20 Surprising Pics Of The Harry Potter Cast All Grown Up

Move over Star Wars and Lord of the Rings because the most beloved film fantasy series is a little magical world full of Remembralls, flying broomsticks, giant three-eyed dogs and shapeshifters. Lead by The Boy Who Lived, the eight film installments (from seven J. K. Rowling novels) of Harry Potter had us spellbound from day one.

While we now consider the cast of the HP films to be all-star, lead by Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, when production first began on the initial film, these names weren't Hollywood gold, just young, mostly-untried British actors stepping into what would be career- (and world) defining roles.

Fast forward to today, almost two decades after the first movie hit the box office, and it's near impossible to recognize the cast all grown up.

20 Jessie Cave

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Although Jessie Cave only played one of the minor characters in the Harry Potter franchise, she still managed to become a fan favourite, particularly after her Half-Blood Prince performance. Fast forward to today and she's added a number of TV shows to her resume, including BBC Comedy Feeds, Pramface, and The Job Lot.

19 Joshua Herdman

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Okay, wow! This could be without a doubt the most significant transformation of any young Harry Potter actor. The Slytherin student who followed around Draco Malfoy like a shadow has gone on to become a shredded mixed martial artist. Clearly, a change in diet and lifestyle worked wonders.

18 Evanna Lynch

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As the most lovable weirdo to have ever hit the big screen (well, probably), we couldn't help but adore Evanna Lynch, AKA Luna Lovegood. Both the character and the actress didn't accept outside criticism - Evanna wanted the role and she landed it. Her determination and body image positivity has become something of admiration.

17 Stanislav Ianevsi

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Stanislav Ianevski was no Harry Potter of Draco Malfoy, but he did play an important role in the fourth installment of the series. Once a superstar seeker for the Bulgarian team a  stud who captured Hermione's attention, Stanislav has gone on to become quite the on-screen heartthrob.

16 Alfred Enoch

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If you caught yourself watching the hit TV show, How To Get Away With Murder,  and scratching your head trying to figure out what other roles Wes had played, it was actually a young Dean Thomas! As you can see, the actor has truly grown up, leaving his Hogwarts days far behind him.

15 Sean Biggerstaff

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Despite not being one of the poster boys of the franchise, Oliver Wood, the head of the Gryffindor quidditch team in Harry's first year, was still a much-beloved character. It's fascinating to see, all these years later, where Sean Biggerstaff had ended up. Thankfully, he managed to keep his acting career on track.

14 Robert Pattinson

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Looking back on his film career so far, Robert Pattinson as most well-known for his sparkly role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. However, long before that, he was turning heads with his performances in Harry Potter as well. Seriously, if you didn't shed a tear in the Goblet of Fire, then you're lying to yourself.

13 Frank Dillane

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What's more menacing, Voldemort at his peak or a young Tom Riddle who has so much potential - both good and bad - locked away inside him? By the way Frank Dillane played the 16-year-old version of the character, it's entirely possible for the answer to be the latter. As you can see, he's grown up fast.

12 Natalia Tena

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We couldn't help but love Nymphadora Tonks' eccentric hair when she starred in the movies, however, when the series' filming came to an end so did the hair dye routine. Granted, her transformation isn't quite as dramatic as some of the other actors as she debuted at an older age.

11 Bonnie Wright

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Once an innocent, redheaded Weasley daughter and now a stunning young woman, Bonnie Wright has truly blossomed. After her time in the Harry Potter world came to an end, Bonnie was able to move forward in the industry and prosper on the other side of the camera, writing and directing a short film called “Separate We Come, Separate We Go”.

10 James Phelps And Oliver Phelps

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As the most care-free, wise-cracking of the Weasleys in the series, it was hard not to have anything but love for these clowns. It was equally hard not to shed a tear when Fred took his last breaths. Fast forward to today and it's clear to see that these actors have turned into very impressive young men.

9 Harry Melling

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We loved to loath Dudley Dursley, ever since one of the movies' first sequences where he ran up and down the stairs to shake dust onto a sleeping Harry. Despite his character being a bit of a pain in the backside, off the screen, Harry Melling is spoken of an easy-going and amicable person.

8 Katie Leung

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It's almost impossible to recognise Cho Chang - Harry's love interest  - without her signature bangs. When the Harry Potter productions came to a halt, Katie Leung kept herself relevant with a number of stage and film acting roles, including Wild Swans, Father Brown, and Run.

7 Daniel Radcliffe

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When Daniel Radcliffe landed the role of a young, magical boy in a film based on a British novel, there was no way on earth that he could have imagined what was in store for him. Fast forward over a decade and now, with 8 Harry Potter films under his belt and a cluster of non-magical work, Daniel has really grown up.

6 Tom And Daniel - Enemies Become Friends

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As we watched film after film, we saw the relationship between Draco Malfoy (played by actor, Tom Felton) and The Boy Who Lived take all kinds of twists and turns. Regardless of what happened between their characters on the big screen, the pair still managed to be good friends off of it.

5 Rupert Grint

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Compares to the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, and Hermione Granger, aka Emma Watson, the third member of the infamous trio hasn't quite been able to star in the thick of the spotlight. That said, it hasn't stopped him from trying, although he's no longer the innocent Weasley we remember.

4 Tom Felton

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The Slytherins amongst us would have adored a youth, bleach-blond Tom Felton, but whether you sided with him or the do-gooders, you can't deny his acting prowess. While he's most known for his HP roles, as he's grown up, he's also starred in films like A United Kingdom and Risen

3 Matthew Lewis

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It's almost hard to believe that Matthew Lewis is the same Matthew Lewis that played the dweeby, clumsy Neville Longtommon back in the day. Of all the cast, this former bucktoothed underdog is probably the actor who can hoist the trophy of the most significant transformation.

2 The Trio

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It's almost impossible to comprehend that the original story in the Harry Potter movie world, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, is already almost 19 years old. We saw these young, talented actors grow up right before our eyes, and this comparative shot is a perfect illustration of that.

1 Emma Watson

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We all remember the know it all, frizzy-haired, Muggle-born Hermione Granger from the first film installments. While she came across as nitpicky and uptight, we couldn't help but fall in love with her as we learned more and more about the character. These days, Emma has blossomed into a remarkable young woman.

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