Stephen King Plans To Convert His Maine Home Into Writers’ Retreat & Archive

When you think of Stephen King's home, what exactly do you think of? A dark dungeon void of happiness and joy? A place that rivals the size and creepiness of The Shining's Overlook Hotel? A fancy mansion in Hollywood, California? Well, all of those are incorrect. The author's Bangor, Maine home has a Victorian feel, complete with wrought iron gates, gargoyles, and bats. Needless to say, it's pretty fitting when you consider who it's for.

But now, King's home isn't just for him to enjoy any longer. Just recently, the Bangor City Council approved a request made by King and his wife, Tabitha to turn their home into an archive and writers' retreat. They're rezoning their home to turn it into a non-profit on 3.27 acres at 39 and 47 West Broadway.

The Kings actually own not one, but two homes- both of which hold plans to preserve both of their legacies. One house will be a writers' retreat that can home up to five writers to both work and stay in. The other house- where the Kings raised their three children- will become a personal archive that will be maintained by the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation.

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The Kings' home has long been a tourist destination for hardcore fans and Maine residents alike. Between its distinguished appearance to its iconic owner, it's hardly surprising that it stands out as much as it does.  Plus, Bangor has long served as King's muse for the fictional town of Derry, Maine. This town has popped up as the setting for such classic novels as InsomniaIt11/22/63 and more. It's no wonder that Bangor means so much to King and his family.

"The City of Bangor, Maine, is honored to be the city of choice where the significant cultural assets of authors Stephen & Tabitha King will be maintained," Sarah Nichols, Bangor City Council chairwoman, said.

As of right now, there has yet to be a timeline of the property's conversion released to the public. But writers- both those who do and don't write horror- should prepare to make their reservations at the writers' retreat once it's complete. It's surely going to be a cool place to check out!

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