Here's How To Keep Dark Nail Polish From Staining Your Nails

With winter pretty much in full swing, one thing has become crystal clear- a majority of women have made the switch to dark-colored nail polish. Whether you're stuck on a ravishing red, a pretty purple, or even just basic black, many women are painting their nails some sort of dark shade. You may have already done so back in fall, or you're just doing this now.

But if you paint your nails dark colors on a regular basis, you may run into one key issue. That issue in question comes when you go to remove said nail polish- the stains that they leave. Such stains can linger on both your nails and the skin around them, making for one unattractive look. So, how can you go about fixing this?

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InStyle recently looked into this particular predicament- with the help of experts who know all about nails and nail polish. The biggest issue, according to them, comes when you try to remove dark nail polish on your own with nail polish remover. Rubbing it on your nails, as it turns out, is one of the worst things you can do. Instead, soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover, press it onto a nail for roughly 30 seconds, and then pull the cotton ball down towards the tip of the nail in a gentle manner.

Once you've finished removing all of the nail polish, use a cuticle treatment to help break down and remove anything that may have been missed. Again, let the treatment soak into your nails for 30 seconds or so before removing it in the same manner as the nail polish remover. If you still find some nail polish on your nails, take a nail buffer and softly buffer out whatever color is left. That should finally do the trick if the other methods haven't gotten rid of the nail polish color.

So now you no longer need to worry about the effects of removing dark nail polish anymore. With the tips above now in your hands, you can have multiple manicures with dark shades without worrying about any stains!


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