Summer Swag: 22 Amazing Etsy Finds That Up The Accessorizing Game This Season

Etsy is an amazing way to find totally unique jewelry, upping your accessory game one one-of-a-kind piece at a time. You also get to support independent artisans and talented jewelers all around the globe, which makes shopping it a win-win! The Etsy marketplace creativity doesn't sleep, and Summer is one of the best times of the year to give and receive inspiration.

However, it can sometimes be a lot of work sifting through the ocean of things listed on Etsy to find the things that are reasonably priced and beautifully made. Luckily for you, we did the heavy lifting: everything on this list is unique, high-quality and cool, plus affordable!

In this roundup of super stylish Summer pieces, we've included a range of styles, from easy-breezy to super bold, and all of the quirky-cute options in-between. Whether you're a lobsters-on-the-ears type of girl or more of a gold-plated seashell choker gal, it's all here. From handbags to earrings, we have your Summer accessory upgrades sorted!

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22 Go Bold With Oversized Pom-Poms


If you're zany, eclectic and not afraid to make a serious statement, these oversized pom pom earrings are for you! Perhaps one of the most fun accessories you can buy, what says 'IDC what you think' and also 'I'm awesome' like dangling a pair of enormous pom poms from your earlobes?

Approach this summer with the kind of free-spirited reckless abandon your five-year-old self would LOVE, and wear these bad boys.

Available in over 20 colors with names like Power Ranger Pink and Grandpa's Toupee, you can buy a pair to match every single bikini you own and you'll already have your Instagram caption sorted. Nice.

21 Forget The Flower Crowns: Go With A Celestial Tiara


Flower crowns are so 2016: if you want your head to be positively head-turning, wear a celestial star crown this summer. Stunning without being too over the top, this look is for someone who wants to pump up the drama. A crown like this would be great with a simple sundress for a party or paired with other wild pieces to up the wow factor at your favorite festival. The brass flowers are handmade in a vintage die cut mold from the early 1900s and are wired with pearls and crystals. With over 3000 reviews and a rating of 5 out of 5 stars, this is one accessory people can't help but recommend!

20 Show Up Even Ariel In A Conch Choker


If you're looking to step up your beach look this summer, this spiral shell necklace is exactly what you need! The thin velvet lilac-colored ribbon finishes in lobster claw clasps, and is thick enough to be stable but not enough to make you sweaty!

The seashell dangling from the middle is attached with gold-colored pieces, and the edges of the shell are coated in gold leaf.

The luxe materials elevate this style from beach babe to mer-princess. Wear this on any beach getaway and *subtly* blow everyone else out of the water. We could totally picture Ariel being jealous of you.

19 Be A Modern Persephone In Pomegranate Drops


We love this take on a pomegranate drop earring! The geometric design is fresh and modern, with an abstract pomegranate shaped frame holding a baroque pearl. The mix of materials is striking, with a deep and sensual brass playing off of an airy cultured pearl. The long gold wire hooks measure just over two and a half inches in their drop. The brass pomegranate frames are plated with matte 14K gold, which keeps things looking artistic and contemporary. These fun earrings are easy to dress up or down and are a good way to add a little fun to a summer work outfit or dress up a sundress for brunch.

18 Straw Bags Were Made For Summer


Anything rattan is made for a summer getaway! The circle style is very popular this year, and the braided accents keep this bag unique. This hand-woven rattan bag is perfect for beach days or afternoon picnics.

The cross-body leather strap would easily sling over the shoulder for a bike ride, while the circular structure of the bag keeps it from being too casual for lunch at a nice place on the coast.

The fabric lining keeps your stuff from sliding around and the top clasp will keep it all from spilling out. Made in Morocco, this beauty may take a while in shipping, but we bet it will be worth the wait!

17 Ride Into The Sunset In A Western Belt


Vintage belts are like candies: you can't have too many! A good genuine leather belt can be pretty pricey, and buying them secondhand is an easy way to get this wardrobe staple without the large upfront cost. Western accents are super popular right now, and this oversized filigree buckle fits the bill! The faux croc leather is also a nice touch, and the warm brown hue perfectly compliments bronzed summer skin. Wear over distressed denim like this or tie together a prairie style summer dress.  Keep things from getting too cowgirl by avoiding anything bedazzled.

16 Celebrate The Sun With White Opal


What better way to celebrate the season of sun than with a jewelry homage? We love this tiny golden sun, and it's made even more gorgeous with the addition of white opal. Made in the United States, this necklace is made with 15K gold and a real lab grown opal.

Opal symbolizes love and passion and is said to intensify emotions.

Also used as an emotional stabilizer, the stone is commonly said to bring about loyalty and faithfulness. But it's also just gorgeous! The rainbow of colors that shines out of white opal will be the perfect compliment to your summer tan!

15 Have The Solar System At Your Fingertips


The universe is immeasurably vast, and our solar system is just a tiny part of it. Although we call Earth home, the solar system that harbors our tiny planet is a huge part of the reason that this rock is habitable. This set of stackable rings is designed to celebrate our home within our solar system! With 10 rings, this set features the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. If the full set price is a little out of range, you can also just purchase your favorite individual planet. The rings are all handmade and unique, and a portion of the proceeds from every galaxy line sale will go to the Planetary Society to help fund space exploration and research. So cool!

14 Feel Like A Fairy With Fern Ear Climbers


If you like a little magic in your life and are a nature person, you'll love these fern ear climbers. We can't help but feel like an elf or a fairy in these delicate and striking earrings.

The fine pointed end is kept in place by a cleverly created long right angled post.

Handmade to order, the fern climbers are solid 9 karat gold, and the backs are solid silver. Although we're sure they look great as a pair, these earrings are also sold singularly if you'd rather go with a standout asymmetrical look. If that's not enough, the reviewers all have totally positive feedback, saying they arrived quickly and look amazing!

13 Take Your Pony Tail Up A Notch


A silk scarf is a must-have accessory, and that's all the more true in the summer. When the last thing you want is to have your hot hair hanging down, you can take your up-do up a notch by adding a silk scarf. The addition of a silk scarf makes any summer look vintage-glam. Although this one is beautiful, silk scarves are one of the best items to vintage hunt for, whether you do it in person or on Etsy! They come in a million prints and colors and price points and only get better with age. Once you start your collection you'll have one for every outfit this summer!

12 Add A Slice Of Summer Sunshine To Your Earlobes


If you want a sure-fire way to make any outfit fun, do a fruit earring. These Lemon Slice fruit earrings are totally quirky and bold, and the perfect addition to any look that needs a little zest.

Made by hand to order, these earrings have gold-plated sterling silver hardware and come in a gift box.

Worn here with a collared tee and a bright lip, they work for the office, but they would look even better with a white summer sundress and bronzed skin. The lemon print trend is great, but this is how you take it to the next level!

11 Slip Into Summer In These Woven Slides


Hand woven out of natural raffia, these slick slides are about to become your go-to summer shoe. A real leather sole is stitched onto the woven sandal, making them a go-anywhere sandal. Although we love the contrasting black geometric wave detail,  these sandals are also totally customizable, with the company offering a popular monogramed style featuring initials. An easy shoe to throw on with any summer outfit, these would look especially great with linen or a bathing suit. Even better, the shop sells a matching handwoven bag if you want the full look!

10 Put Lobsters On Your Ears Because You're A Fun Gal


A cool, independent alternative to the enamel Dolce & Gabbana lobster earrings, these bad boys are handmade in Massachusetts. The earrings themselves are made-to-order out of polymer clay and then hand painted. They dangle to about chin-length, featuring an approximately 2 inch long realistic lobster.

Perfect for any New England lobster aficionado or simply anyone who's ready to turn heads.

Whether you spice up a plain outfit by wearing these or use them to add more flavor to a maximalist ensemble, your summer looks definitely won't be boring!

9 Have A Beach Bag Ready


So you might not have your emergency go-bag ready, but you can at least have your beach bag ready to roll. Dedicate a cute canvas or linen tote to the cause, and pack it with your face and body sunscreen or tanning oil, a pair of beach-ready sunnies, headphones, a towel, and anything else you use every day at the beach! Leave it hanging and ready to go. This dip-dyed ombre linen number will make you feel like you're dipping your toes in the ocean, even if you're just looking at it longingly as you put on your work shoes. But on those days that you do get to walk in the sand, you'll make it out of the house that much faster!

8 Small Glasses With Big Style


The small glasses trend is definitely in full swing, and there are some super cool options out there! This oval pair are a vintage 90s style, with cool blue lenses and warm gold metal frames.

The lightweight glasses go with just about anything and are especially nice for summer.

They do have 100% UV protection, but the clear lenses may not be as dark as some modern glasses, meaning you probably wouldn't want to wear these driving directly into the sun. The glasses come unworn and in pristine condition, ready to be worn with anything and everything this summer!

7 Blue Not Your Color?


If you're more of a see-the-world-through-rose-colored-glasses type of person, these may be for you. The foxy angular frames are a thin cat-eye shape, with red clear plastic frames and matching lenses. The shop's description says these frames will "transport ya to a sick space party," and that seems pretty realistic to us. This particular style is vintage from the 80s, and ships from Lithuania in 1-2 business days. They're styled on this page with a mod leather mini and a black floral button down, which looks great, but they'd up the ante of any casual outfit too. Nothing says pure fire emojis like red-on-red!

6 Feel Like A Goddess With Raw Crystals


The seller Gaia Boheme Jewelry specializes in personalized raw crystal jewelry, like this stunning Herkimer Diamond and sterling silver cuff. The piece also features Aqua Aura Quartz and Pyrite.

This cuff was made with April babies in mind, featuring their birthstone (diamond) prevalently, but the seller is a total pro at mixing crystals and metals to bring out the best qualities of each.

According to the page, each piece is handmade to order in Australia and utilize the artist's skills as a Reiki master and crystal intuitive to energetically program the piece's properties.

5 Something Structured For Summer Nights


Straw bags are a timeless summer classic, but they're a little casual for evening use or fancy brunches. A really cool and popular alternative is bamboo, which keeps things lightweight and summery but has more structure and can dress you up rather than down. Although there are a ton of bamboo half-moon bags on Etsy, we love how this one comes with colored tassels and is a reasonable price. The handmade bags keep their natural bamboo color and include a removable tassel in the color of your choice. They are made-to-order from an independent creator in Spain.

4 A Hat For Fashion


Straw hats are one thing that make any summer look better, and there are a huge variety of styles available. They range from casual to crafty to classic, and if you're looking for a hat to up your summer style, this is it.

Flat-topped, wide-brimmed, short crowned styles are popping up on the heads of all of our favorite Instagram influencers, but you don't have to wait to get in on the look!

This hat is only $30 on Etsy, handmade with high-quality materials and traditional weaving techniques in Portugal. Although the ribbon colors are optional, we're partial to traditional black. So chic.

3 A Hat For Function


Although hats are great for making a fashion statement, sometimes you want your straw hat to roll up its sleeves and get to work. Great to wear in the garden or to the farmer's market, this casual Panama style isn't afraid to get dirty. The leather neck strap keeps it from blowing away, while the wide brim protects your delicate facial skin from the summer sun. Although this vintage item is one-of-a-kind, there are a ton of similar styles available on the seller's page. The frayed straw edges might look breakable, but this hat has lived since the 80s, and is ready for its second life tending your tomatoes!

2 A Hat For Fun


So, there are a million different sunhat styles available, but sometimes, you want one that seems as though it's been made especially for you. This is that hat! Cute as a bridal party gift or as a personalized hat that will never get mixed up at the pool.

Although you could go with classic initials or your name or even your Instagram handle, it's also popular to get something sassy or sweet embroidered, like "do not disturb" or "here comes the sun."

With even more customization available in the pom-pom color choice, this fun hat is ready to come on your summer adventures!

1 Wear Your Sign Proudly With Dainty Astrology Necklaces


Delicate golden necklaces are the sweetest thing to stack all summer, and what better way to make a statement with your collection than adding one with your astrological constellation? Handmade out of gold-plated brass and cubic zirconia, these necklaces are inexpensive enough to buy as a gift and for yourself! This style is Gemini, plated in rose gold and available in your choice of length. Regardless of whether you're an astrology person, this necklace is a cute way to celebrate your birthday every day of the year!

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