Struggling For Ideas For Your Next Birthday Bash? Throw A Gym Party!

Are workout parties the new trend for millennials celebrating birthdays? Social experts say that "gym parties" are on the rise for both males and females. The gatherings are replacing the drunken days of pub parties and nights of clubbing, in exchange for a much healthier alternative. If pushing through a workout on the elliptical with earbuds crammed in your ears blasting doesn't sound like your idea of a good way to celebrate the day you were brought into the world, you've got the wrong idea entirely.

Gym parties typically consist of a group of friends reserving spaces for hard-to-get-into spin or circuit training classes as a group, often with a highly-recommended personal trainer. These days, many people (many of them being millenials) are prioritizing their health over their social status at the local bar. Sweating towards better health and a smaller waistline is now looked at as a fun bonding experience, rather than as a bothersome chore.


Just in case you're not completely sold on the idea, here are a few ways to make your gym party extra fun. Have everyone wear your favorite color as the "designated birthday color" in honor of your day. Invite everyone to invest in a pair of retro-looking patterned knee socks that can be worn in solidarity. Still have your old shot glass necklace from back in the day? Bring it along and allow your guests to treat you to wheatgrass shots after your workout. You can "register" for your birthday and shoot out a quick email or text to your buds. Let them know what you're missing to make your workouts the ideal experience, such as a new gym towel, workout bag, water bottle, or yoga mat.


If you are loving this idea but are not sure that your friends would be up for the challenge, consider booking a class that caters to all types of levels. From beginning to advanced, modifications are available for most classes so no one in your party will feel intimidated or left out.

Of course, there are plenty of alternatives to this idea that people have been doing for years. You can plan a fun birthday hike or game of basketball or sport of your choice. After the game, make it celebratory with a healthy birthday meal with all your friends. And if you don't want to spoil your workout with a sugary cake, try protein smoothies made with sweetened vanilla almond milk and a dash of cinnamon for a smooth, yummy, and healthy treat!

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