy Amy Farrah Fowler. In real life, though? Bialik is a total ten! Here are fifteen flattering pictures of Mayim as well as five that remind us she is sometimes one step away from Amy F.F.

20 Red Carpet Ready

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Mayim Bialik is an interesting person, and we love it when she chooses clothing that reflects how interesting she is. This block pattern dress lets everyone know that while Bialik is not a flashy blonde like her costar Kaley Cuoco, she is to be paid attention to when she walks the red carpet.

19 A Million Miles From Her Onscreen Character

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Well, look who came to boss it up! This particular look of Bialik's is equal parts edgy and intellectual. Bialik looks as if she might do this fashion shoot and then go straight to an academic lecture. Considering Mayim dabbles in both camps, maybe that is precisely what she had on this day's agenda!

18 Fowler Foul! Tweeting Out Her Natural Look

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One thing we absolutely love about Mayim Bialik is that she can turn up on the red carpet and light up a photoshoot, and then she can tweet out a picture like this. We can tell that Bialik doesn't care at all how she looks here. She is simply out to have a good time and doesn't give a rip what she looks like.

17 Brilliant Is Beautiful

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Mayim Bialik wants to be known for more than her crazy good acting skills and beauty. Bialik needs the universe to know that brains are beautiful. This special lady has a degree in neuroscience on top of everything else she has accomplished. If anyone has beautiful brains, it's this lady right here.

16 Casual On The Top, Party On The Bottom


We are huge fans of pairing a bit of edgy with a bit of casual. This low-key black tee-shirt would never be red-carpet appropriate by itself. Mayim paired it with a (likely vegan) leather pencil skirt and showed the world that her intelligence reaches far past science and right on into the fashion world.

15 Showing Off Her Softer Side

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Sometimes Mayim Bialik goes with an edgy leather skirt, but other times she channels her softer feminine side, and we frankly cannot decide which one we like more! This gauzy, polka dot look is feminine and retro, and we love the soft hair she has going on at this shoot. We approve, Mayim!

14 Our Girl Is On Fire

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Well, someone call the fire department, because our girl Mayim is on fire! She rocks this see-through, lacy red ensemble like no one's business. Her straight hair and red lipstick finish off the look perfectly. This outfit proves she can go soft, or fierce and fiery, and she still slays.

13 Fowler Fowl! Bad Day, Mayim?

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Oooof. It looks like Mayim has bad days just like the rest of us. Maybe her two young sons have been giving her a run for her money. Per usatoday.com, Bialik has decided that now that her stint on The Big Bang Theory has come to an end, she will be staying home with her children full time. Good luck girl.

12 Short Hair Suits Her

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By now, we are pretty used to seeing Mayim Bialik with her signature, dark, long hair. Here, she switches it up and gives us a shorter version of her mane. Now that her popular television show is over, she is likely free to rock any style she chooses. Maybe blonde next?

11 Straight Hair Don't Care

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Wavy hair definitely does the trick for Mayim, but when we see it straight, we are reminded of what a legit goddess this lady is. Those long, green earrings and dark eyeliner make Mayim look wondrously exotic. Where can we get a pair of earrings like that? We are having serious jewelry envy.

10 Strike That Pose

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Well, hello, cheekbones! Mayim has stunning bone definition, and those assets are truly highlighted in this photoshoot. Because she played a dowdy character on her hit television show, and she often doesn't seem to give a rip about appearances when she is out and about running errands, we tend to forget what a natural beauty she is.

9 Fowler Foul! Frumpy For The Cameras

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For years, this is how we got used to seeing Mayim Bialik. When she played Amy Farrah Fowler on The Big Bang Theory, Amy was not known for her ability to pluck eyebrows or style an outfit. Her talents were more along the lines of science and taming the complicated and often annoying Sheldon Cooper.

8 Flirty In Florals

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This dress is undoubtedly bright and full of cheer. From the looks of Mayim's face, this outfit makes her as happy as it makes us. One of the great things about Bialik is she doesn't seem to have a set style. She wears what she feels like wearing. Sometimes she is in the mood for vegan leather, other times bright yellow.

7 Fowler Foul: Desperately Seeking Hairbrush

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We have seen Mayim make glasses look sultry, and we have seen her rock a tee-shirt on the red carpet. This fashion choice, however, is a bit of a flop. The shirt looks like something we would wear to clean the house on a Sunday, and her hair leaves a little bit to be desired.

6 Her Bestie Brings Out Her Best

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Sometimes snapping a picture with one of your best friends is all that you need to make a perfect picture. On The Big Bang Theory, Mayim and her co-star Jim Parsons play husband and wife. In real life, they adore each other just as much as a married couple. Heck, maybe even more, per thecheatsheet.com

5 Speaking Her Mind Is Beautiful

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One of the most beautiful things about Mayim is that she is outspoken and authentic in her beliefs. She often speaks about movements she is involved in and has discussed her mental health at length. Per parade.com, Mayim feels that sharing her experiences regarding depression, anxiety, and OCD will only help others.

4 Fowler Foul! That Hat Won't Work On Anyone

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Appearing on the small screen or not, this hat just won't do! While we love and respect Mayim for choosing to wear out of the box fashion choices and outfits that make her simply feel good, we can not support this hat. Ever. Mayim, let's rethink this head covering, please.

3 We Are Green With Envy For This Dress

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Of all of Mayim's red carpet gowns, this is one of our favorites, hands down! Green is definitely Mayim's color, and she stuns with those drop earrings and soft, old glam hairstyle. Mayim has found a way to always look appealing, but never too revealing. She is one classy lady!

2 Even Banged Up, She Is A Babe

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In 2012, Mayim showed the world that she can make even a cast look smoldering. The actress was hurt in a car accident, which resulted in the busted up arm. She had been headed out to meet her then-husband and their children for lunch when the incident happened. She missed their lunch date and ended up at the hospital instead.

1 A Vision In White

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All we can say is wow. This head to tow white ensemble is perfection on the talented actress. Her dark hair and features accent the muted color palette, making her look angelic. It isn't easy to pull off all of that white, but somehow Mayim does it with ease. Maybe she will become a fashion model in the next chapter of her life? This woman really can do anything.

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