20 Creepy Photos People Took At Weddings

Weddings are joyous occasions often full of dancing, loved ones and memories. For the bride and groom, the day itself is often a blur. To help them remember their special day, photographers are there to capture everything from the walk down the aisle to the cutting of the cake.

Yet in making sure they get every special moment on the couple’s big day, some wedding photographers capture more than they expected. Among the many wedding snaps that have circulated, some captured unknown figures, strange actions by others and just plain old creepy sights.

We’re taking a look at scary moments photographers captured at weddings. If you’re a fan of the macabre, you need to read the most terrifying Stephen King movies (and 10 that wouldn’t scare a 2-year-old).

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20 Here Comes The Bride

via Funnyjunk

A bride and groom can only do so much planning for their wedding. When the day finally arrives, they’re ultimately at the mercy of the elements. If it rains, it rains. The bride couldn’t have prevented this fog from cropping up. At the same time, she couldn’t have prevented her walk to the ceremony looking so eerie.

19 Disembodied Spirit

via slappedham.com

There’s something strange going on here, and it has the kids worried. All the makings of a beautiful wedding day are in place, from the white dresses to the flowers to the rustic house. Something the wedding party didn’t order however, was the disembodied legs of a spirit dressed in black.

18 Zombie Doll Wedding

via The Sun

Love apparently has no bounds. This photo shows a bride and her groom, which happens to be a zombie doll. According to The Sun, the two got married in Rhode Island in front of a few of the bride’s friends and more of her dolls in attendance. It’s hard to tell whether the groom is happy or not.

17 Mysterious Shapes On The Balcony

via slappedham.com

This one requires a closer look to spot what makes it eerie. While everything looks peachy keen at the wedding, it’s what looms to the right of the frame that causes a stir. Hooded figures dot the balcony as they peer out on the proceedings before them. According to the site Slapped Ham, they were just part of an art exhibit.

16 Groom’s Clown Prank

via wfaa.com

Clowns scare the living daylights out of some people. With IT Chapter Two in theaters, anxiety over clowns is at an all-time high. According to WFAA, it was the groom’s idea to have a clown wielding a knife appear in his wedding photos, unbeknownst to the bride. As far as wedding gifts go, this has to be the worst.

15 Ominous Masquerade

via Pinterest

This couple isn’t the first to do a masquerade wedding. Yet couples don’t often wear creepy masks, especially when it comes to their wedding photos. The spooky architecture in the background certainly makes it look that much more ominous. Perhaps the couple is just camera shy and didn’t feel up to showing their faces on the big day.

14 Groom’s Sideways Glance

via honeymoons.com

While this may have been from a wedding long ago, creepy glances were never in style. The poor bride just wants to take memorable wedding photos and is clearly giving the photographers the best smile she can muster. The groom looks like he has something else on his mind though, and now it’s captured forever.

13 Helicopter Parents

via honeymoons.com

Weddings can be hard on the parents. However, no parents have quite taken it as hard as the ones seen here. They’re practically hovering over the couple on their special day. It doesn’t matter to them if they’re in the camera’s frame—or in this case, a literal window frame.

12 This Wedding Guest Forgot His Head At Home

via slappedham.com

While everyone looks distracted by what’s going on inside, this photographer caught a ghostly figure walking up to the residence but with something missing: his head. Someone should have told this poor guest not to lose his head. What a major pain…now he has to go looking for it.

11 A Smile To Remember

via Pinterest

Many of the photos on this list are of creepy things separate from the bride and groom. That’s certainly not the case with this photo, however. While the bride looks off into the distance, it’s the groom behind her that looks straight at the camera and makes a face the Joker would be proud of.

10 Window Photobomb

via cheezburger

Who can resist photobombing another person? This older gentleman couldn’t, even though the bride was in the photo. If he had known he was injecting a dose of terror into the photo though, perhaps he would have thought twice. We can only hope he just happened to walk by the door and wasn’t locked out of the room intentionally.

9 Skull Umbrella

via rocknrollbride.com

We can only hope this couple intended to use this umbrella bearing a huge skull on it. Weddings aren’t without their pranksters, and one can easily imagine a groomsman swapping the umbrella out for something more sinister. Whatever the case may be, it certainly adds a scary vibe to their wedding photos.

8 Scary Animal

via slappedham.com

At first it looks like a normal wedding photo of the bride and groom. Look closer though, and one will see alarmingly a creepy-looking face peering out above the groom's shoulder. It looks like a rabid animal—or it could just be a strange pattern on the wall behind them.

7 Walk Up The Steps

via ladygreyhound93.tumblr.com

Look familiar? It’s from the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, which took place in May 2018. According to Deadline, a massive 29.2 million Americans watched it. Though as big as the audience was, it still doesn’t change the fact that this particular photo from the ceremony looks dark and ominous.

6 Protective Groomsman

via The Daily What - Cheezburger

Some in the bridal party take their job very seriously. While it's not exactly clear what this groomsman thought his job was, the photographers caught him doing it anyways. His hand on the groom’s shoulder couldn’t have come at a worse time, making this one creepy wedding photo.

5 Ceremony Ghost

via slappedham.com

Word must have gotten out in the spirit world that a wedding was going on. Interested in attending, a ghost found a spot to watch the ceremony play out. The strange sighting stands out on the left side behind the flower girls. While it’s not clear what that figure is, it definitely makes the photo spooky.

4 The Udder Makes One Shudder

via honeymoons.com

Except for breaking the law, couples get to do whatever they want on their wedding day. If dressing up like a cow strikes the groom’s fancy, there’s no stopping him. At the same time, there’s nothing to stop spectators from feeling just a little creeped out by the outfit either.

3 Reception Ghost

via slappedham.com

The living always gets to have fun, but what about ghosts? That’s what these white and misty spirits thought before joining in on the revelries. The photo appears to have captured a white ghostly figure leaning over an unoccupied table looking at the drinks and glasses that sit unattended—perhaps that belonged scared guests who fled.

2 Shadowy Figure

via britain-magazine.com

The royal weddings are huge, but even they have creepy sightings. When Prince William and Kate Middleton got married in 2011, Deadline reports a total of 18.6 million American viewers tuned in. However, when the two finally locked lips, it’s likely viewers didn’t notice the shadowy figure visible in the lower-left corner of the frame.

1 Shrek And Fiona

via honeymoons.com

It’s common for couples to have themed-weddings. Many base their ceremony and reception on genres or even movie characters. This couple went with the latter, dressing up as Shrek and Fiona from the popular animated movies. However, instead of coming across distinguished or creative, there’s an uncomfortable feeling one gets from Shrek’s costume.

Sources: WFAA, The Sun, Deadline, Slapped Ham

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