20 Surprising Photos Of The Kardashians With No Makeup

The Kardashian girls live in a world of glitz and glamour, and they often spend great lengths of time getting their hair and make-up done. Teams of professionals are hired to tend to their every aesthetic need. Even on the odd occasion when they end up doing their own make-up, they seem to blog about it and blast their make-up products and application techniques on their social media outlets.

Clearly, cosmetics are a big deal to this family, and they are incredibly fixated on appearances. There are very few instances that they go cosmetic-free and allow the world to catch a glimpse of their bare faces. Let’s take a peek at 20 surprising photos of the Kardashians with no makeup on.

20 Casual Flex

Via HuffPost

Khloe is out and about with a friend, trying to manoeuvre through the city with a laid-back, casual vibe. She can’t be expected to be fully made-up and ready to pose for photos at every moment, so maybe this would be a great day for the press to leave her alone. It must be tough to navigate through life with this much pressure and we think it’s great that she stays true to herself and is often seen looking confident and comfortable in her own skin.

19 Caitlyn’s Comfort

Via Pinterest

Caitlyn Jenner has gone through many years stifling her own self – expression. We love this sneak peek of her without being all made-up. Everyone should feel confident in their own skin – it’s one of the most important things in life, and we’re so happy to see Caitlyn looking fresh-faced and happy.

18 Perfectly-Perfect

Via Pinterest

Kendall’s face is perfectly perfect. It’s easy to see how she has gained such notoriety as a model. The bone structure in her face is stunning, and her entire face is perfectly defined, and seamlessly symmetrical. Her make-up free look is so perfect- it’s the skin we all wish we had!

17 Kid-Kylie

Via Dailymail

Kylie Jenner has grown up right before our eyes, in every sense of the word. Her childhood was essentially documented by cameras installed in her home, as the world tuned in to the Kardashians’ reality TV Show. It’s adorable to look back in time and see the innocence in her face. This photo was taken well before she took the world by storm with her cosmetics line.

16 Stunner!

Via Glamour

Kendall simply doesn’t need cosmetics at all. With true beauty like hers, it’s a challenge to understand why she’d ever get made-up at all. Her natural beauty is absolutely stunning, and her skin seems untouched and unaffected by the constant make-up regiments that she endures as a result of her modeling career.

15 Innocent Face

Via Cosmopolitan

Kim Kardashian looks much younger and more innocent without her face done-up. This photo of her make-up free face is likely more relatable to her followers and fans than the full-face that she usually presents to the world. That fully made-up look is not as realistic to fans as her natural one.

14 Kourtney’s Night Look

Via Cosmopolitan

Kourtney looks like she’s wiped her face clean of all her make-up and is about to turn in for the night…and we’re impressed. Her skin is flawless, and her natural, messy-haired look is actually quite flattering and feminine. Based on this photo, we don’t think she actually needs any of the make-up she works so hard to put on.

13 Polar Opposite

Via Viralscape

Here are two side-by-side photos of Kim which show extreme opposite looks. In one photo she appears to have no make –up on whatsoever, while in the other, it appears she has gone way-overboard and applied too much. It’s easy to see just how much make-up she has applied and used for contouring in the 2nd photo. It must take so much time for her to achieve this look.

12 Lighting Is Everything

Via Viralscape

We’ve already established that Kourtney looks fantastic without make-up on. However in this instance, the lighting in the first photo just doesn’t do her any justice. As we all know, lighting is everything in the world of photography. She would look very different through another lens with better lighting. Likewise, if the lighting in the 2nd photo wasn’t as flattering, this image wouldn’t look as flattering.

11 Cutie Pie

Via Cosmopolitan

Kylie looks like an absolute cutie-pie when her face is au-naturel. We had no idea she had freckles, but we love them! Her natural hair colour is also more flattering than the platinum blonde look she has in the photo on the right. We vote for her natural beauty over her made-up look, anyday!

10 The Momager’s Fresh-Face

Via YahooNews

Kris Jenner has admitted to having some work done on her face – so we think that face could speak for itself, without all the added cosmetics. She looks fantastic when her face isn’t painted on, and we wish she’d show her fresh-face to the world more often. She definitely could pull it off – her skin looks flawless!

9 Khloe’s Casual Face

Via LifeandStyle

While it’s easy to see that her cosmetic transformation takes Khloe from beautiful to gorgeous, we credit her for not over-doing things when it comes to her make-up application. In the photo on the left, she in a jogging suit and cradling a water bottle, suggesting she may be working out. Nobody going for a work-out should be applying full make-up to their faces, so she looks exactly as she should in that photograph!

8 Sleeping Beauty

Via Cosmopolitan

Kylie runs one of the most successful cosmetics line in the world. Forbes pegs her cosmetics line as being worth well over $900 million. Those numbers are staggering, and hard to even comprehend. The same Forbes article states that she sold $54.5 million worth of products from her cosmetics-line and that was just in the first six weeks of sales. She’s clearly sitting atop a cosmetics empire, but as we can see from this photo, she really doesn’t need any of it herself.

7 The Morning Rush

Via The Mirror

This may not be the greatest photo of Kim K that the world has seen, but it’s clear that the paparazzi caught her at an awkward moment. She’s eating breakfast oatmeal out of a container as she walks down the street, and she’s clearly in a morning rush. It would be silly to assume her hair and make-up would be on-point as soon as she gets up!

6 Kendall’s Breakouts

Via StylesAtLife

According to Allure, Kendall partnered with Proactive in 2019, after seeking their aid for her severe breakouts. In this interview, she admitted that getting off the birth control was the trigger to her breakouts beginning, and she credited the use of Proactive for her clear complexion. She also openly discussed how difficult it is to be watched “under a magnifying glass” and to have the world comment at every imperfection.

5 Caitlyn’s Shades

Via StarMagazine

Caitlyn Jenner is seen here doing what every celebrity seems to do – using shades to cover her make-up free face. We hope that someday, celebrities, and all other people in the world can feel free and confident without their cosmetics. It’s a shame to have to hide a natural, fresh-face under shades all the time, and it’s totally unnecessary.

4 Kylie’s Real-Life Snapchat

Via Pinterest

Hat’s off to Kylie for keeping it real! Her adorable approach to her break-out is admirable and she’s really setting a great example for her young fans around the world. Nobody gets through life unscathed by pimples and acne, and she’s a great example of how to embrace it. Way to go, Kylie!

3 Kim’s Fresh-Faced Day

Via Ok!Magazine

We’re not exactly sure what Kim is doing in this photograph, but she appears to be make-up free, for the most part. She looks great, and we’re starting to notice that make-up free faces get a little boost when paired with artificial eyelashes. We’re not certain what she’s pointing to, but her skin looks flawless to us!

2 Tan-Lines

Via Pinterest

Oh, Kim! She must have fallen asleep in the sun with her sunglasses on! She is going to have to balance this out with some make-up, or try spending more time in the sun – without her shades this time! This honest photo is hysterical, and many of us have had this happen to us before!

1 Kardashian Clan

Via Youtube

The Kardashians are among the most photographed celebrities of all-time. They’re definitely accustomed to living their lives under scrutiny, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of over-doing their cosmetics for the sake of the cameras. When make-up free photos of the Kardashians come to the surface, it makes them more “real” and relatable to the rest of us. We don’t all have teams of cosmeticians that re-create our looks, but we can all relate to the fresh-faced look we all have when we wake-up!

Sources: TMZ, Allure, Forbes

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