20 Surprising Facts About Mila Kunis’ Childhood

Mila Kunis has had an incredibly interesting and successful life. She saw incredible fame and popularity at a very young age and despite never feeling truly passionate about delving into her acting career, she seemed to have the natural talent and likability to make it to the top.

Her early life did not begin as glamorously as her current life is, and her journey to Hollywood fame was full of surprises. Mile Kunis' childhood was a humble one, and by all accounts, she continues to live humbly today in spite of her incredible wealth and fortune. Let’s take a journey through time to learn 20 Surprising Facts About Mila Kunis’ Childhood.

20 Her Roots Were Simple

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Mila’s early years were a far cry from her currently luxurious lifestyle. She was born on August the 14th, 1983, to parents Mark and Elvira, in the Ukraine. She has an older brother by the name of Michael. Her parents were successful in their own careers, but wanted to provide a better, easier life for their children.

19 They Relocate

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According to A Plus, Mila Kunis traveled with her parents from the Ukraine to the United States on a religious-refugee visa. While both of her parents worked full-time jobs in the States, it wasn’t quite the life they had envisioned for their children, so they took a huge risk, uprooted their entire lives and made the journey to the USA to see what sort of life they could establish for themselves there.

18 The Moving Surprise

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Mila was just 7 years old when her parents had her come along for the big move. She shockingly revealed that this ended up being a much “bigger move” than her parents had initially let on. During an interview on Conan, she revealed that her parents had told her they were moving up the street!

17 Rough Start

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This proved to be a very difficult move for the Kunis family. Biography reports that they had arrived in the United States with just $250 in their pockets. It’s hard to imagine that this could have been enough for them to create a fresh start for their family of 4, but somehow they pulled it off and have ended up with a huge success story!

16 Parents Gave Up Careers

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Mila Kunis’ parents had very successful careers in the Ukraine, but unfortunately, they did couldn’t be transferred with ease into the US. Her father was a mechanical engineer who was forced to make ends meet by being a cab driver when he landed in the USA. Her mother was a physics teacher in the Ukraine, and ended up running a pharmacy after their move. They made the ultimate sacrifice for Mila and her brother.

15 Culture Shock

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Mila’s move took a toll on her as well. She told Biography that she “didn’t understand the culture,” and that she “didn’t understand the people.” She found it difficult to assimilate with her new society at the young age of 7, and was able to relay her feelings in an entry-essay she wrote to get into college. She wrote “'Imagine being blind and deaf at age 7.' And that's kind of what it felt like moving to the States.”

14 Native Tongue Is Russian

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English is not the first language for Mila Kunis. Since she was born and raised in the Ukraine, she was immersed in a Russian-speaking family, and learned the English language as a distant-second. To this day, she speaks primarily in Russian to her family during visits and phone calls, and has maintained her fluency in both languages.

13 LA Traumatized Her

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Not only did Mila have a difficult time with her new life in the United States, but she reports her first few years as being truly traumatic. Wikipedia captured it best with her statement that she “blocked out second grade completely.”  She went on to say she had “no recollection of it” and that she used to cry every day.

12 Enrolled In Acting Class

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In an attempt to assist their daughter with her transition to the English language and the new culture, Mila’s parents enrolled their daughter in acting classes. She spent much of her time after school attending these classes, and learning the intricacies of the English language. It was in this class that she eventually ended up meeting the person who would become her manager, and play a huge role in the success of her career.

11 The First Audition

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During these acting lessons at the young age of 7, Mila began to audition for a few commercials and landed one very quickly. Her first role was for a Barbie commercial, which led to a string of other opportunities that presented themselves. She eventually took on a roll on Days Of Our Lives, back in 1994.

10 She Appeared On Baywatch

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Mila saw immediate success soon after the Barbie commercial aired. Her appearance on The Days Of Our Lives led to greater exposure, and it was only a few months after her participation in that role that she landed a small part on Baywatch. She appeared on Baywatch a few times along the way.

9 Career Growth

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Mila continued to dominate in her carer,  as she continued to get roles with every audition. She landed a small role in Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves, and she eventually got a role in Angelina Jolie’s movie, titled Gia. It was in 1998 that she got the role of Jackie Burkhart that launched her to fame and fortune on That 70's Show.

8 Lied To Land That 70's Show

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Some lies are detrimental – this one, was not. The audition for That 70’s Show requested an actress that was the age of 18. Mila was only 14 years old at the time that she auditioned for the role, and she blatantly lied about her age to score a chance at this opportunity. She reportedly told the producers that she “would be 18,” and just left out the part that depicts she had a 4-year journey to get there!

7 On-Set Tutor

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In spite of lying about her age, Mila ended up getting cast for the role on That 70’s Show. However, there was this pesky little thing called “high school” that she had to somehow juggle. She was assigned an on-set tutor for most of her high school years, so that she could maintain the demanding filming schedule of the show.

6 Voiceover Role

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Mila saw huge success from her role as Jackie on That 70’s Show, and she quickly became a highly-sought-after actress. She accepted the opportunity to lend her voice to the popular sitcom Family Guy and has continued to stay on with them. She is the voice of Meg Griffin on the show, and according to The Famous People, this was one of her most long-lasting career moves, next to the show that made her famous.

5 More Schooling

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Eventually, Mila Kunis furthered her education by enrolling in Fairfax High School, and she graduated in 2001. She also briefly studied at UCLA, but her work schedule became too demanding and it was difficult for her to keep up. Her career was really soaring to new levels at this point, and the opportunities were coming her way fast and furious.

4 Dated Macaulay Culkin

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In 2002, Mila was connected to one of the biggest stars of that time, Macaulay Culkin. The two dated for a whopping 8 years and were seen doing everything and going everywhere together. They were both together at the peak of their careers, but eventually decided to amicably call it quits.

3 She Didn’t Like Kutcher At First

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Oddly enough, despite being married to him today, Nicki Swift reports that Mila Kunis didn’t initially like working with Ashton Kutcher. In fact, she didn’t really like him at all. She reported feeling that he was full of himself, and that she was annoyed by his behavior. Fast forward to today, it’s clear to see they’ve moved beyond that!

2 She Stole A Chicken

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Mila was close friends with a girl named Kristina Karo when she lived in the Ukraine. Karo also came to the United States in pursuit of big dreams; however, she seemed to harbor ill feelings towards Mila. She sued Mila for $5,000 for the trauma of having her pet chicken stolen by her when they were kids. She eventually dropped the law suit.

1 She Views Acting As A Hobby

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Kunis has garnered many accolades during her career, inclusive of a Golden Globe nomination for her supporting role in Black Swan. However, she claims she has always viewed acting as a hobby, and not her true passion. She thinks of her acting career as a “job” and throws herself into other projects that have nothing to do with acting at all. During her interview with W Magazine, she revealed acting “was a job- has always been a hobby that turned into a great profession, but I don't eat and breathe acting." She said.

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