Style Inspo: 20 Celeb Dresses That Will Turn Heads This New Year's Eve

All over the world, there are numerous celebrations and traditions that take place at the end of the year, as one chapter closes and a new time is welcomed. And no matter how this time is spent or where, one thing is for sure: it is the perfect opportunity to turn heads in a fab dress!

From casual house parties and visits to restaurants with friends to elegant celebrations and even the iconic Times Square New Year's Eve event, there are many types of New Year’s Eve parties, and on a similar note, all people have different bodies, styles, and preferences. That being said, the following inspiration will work for one and all. No matter one's skin tones, wardrobe, or plans for December 31... There are tons of pieces and looks within this list that can be executed by anyone and everyone.

Down below, there are 20 dresses that were worn by celebrities; some are form-fitting, a few are super sparkly, and others showcase some of the slickest trends that are in right now. Oh, and all of them are now serving as some great inspo for every lady's personal New Year parties. Take a look to help decide what to wear when 2019 arrives!

20 Elegant Like Jennifer Lawrence’s

Celebrity Style Living

Those who are heading to fancy events on December 31 and can be inspired by Jennifer Lawrence. She wore this classy look to the 2018 BAFTA, and it is just stunning.

The crisp neckline is softened with those sleeves that show off the actress' body in a very tasteful way.

Something similar to this—something that is all black, something that would be worthy of a red carpet and something that artistically plays with hard and soft elements —would work for even the average lady's black-tie party or fancy dinner at a five-star restaurant.

19 Textured Like Gigi Hadid’s

Sassy Daily

Another glamorous dress is seen here on model Gigi Hadid. This glass art-inspired work of art is by Versace and was seen on Gigi at this year’s Met Gala. What stands out here is the texture, and this is what should be inspiring everyone who is reading this right now! Bling, studs, sequins, and beading, when done appropriately, can help heighten a look, giving it a glam feel. Therefore, something with shimmering elements like this would be great for a fancy downtown event on New Year's Eve. And even though many of us may not be able to get a Versace piece in the next week, we can still find knock-off versions and lookalikes online and in chic boutiques!

18 Vintage-Inspired Like Kendall Jenner’s


Recently, while in London, Kendall Jenner was spotted in this Dundas dress, which has a very '80s-inspired silhouette. Many people hear about fashion from the 1980s and it's an automatic "nope," but this is doing everything right.

The high neckline, the cinch at the side, the dramatic shoulders and the color all make this a stand-out piece.

And that is what everyone should go for when ringing in the New Year! Vintage finds and clothes inspired by trends of the past can be great, but even if someone is wanting a more modern look this year, it is important to take notes from this model and reality TV star; find something that flatters the body and turns heads.

17 Bright Like Heidi Klum’s 

Business Insider

Another way to turn heads is with another bright color. In this example, we are drooling over Heidi Klum’s bright yellow dress! Now, yes, she is another supermodel, meaning she would look gorgeous in a potato sack—but that is not the point. The point is that when a woman is confident, wearing something she feels great in and rocking a cool look... THAT is gorgeous. So, those who are drawn to neon clothing items and flashy prints can take a cue from Heidi Klum this year and opt for a bright dress like this one.

16 Light Like Emma Stone’s


On the other hand, some here are probably searching for a light-colored dress to wear on New Year’s Eve, like Emma Stone’s here. This Givenchy Haute Couture, which is paired with Tiffany & Co. earrings, also has a vintage feel to it, such as something would be worn by a flapper.

Like it? Then copy this actress by looking for something in a neutral color.

Plus, we will give bonus points to those who find a look as interesting as this one, with its shades on shades and textured material—it is just too stunning!

15 Metallic Like Jennifer Hudson’s


Metallic is so fun to wear to a party, and there is no party like one that celebrates a whole new year! That being said, take notes from singer Jennifer Hudson, who were this silver number to the Fashion American Music Awards in 2011. Whether it is short or long and whether it is silver or some bright color, we do not care; just show us a dress that resembles metal, and we are hooked! This one even has swoops and such that sort of makes it look like the dress is melting off her body, which is neat.

14 Shimmery Like Shay Mitchell’s

Us Magazine

Another glitzy way to go is with a dress like Shay Mitchell’s here. These fun party dresses can be dressed down, for those who are heading to a lounge, or they can be dressed up for, say, an office party.

So, if anyone here today is into things that sparkle, search for a piece with glitter, with metallic threading in it or with material as pretty as this one on this actress.

Plus, this deep green color looks fab on so many skin tones and keeps the holiday season going for yet another night.

13 Latex Like Chrissy Metz’s


Cocktail parties can also be livened up with latex dresses! While this may sound bold, we urge hesitant readers to at least try on a latex dress. Some are quite form-fitting, like ones we have seen Kim Kardashian in, but this one has a baby doll fit; actress Chrissy Metz recently wore it to the MTV Movie & TV Awards, and we love it! The point here, remember, is to turn heads, and with the shine of this dress and probably with this noise it makes, it will certainly bring some attention on New Year's Eve, which is fun.

12 Velvet Like Anna Kendrick’s

USA Today

Heading to a classy gala that does not require a full shimmering gown but that does necessitate a professional look? We definitely suggest velvet!

While there are all types of clothing items that are made out of this soft fabric, there is just something special about a velvet dress.

This blue one was seen on Anna Kendrick, while she was promoting the Trolls film. The details on it give it a sophisticated vibe, but she still looks youthful and fresh. Oh, and her hair and makeup look fab, so take notes on this, people!

11 Lacy Like Kaley Cuoco’s

Best Life Online

Alright, let us move on to some more casual looks since not everyone is heading to an office party or a midnight soiree. While lace can be dressy, too, we are loving this dress on Kaley Cuoco. And what is great is that there are so many similar looks all around us! Walk into any department store or visit any shop online, and there will be lace dresses in a variety of cuts and colors. Throw a jacket over one like this, and pair it with either heels or sneakers for a cute New Year's Eve look!

10 One-Shouldered Like Elizabeth Banks’

Cool PC Wallpapers

Actress Elizabeth Banks is killing it in this bright and sparkly dress but remember: these are all suggestions. Not everyone likes highlighter-esque colors, and not everyone is heading to a party that requires such bling.

Therefore, what we want to focus on here is the one-shouldered aspect.

Cocktail dresses, sundresses and even blouses that can be paired with skirts can be found with just one shoulder covered and one showing—which is a sure-fire way to turn heads. So, yes, this is another celeb look to take inspiration from as 2018 comes to an end.

9 Long-Sleeved Like Avril Lavigne’s

Washington Times

Oh, look—another lace look! What we are enjoying here is that this dress of Avril Lavigne’s is a long-sleeve one. When December 31 gets here, some of us will be walking out into freezing temperatures... but others will still be enjoying warm-ish weather since not everyone’s location delivers a white Christmas or a chilly New Year’s Eve! Even those who live in tropical climates, though, may want to at least pretend they are dressing for winter, so a long-sleeve dress, which is still short, is the way to go. Plus, with all the options out there, this could be purchased in a luxurious material for a luxurious event or in a simple material for a house party!

8 Floral Like Kristen Stewart’s

The Cut

We have covered different colors, different cuts, and different materials, and now, we have another great suggestion: floral. When searching for the perfect dress this year, look to Kristen Stewart’s that she wore to the 2012 Toronto Film Festival.

While this one is by Zuhair Murad, floral dresses are like lace; they are everywhere!

Short ones can be found at local boutiques, floor-length ones can be bought online, and several options can probably be found in many of our own closets! Dress florals up or down on New Year’s Eve to make everyone super jealous of a super gorgeous look.

7 Casual Like Kourtney Kardashian’s

ET Online

Let us reiterate our opening remarks: this list has something for everyone. We are aware that many people ring in the New Year in a chill way, so the next couple of dresses on this list are even more casual than the others—like this one. Kourtney Kardashian is wearing a slip dress over a T-shirt, which reminds us of the ‘90s and which can be copied using affordable and easy-to-find pieces. Worn with a choker, space buns and clunky shoes... Man, this is really reminding us of the good ol' days, and we love it as an outfit worn while welcoming 2019!

6 Simple Like Taylor Swift’s

Travel & Leisure

Another affordable and accessible way to go is with a simple dress: one color, one piece, one material...

There are tons and tons of dresses out there that are simple enough to wear to really any party that is taking place at the end of the year.

In this example that we have right here, Taylor Swift is wearing an all-white dress; by itself, it works, and when accessorized with different pieces, it can also serve as a blank canvas for an expensive look, a punk look, a retro look... So many choices and so many ways to make it rock!

5 Sporty Like Lucy Hale’s

Real Simple

Girls who look up to Sporty Spice, fear not—we have a suggestion right here for what to wear on December 31. Upgrade from the yoga pants that many of us live in to a dress that mimics what we all love about athletic wear. Find something in a jersey material, wear something in a favorite team's colors, or opt for a look like this one that is pictured on actress Lucy Hale. From a company party to an evening out for cocktails with friends, this is something that could work for many people who are here today.

4 Ruffled Like Zendaya’s


Metallics, florals, and embellishments are just a few of the trends we have discussed within this list, and now, we have another fun option: ruffles! At the 2012 Oscars, Zendaya was photographed in this Atelier Versace dress.

The slit that is not pictured, the hoop earrings she is sporting, and her beautiful curls are all reasons to adore this outfit, but the best part is that ruffle.

Whether someone wants to wear a casual dress with one ruffle to their own New Year's Eve party or an evening gown covered in ruffles to a celebrity's New Year's Eve party, we definitely approve of this vibe!

3 Voluminous Like Ariana Grande’s

Pop Sugar

And speaking of a gown covered in ruffles... Why not just take that idea and run with it? Right now, we are being inspired by Ariana Grande, who wore this little number when she was named the 2018 Billboard Woman of the Year. How fun is this?! Volume can be worn in so many ways—from a poofed-up hairstyle and a top with big sleeves to a short bubble dress such as this purple one. Once again, no matter what type of party is being attended, we urge people to take chances, to feel great and to wear looks as awesome as this!

2 Tailored Like Reese Witherspoon’s

LA Times

But... not everyone likes volume, which is why this next idea is to go for a tailored look. Oh, and there is no better way to do this than by wearing a dress that just looks like a suit jacket!

Reese Witherspoon is giving all kinds of fierce beauty vibes right here, and we cannot get enough.

Wear an oversized version with sneakers to a house party, or pair an embellished one with stilettos for a look that will have people drooling. This is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine, and it would be great on New Year’s Eve!

1 Or A Jumpsuit Like Maria Sharapova’s

Got Celeb

Colors for everyone... Styles for everyone... Options for everyone... We want to give everyone options, we want to provide everyone with looks from which to choose, and we want to make sure everyone here is inspired. Therefore, our last dress is not a dress at all! Some people do not like wearing dresses. Others want a different kind of outfit at the end of the year. So go for a jumpsuit, like this one that is on tennis player Maria Sharapova, instead. As long as we are all safely and stylishly bringing in the New Year... that is all that matters.

Sources: Allure, USA Today, The Cut, Vogue, Pop Sugar

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