20 Surprising Facts About Portia De Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres’ Marriage

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi have basically spent the entire duration of their relationship in front of the cameras. Understandably, Ellen’s career is based on having the cameras pointed in her direction, so that seems to leak into her personal life with Portia as well. We use the word “personal” very loosely, as there is nothing really private about living their lives in front of the cameras.

Celebrity relationships tend to be very different in many ways, and we credit these two for being able to keep their love for one another strong, and always make sure it remains in the forefront. Their longevity renews the hope that celebrity marriages really can stand the test of time! Their relationship is a unique and fun one. Let’s take a look at 20 surprising facts about Portia De Rossi and Ellen Degeneres’ marriage.

20 Babies Aren’t Happening

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The baby rumours have never really gone silent for this couple. While there seemed to be a time that they considered starting a family together, it seems this idea has been put to rest and they’ve cozied up to a quieter family life. In an interview with Closer Weekly, Ellen revealed that she had always wanted to have children, but this concept did not appeal to Portia. It appears they have decided against this idea.

19 They Became Vegan Together

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Ellen and Portia were interviewed by Oprah and during this segment they revealed that they quickly and mutually decided to become vegan after moving onto a farm together. Ellen recounts the time she saw cows interacting lovingly with one another while grazing, and coming to the realization that she couldn’t be responsible for their slaughter. That’ll do it for most of us!

18 They Engage In Frequent Prank Wars

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Anyone who watches the Ellen Show will know that Ellen loves to prank her guests. This love for pranks and jokes cascades into her personal life, and Portia has embraced this free-spirited zest for life. These two are known to consistently prank one another and it seems that nothing is off-limits.

17 Their Wedding Was Very Small

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In the world of celebrity weddings, we’re accustomed things being grand and over the top. Portia and Ellen went against the grain of this concept when they hosted only 19 of their closest people on their big day. They tied the knot in August of 2008 and only their most loved friends and family were invited to join the celebration.

16 They Got Married In Their Home

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Talk about simple and low-key! Ellen and Portia sure know how to do things right! According to CBS News, they hosted their closest friends in their very own home for their wedding celebration. This sounds more like an upscale dinner party than a celebrity wedding, and we love it. This intimate celebration seems more meaningful than the productions we are so accustomed to seeing when it comes to the weddings of the rich and famous.

15 They Share A Love For Interior Design

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It’s always great when couples share hobbies and are able to spend time doing things that they both love. It seems that they both have a flair for interior design and they seem to be really great at it. They’ve flipped many houses together, each one designed and decorated more beautifully than the last!

14 They Move…A Lot

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Part of flipping houses means they also move a lot. Real estate has been a great venture for this couple, and they’ve bought and sold millions of dollars worth of real estate. Neither Ellen nor Portia seem squeamish about moving often – in fact, they seem to love the adventure. The LA Times recently released an article that shows the many properties that Ellen has bought and sold over recent years, and it’s quite an extensive list!

13 Their First Date Was In A Car

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According to an article published in the Australian News, Ellen and Portia were secretive about their first date and spent it in a car! They’re quoted as saying that at the time, Portia had not yet come out in a public way and they were terrified that being seen would be a career-ender for the both of them. What a long way society has come since then – and incredible progress they have made together!

12 Portia Changed Her Name

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Ellen and Portia tied the knot in August of 2008, and by all accounts we see listed in ENews, it seems that exactly two years later, in August of 2010, Portia filed court documents with the Los Angeles County Superior Court, and legally changed her last name to DeGeneres.

11 They Are Puzzle Lovers

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Jigsaw Puzzles! Go figure! When couples can spend time together and share mutual interest for a certain hobby, it aids in strengthening their bonds and creating happy memories. Ellen and Portia seem to like to cuddle up in their home, and spend quiet nights together doing jigsaw puzzles. These two are adorable, and based on everything we’ve seen so far, it appears they remain truly connected to one another, and remain dedicated to a bright future.

10 There’s a 15 year Age Gap

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The age difference between Ellen and Portia is more obvious in some photos than others, but whether it’s visibly obvious or not, the fact remains that there is a 15-year age gap between the two of them. While this may seem like a considerable difference, neither of them seems phased in the least, citing that age is “just a number”.

9 They Share A Lot Of Pets

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They may have decided not to have children, but this lovely couple sure seems to be open to collecting numerous little pet babies to add to their already-large collection of furry friends. A report by Us Weekly in 2018 highlighted the 3 dogs and 3 cats that Ellen and Portia share, inclusive of some rescue animals, of course.

8 Their Engagement Was Announced On The Show

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It’s no secret that the marriage laws in the United States needed a change, and that change finally happened in the state of California back in 2008. Ellen DeGeneres did not waste any time. According to a timeline listed by Entertainment Tonight, Ellen seized the moment the very next day and announced her engagement to Portia De Rossi on her show.

7 Their First Kiss Was In The Back Of A Limo

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We all have a story about where we first kissed our true love. It always seems tied to a certain place that becomes forever engraved in our memories as being a special and sacred one. Ellen and Portia are no exception. Popsugar reveals that their first kiss was in the back of a limo, but we aren’t clear on where they were going to, or coming back from at the time.

6 They Fell In Love Instantly

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Both Ellen and Portia agree that it was love at first sight. From the moment they met one another, they both seemed to feel the chemistry and it was something they both wanted to pursue. That incredible connection seems to have outlasted most celebrity marriages. These two lovebirds celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary this year, with a bond that just keeps intensifying with the passage of time.

5 Unconditional Support For Each Other

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Both Ellen and Portia are incredibly supportive of one another’s careers. They travel together when work calls for it, and encourage one another to continue to achieve great things at their respective jobs. They both have millions of followers so when they mutually endorse one another the vastly increase the support and leverage a large audience to cheer on their significant other.

4 Honesty, Always

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This should really be the requirement for every relationship, but sadly, it doesn’t always work out that way. Honesty is a critical component for Portia and Ellen, and they have made a pact to always be truly sincere with one another. All relationships are established on the basis of trust, and we could all learn a thing or two from them.

3 They Are Best Friends

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This is truly the essence of life. Portia and Ellen are one another’s best friends. They take comfort in one another, console one another in times of need, and confide in one another regularly. Being communicative in their relationship and sharing hobbies has proven to be a critical part of their successful marriage.

2 Fighting Is Not Permitted

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all foster this philosophy? Somehow, it seems that Portia and Ellen have been able to control their tempers and not get one another angered to the point of yelling at one another. They’ve somehow found a way to live together and not argue. This is such a healthy state of mind for any relationship.

1 Feelings Beat Out Material Items

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While Portia and Ellen certainly do gift one another generously, neither of them seems hung up on material items. According to their interview with ENews, they are both much more focused on sharing feelings and making memories than acquiring more personal items. They both recognize they are blessed with more material items than they will ever need, and seem focused on spending quality time together.

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