20 Surprising Facts About Kody Brown’s Sister Wives

We first met Kody Brown and his band of wives back when they shared their unique love story with viewers on TLC. Their reality show, Sister Wives, helped to shed the stigma of polygamy, as they came forth, claiming that they were happily living a life of plural marriage, by choice.

People were fascinated by the Browns' ability to juggle so many moving parts at all times. There were relationship intricacies to manage, dozens of children to care for, jobs to get to, and home duties galore. Viewers were instantly hooked on these Utah natives. Over the years, the Browns have continued to engage us season after season. You would think that by now, we would pretty much know everything there was to know about the clan, but perhaps not.

Here are twenty of the most surprising facts we discovered about the Brown Sister Wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.

20 Robyn Was Divorced

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Robyn's marriage to Kody Brown is not her first union. Robyn was initially married to a man named David Jessop from 1999 to 2007. During those eight years together, they welcomed three children into the world. The union between Robyn and Jessop didn't last, and now Kody is the legal guardian of Robyn's three kids.

19 Janelle Is A Real Estate Guru

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Of all of the sister wives in the Brown family, second wife Janelle has always been the one who consistently works to aid in the financial support of the family. Meri has also worked in varying companies and personal businesses, and Robyn also runs her own thing. Still, it is Janelle that has always put the pedal to the metal and brought home the bacon. She is currently listed as a real estate agent.

18 Christine Preferred To Stay Home With The Kids

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While Janelle has always been the one to leave and work to help support the family, third wife Christine has chosen to stay home and raise the little ones. Even back when the family lived in Utah, and all of the eldest kids were knee-high to a grasshopper, it was Christine that served as the family's primary caregiver.

17 Robyn Is The Only Legal Wife

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For many years, Kody was legally married to only his first wife, Meri. His next three unions to Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, were of the spiritual nature. Because Robyn came into the family with three children, the only way for Kody to have any rights to them was for him to be legally married to their mother. The family decided that Meri and Kody would divorce, only on paper, and he would marry Robyn.

16 My Sister Wives Closet Was Robyn's Baby

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Robyn Brown is passionate about her children and her life of plural marriage. She was also passionate about her online business, My Sister Wives Closet. The ladies launched the jewelry and clothing business collectively, but it was pretty much Robyn's baby. Unfortunately, the company closed shop back in May of this year.

15 Robyn's Son Has A Neurological Condition

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Robyn Brown has three children from her first marriage to David Jessop as well as two children with Kody Brown. Her eldest son, Dayton, was diagnosed with a common neurological condition when he was in second grade. Since then, Robyn has educated herself and learned how to best help her son thrive. She has done a fantastic job in supporting him!

14 Janelle's Mom Married Kody's Dad!

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There was a point in time where Kody and Janelle were a little more than husband and wife. For several years they were also step-siblings. Kody's father, William Winn Brown, was married to Janelle's mother, Sheryl, until Willian passed in 2013. Kody's father also practiced polygamy, and Sheryl was not the only wife he was joined with.

13 Janelle Was Married To Her Sister Wife's Brother

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Janelle Brown was not only once her husband's step-sibling, but she is also connected to her current sister wife, Meri, in a peculiar way! Before Janelle and Kody made their love official, Janelle was married to Meri's brother. This means that before Janelle and Meri were sister wives, they were sister-in-laws.

12 Janelle Is A Grandma

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The sister wives have tons of kids between them, and with many of the older children now married and off on their own, grandkids are starting to roll in. Janelle and Kody's daughter, Maddie, and her husband, Caleb, have given the Browns their first two grandkids. Little Axel is now two years old, and baby Evangalynn was born in August.

11 Meri May Have Strayed

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Meri rocked the family's world when it was publicly revealed that she had been involved in a catfish ordeal. At a low point in her life, Meri started up an online relationship with someone posing to be someone else. The revelation rocked Kody and the family, and it has taken them all years to rebuild their trust and love in one another.

10 Robyn Owns The Nights

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Kody has four wives to tend to, and it is well known that he rotates between the women and their children. What many people don't know is that not every evening is as romantic as one would think. Per soapdirt.com, Kody is only physical with his fourth wife, Robyn, not his other wives.

9 Meri Desperately Wanted More Kids

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Janelle, Christine, and Robyn all have several children each while Meri has one child only. Meri wanted more children with Kody, but things didn't happen that way. She and Robyn even contemplated surrogacy so that Robyn could carry a child for her sister wife and her husband, but in the end, one kid ended up being Meri's magic number.

8 Christine Grew Up In A Plural Family

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Christine, Kody's third wife, had very little problem transitioning into being a sister wife to Meri & Janelle and sharing a husband with them. This is likely because she was raised in a family that practiced plural marriage. While knowing the ins and outs of polygamy may have helped Christine, her childhood experiences have also contributed to her anxiety regarding the Browns' choice to live in the public eye.

7 Janelle Was The Second Wife, But First Mom

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Meri might have been the first sister wife to join the Brown bonanza, but she was not the first of the ladies to become a mother. Kody was married to both Meri and Janelle when Janelle found out that she was expecting. She and Kody welcomed their son Logan into the clan back in 1994. Christine then had her first daughter the following year, and Meri contributed baby number three, Mariah, just a few months after that.

6 They Have Faced Their Fair Share Of Financial Hardships

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Life has thrown the sister wives and their husband several curveballs over the years. Before they all became some of the most recognized faces in reality television, they each had financial difficulties. In 2005, Kody and Meri went through their own money woes. Janelle's took place in 1997 and Christine's in 2010.

5 Meri Lost Her Job, All Because Of The Show

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When the Brown family lived in Utah, Meri held a job outside of the family home. While working at her previous place of employment, the family decided to move into the spotlight and reveal their way of life to the world. Meri's employer was first supportive of her lifestyle, but Meri was then let go from her job two months later, per radaronline.com

4 They Get Jealous... Really Jealous

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With four women all in love with the same man, how can Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn not get jealous from time to time? The ladies often discuss their bouts of jealousy, and how they manage to overcome such emotions, but sometimes things get tense. For instance, when Christine became jealous that Kody chose Robyn's wedding gown, she stormed out of the interview and didn't return for three days, per soapdirt.com

3 They Never Want To Be Under The Same Roof Again!

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Imagine living in the same house as your own family, your husband's other wives, and children. The sister wives love each other and each other's kids, but they did not relish living under the same roof. The Browns tried this back in Utah, but once they moved to Las Vegas, they decided that living close by, but in different homes, suited them best.

2 Janelle Once Left The Family

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Janelle seems so steady and constant; it's hard to think of her as unstable in any capacity. Back when Janelle was in her eighth year of marriage to Kody, she up and left the family, and stayed gone for many years. Per starcasm.com, Janelle became intensely depressed after the birth of her fifth child. She left with her kids and got her own place. It took her a long time to find her way back into the fold.

1 Conservative As They Are, They All Support Mariah

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Mariah is Meri and Kody's only child. She recently informed her family that she was happily living an alternative lifestyle. This large and seemingly conservative family welcomed Mariah with open arms, loving her regardless of her personal choices. Mariah is now engaged and working on an advanced degree in Chicago.

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