Suit Up: 25 Swimwear Pieces We Can't Get Enough Of This Summer

So, we're finally in the throes of Summer and we want to be in our bathing suit attire if not every single weekend, then almost every weekend where there's sun. Luckily, there are enough awesome styles this Summer to keep you alternating your tan line and your fashion game.

Depending on your mood, and the day's weather, you can go for this season's most desirable full piece swimsuit, an off the shoulder bathing suit top, high waisted bottoms, low necklines, high necklines, strapless or long sleeves water wear. This year it looks like almost any design and cut go. We've compiled all of our favorite styles for this Summer's poolside sizzle, and glimmering beach attire, to keep this Summer as heated as it should be.

Websites like NA-KD make our swimwear lifestyles so much easier and delightful.

You can easily find one strap full piece bathing suits like the one above on their site and plenty, plenty more styles.

The one shoulder suite is an adorable style for all body types and all occasions, except for the ones where you want to tan everything of course. In the latter case, better find a one strap tankini or bikini to suit your needs.

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23 Swimsuit With A Zipper

If you're looking for modest swimwear that keeps you covered without making you feel invisible, check out Twirl Dress Boutique. They have a large collection of attractive swimwear for all sizes and life phases. Their cuts are full, and so are their patterns and colors keeping your style cool and trendy. They have styles like the one above plus plenty more.

22 V Neck One Piece

If you want to cover up, but not all over and all around, try out a V-neck cut full piece swimsuit.

This look works in all colors and patterns from black, to tropical blue and scintillate red.

A V-neck cut swimsuit is an attractive cut for both the front and back, which may give you the confidence you need to dip into the cold water and cool off from the sizzling heat.

21 Wrap Waist

Brands like Michael Candid have been coming out with a tribal wrap waist bikini. We love this new and innovative style. The wrap waist is extra comfortable and feels too right on the body. It adds a whole new look to the bikini 'outfit' and there are more than plenty of colors and prints to choose from. We especially admire the tribal underwire option but have a cruise through their well-crafted swimwear styles.

20 Leopard Print One Piece

Why did this swimsuit style ever disappear from the beach scene? Was it too good to be true or something? Thank heavens it's back, and naturally, it's back with a bang.

This one piece should be worn by a great lake or river surrounded by breezy trees, where there is hopefully a Tarzan rope.

Why not take this style to its fullest potential right? This look is also more than acceptable on the beach and poolside, in case you were stressed.

19 Striped One Piece

Anything with stripes is usually an awesome option.

This particular striped swimsuit is a style we'd love to see on a sailboat or yacht, but if you need to build your own raft just to maximize your striped swimsuit experience, we say go for it.

All adventures are good adventures. Just please don't forget your sailors hat on shore before you take off. If you are feeling for the pirate mood, then a bandana around your neck or hair comes highly recommended.

18 Polka Dots

What better place to shop for the sea than by Seafolly? They're supplying styles like the polka dot style mentioned above, plus many more options your heart may be yearning for. Their bathing suit options range from halter tops, underwire cups, all the way until size F cup swimwear. Finally, brands have expanded their consumers and began considering all of us women who are just as interested in feeling good on the beach as any other woman.

Floral Prints

Floral prints for the sunny days you're feeling extra feminine, or need that extra feminine boost.

Flower prints work on cloudy days too, but be prepared to bring the sunshine if the sky is lacking that sunny glow.

Floral print suites are also great for nighttime swimming, for taking a casual tan and book in the park, and makes for the right occasion for decorating your hair with a floral wreath. Aren't we always looking for an excuse to wear a wreath in our hair? Now's your chance to pull it off.

17 High-Waisted Bottom

High waisted bottoms have made their way back into the beachwear scene and we think we're going to have a very hard time getting rid of this long-needed style. High waisted bottoms look great on all body types and lend a wide variety of options to the woman at hand. Of course all bottoms with butterflies, like the one above, are hard to resist, but even a simple black high waisted bottom will do the trick this Summer.

16 Mismatched Bottom And Top

An obvious follow up is the mixing and matching option that come in the high waisted and bikini bottom choice.

There's no better way to trick yourself into feeling like you're wearing something new than by simply playing with what you already have.

Not only do you have the option of mixing up what you've already got in your dresser drawer, but you can also buy your bottoms and tops separately in case one part fits perfectly and the other awkwardly.

15  Tankini All The Way

Tankinis are a fantastic alternative for those days where we just aren't feeling like our bikini selves - which I'm sure we all know too well. The Tankini offers you multiple tanning options. For those of us who want to shield our bellies from the sun without sacrificing our girlish look, the tankini is for you. You can alternate between belly exposed to belly undercover, depending on your position and the sun's intensity. All options desirable.

14  Sporty Two Piece

No one is saying you have to change your style just because you're heading out to the pool or beach.

Finally, an attractive sporty bathing suit that suits our athletic style, needs, and flexibilities.

The suit photographed above is great for those volleyball beach days where you want the freedom to chase the high flying ball without having to worry about any indecent exposure when you take the plunge. Just keep in mind the tan line you may have to deal with for the next few days, or maybe it already suits what you've been sporting.

13 A Monokini With Fringe



Have you booked your tickets to this year's Lollapalooza, Coachella, or Austin City Limits Music Festival? What better attire to show up and strut around in than a fringe swimsuit? You'll pretty much be ready for any and every possibility, from morning until night. Plus, imagine how easy it would be to wash this thing if you're going all out all weekend long. ASOS has plenty of fringe style bathing suits like the one above, plus plenty more.

12 Off The Shoulder Swimsuit

Now's a great point in the Summer to get rid of that overhead tan line, you know the one we're talking about.

Strutting a strapless bikini is every beach girl's must, to keeping her tan round and even.

Feel free to indulge and wear this style more frequently than the rest of them, everyone will understand why. OYE swimwear offers the above bikini in plenty of daring colors, now the question is, if you dare to drop the dough they are asking for a piece like this one.

11 Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Surfer girls have ruled the beach scene for a long while now, with their cool confident boards and perfect beach hair. Bathing suit designers have finally caught on to their appeal and started curating long sleeve swimwear for those of us who conveniently 'forgot our board at home, whoops.' The swimsuit above is especially unique because of its attractive zipper, which you are free to use and abuse to your own standard of comfort. Just because you're sporting longs leaves doesn't mean you can't look attractive while you wear it.

10 Scoop Front And Back Swimsuit

Scoop neck bathing suits are a classic look for all ages and all types, no matter what the occasion. This cut is flattering for all, showing off our feminine shoulders, attractive collar bones, and cute back.

This cut comes in many classic and unexpected colors and prints.

You can find similar styles for a stellar discount right over here. Just be careful, you may get lost in a tempting click, drop and shop loop.

9 Strapless Bikini

Isn't obvious that the swimsuit above is from Anthropology? How do they always manage to get their styles, palette, and prints so, so right? The crew they have are a master full of geniuses and that's that. Here's another chance to work out your Summer tan without having to completely lose your top. Keeping this top up in the pool or against rapid slapping waves is a skill you'll have to be ready to master, or face the obvious consequences of the rising and sinking waves on the shoreline.

8 Strapless Full piece

We're celebrating the strapless look this Summer, but this is just too much a strapless cat bathing suit? Is there a more adorable swimsuit out there than the one above?

You may want to consider tucking in the ears when you're relaxing on your towel drying off from your playful time in the pool.

This swimsuit can also pass for a top and should be worn with jean shorts down the boardwalk or Maine Street. It's just too cute to cover up.

7 Crochet Bathing Suit

Speaking of wearing your swimsuit as a Summer top, the crochet bathing suit is meant to be worn as a top, if not as a swimsuit. Perhaps, swimming in this top comes second to your easy outdoor activities. Again, we recommend jean shorts, preferably low waisted to fully do this piece justice. Jannah Skirted has her own crochet bikini top design, in case you want to only go halfway with the crochet look. Either way, you're making the right choice.

6 Sporty Speedo One Piece

In case you want to continue sporting your athletic look, but aren't completely enthusiastic when it comes to tankini or bikini options, the full piece Speedo is the suit for you. If you happen to have your own Jet ski, or have the option to participate and flaunt your water sports skills, this is the style to do it in. While we love the print displayed above, Speedo has been curating full piece style for woman for what could be decades, you certainly will find your calling in their patterns.

5 String Bikini

Was it the 80's, was it the 90's that brought this look to its exciting peak? Whenever it was that this revolution began this style is most certainly holding its highly praiseworthy place on the bikini beach hierarchy. You can rule this suit with cups or without, the most important thing is the string. Keep it thin and keep it stringy and you'll know you're heading in the right direction. We love white string bikinis, but that takes a certain level of confidence if you get our drift here.

4 Halter Top

Halter tops full piece bathing suits, or bikini halter tops rule the Summer scene. The photo above features the very lovely Karla Colletto Palazzo Wrap Halter Neck One Piece. This striped pattern style we're admiring above flaunts a high neck and an awesome self-tie sash. This look will give you that comfy beachwear feel, giving you the confidence and self-assurance we all need sometimes to make it through the crowded beach scene. Style tip: Large hoop earrings to enhance this look.

3 Cut Out Swimsuit

You'll have to make your way to Europe for this adorable bathing suit your admiring above. This Monki cut out swimsuit styled a stellar color combo that looks great on both pale and tanned skin alike. We love these Summer colors but in case it's too girly for you, you can also find this style in all black, a cute light blue checkered style, and a floral print, for any and every girl. The considerate adjustable straps give you the specialized look and comfort necessary.

2 Swim-Dress

This swim dress style seemingly disappeared from the shorelines when the string bikini came into desirable existence, and we almost forgot about her, until now. The swim dress is a classy alternative for any woman who wants to cover up a little and bring some modesty back to the poolside. This look goes great with a wide sun hat and oversized sunglasses. A magazine and mojito is not essential, but not entirely discouraged either, as long as you stay hydrated.

1 Lace-Up

A little lace-up or a lot, we'll leave that choice up to you and what you can find this season. Subtle lace-up is exceptionally charming and a great look for this year's pool party. If you've managed to find a deeper lace up and are able to pull it off, we say go for it, we can't think of any justifiable reason to hold back this Summer, especially considering how fast this season seems to fly by and it's Fall before we know it. Let's keep the sweaters in their drawer for a little longer and keep our minds on the stimulating sun.

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