20 Surprising Facts About Caitlyn Jenner And Sophia Hutchins’ Relationship

Anything related to the Kardashians is going to make the news. They are one of the most famous families on the planet! Imagine the stir that was caused when after living her first six-plus decades as a man, Caitlyn took the brave steps towards transitioning into womanhood.

Her choice to live her life as a female ruffled some feathers, but in the end, feelings have settled, and everyone seems to be in a good space, especially Caitlyn. She is now a seventy-year-old beautiful woman with a new lease on life.

She also has a new friend to share her world with. Twenty-three-year-old Sophia Hutchins is Jenner's constant companion. But what are these two to each other? Are they lovers? Friends? It's all very confusing.

Here are 20 facts about Cait and Sophia's relationship that we know. Much is still a mystery, but at least it's a start!

20 They Met Through Their Makeup Artist

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Caitlyn and her forever friend Sophia met several years ago through their shared makeup artist, per cosmopolitan.com. That makeup artist saw two human beings, going through similar life experiences, and put them in touch. We bet they send that person a fruit basket every single year as a big, old thank you!

19 They Are Reluctant To Label Their Relationship

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People want to label the two as romantic partners, but both Jenner and Sophia are quick to halt people in their snap judgments regarding their relationships. They consider themselves to be "partners," not lovers, per nickiswift.com. Hutchins says the two share not only a home, but a business and their every moment.

18 But They Sure Keep Us Guessing Through Emojis And Social Media

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In interviews, the two ladies are always quick to shut down rumors of romance, but many people think that their social media accounts are far more telling. Sophia, particularly, toys with fans regarding her and Caitlyn's partnership. Check out the image above; this is pretty standard for the aspiring makeup and skincare mogul.

17 Shared Business Interests

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These two intelligent, high powered ladies have a lot of shared business interests between the both of them. Per Forbes.com, Sophia has said that Jenner is her bigger cheerleader and supporter when it comes to Hutchin's skincare line, Lumasol. Sophia also serves as Executive Director of The Caitlyn Jenner Foundation.

16 They Share A Pup

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Jenner and Hutchins have two pups between them, who they dote on constantly. These canines, named Bertha and Baxter, are their furbabies for sure. So are the women practicing being mommies on their animals? Only time will tell if kids will someday join them or if it is going to be dogs forever.

15 The Pair Are Shacking Up At Jenner's Malibu Home

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It seems these two enjoy their "partnership" so much that they have taken up residence in Jenner's Malibu pad. The inseparable pair found that they were spending so much time together that it didn't make sense to have two places. Since Jenner's home is certainly nothing to balk at, they just decided to both live there.

14 Both Transitioned

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These days Cait and Sophia are beautiful, statuesque women, but that was not always the case. Caitlyn, of course, was born Bruce, formerly an Olympic Gold Medalist for Figure Skating and was married to Kris Jenner, the Kardashian matriarch. Sophia, born Scott, a former Pepperdine University student, transitioned during her early college years at 18 years old.

13 Jenner Was Somewhat Of A Mentor To Hutchins

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Hutchins was seeing a stylist who was helping her grow her hair out during the transition process, and she got her client in contact with another one of her clients. That person happened to be Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner has been an inspiration to Sophia, who is going through this massive life change at a much younger age.

12 They Might Become Mrs. And Mrs.

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These beauties remain coy as can be about their companionship, but according to social media, a wedding might be in the works. Fans of the couple asked about an imminent wedding, and Sophia posted emojis of two brides. Could this be a sign that they are already shopping for matching wedding dresses?

11 Brody In Between

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Brody Jenner married his number one gal in a beautiful Bali ceremony, but Caitlyn wasn't there to see it. What could possibly have stopped Cait from seeing her son become a husband? Per nickiwswift.com, Sophia had an event at the same time, so Cait canceled her plans to attend the wedding so that she could attend Sophia's.

10 Cait And Sophia Have A Huge Age Gap Between Them

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Jenner and her life partner have nearly fifty years in-between them, yet they swear that they are more in sync than most other couples. One person who doesn't take up much issue with the two is Cait's daughter, Kendall. Per nickiswift.com, Kendall has said that Cait and Sophia have a lot in common, so the age difference is a non-issue.

9 Filling Gaps?

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Many have wondered if these two are filling in gaps for each other? Cait has expressed before that she misses her children, as they are all grown up now and living their own lives. Could Sophia be a bit of a replacement in that respect? We hope not. That would be a little bit too strange for us.

8 There Is Talk Of A Baby

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These days, anything is possible. Cait has plenty of children, and at seventy years old, she is getting up there in age, but you know what they say: you are only as old as you feel. Sophia is young still, only twenty-three. Who knows if a baby will someday fit into her plans. Good thing Cait froze her swimmers, per themirror.co.uk

7 They Bond Over Golf

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Caitlyn has always enjoyed a round of golf. Fans often saw her swinging the clubs back when in the day and  when she appeared on the mega-reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Now living as Cait, she still likes to smack the ball around with Sophia when the pair have some downtime.

6 They Enjoy Car Races And Traveling

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Golf is one pastime that these business moguls share, but it isn't the only one that they enjoy. They also like to get out into the world and do some traveling. Cait has seen some places in her years, but Sophia is young and just now discovering the big, wide world. Taking in car races is another activity the two engage in.

5 Both Are Huge Supporters Of Kylie's Cosmetics Line

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It is hard not to sing the praises of Kylie Jenner, Cait's youngest daughter, considering all that she has accomplished by age twenty-two. Caitlyn is especially proud of her youngest child, always championing her for being so creative and business savvy as well as a stellar mom. Sophia also looks at the cosmetics guru as something of an inspiration.

4 They Are Each Other's Biggest Supporters

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Everyone wants a partner by their side who cheers them on and encourages them to reach for the stars and be their very best selves. Caitlyn and Sophia may or may not be romantically involved, but they are absolutely always in each other's corners. The ladies make sure to always root for one another, no matter the project or business venture.

3 Both Close With The Kardashians

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The Kardashian family notoriously had some feelings about Cait when she first left the family and took her life in a completely new direction. Some family members took the news of the departure very hard. Khloe especially spent some time healing; these days, Koko and the rest of the clan are cool with Sophia and think she is a super sweet girl.

2 Their Community Is Very Involved In Their Lives And Relationships

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We think it is fair to say that Caitlyn is now running in very different California circles. She once rubbed elbows with friends of Kris' and people her famous children were affiliated with, but now she hangs with the alternative-lifestyle community. She and Sophia have an extensive support network backing them up.

1 The Gals Share A Love Of Fashion

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Caitlyn is loving living her life in dresses and high heels, and Sophia seems to enjoy getting gussied up as well. The two have high fashion standards and have been seen sitting side by side at several fashion events, including Fashion Week. They both have serious style; We sure wish that we could play dress up in their closet!

Sources: nickiswift.com, hollywoodlife.com

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