Step It Up: 20 Ways To Elevate Camping To Glamping

Camping turns some people off. They have no interest in going out into the middle of nowhere, leaving all their precious electronics behind just to suffer in the cold for a few days. Although many love camping for these very reasons, the majority continue to steer clear.

In reality, the idea of exploring nature and living away from the norm may even appeal to them. The good news is that camping doesn't have to be so primitive. At least, not as primitive as many imagine it to be in their heads. It's called Glamping—a combination of glamour and camping—and it's here to save the day.

Glamping is camping in the 21st century. It's not burdened with all the mistakes commonly made in camping. Instead, it brings camping to a whole new (civilized) level. All the fears one has about camping, such as staying clean and taking care of business when nature calls (you know what we're talking about)—glamping makes it simple.

Provided below are all the ways to elevate one's camping game. Living outdoors for an extended period of time has never looked so easy with these essentials. These are the guaranteed ways to make one’s camping experience Instagram worthy. Just remember that once someone goes glamping, there's no going back.

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20 Feel Like A Queen Staying Clean

A major downside about camping is having limited access to showers.

For those times a camp-site doesn't come with showers—or for camping out in the middle of nowhere—hope is not completely lost.

An easy solution is bringing a bag shower along, as per Boulder Home & Garden. These pouches can hold five or more gallons of water. Plus, it's made out of a material that keeps water warm. If $80 is chump change, there are even tall tent-like cabanas to hook a shower pouch and faucet up to for the closest shower experience one has at home away from home.

19 Some Apparel For Going Rural

Camping requires a unique set of clothing. It's important to be comfortable while also practical. That doesn't mean style has to fall by the wayside though. Style Blueprint recommends plenty of apparel options when it comes to making nature home. For colder climates, consider lightweight jackets and sweater ponchos. Also—leggings aren't just great for yoga, but perfect for time out on the trails or for just lounging around the campsite. For footwear, sneakers or even beach slides that are easy to slip will work. When camping—above all else—it's important to keep in mind apparel that makes sense for the climate.

18 Test Your Brains With Camping Games

There are bound to be lulls or slower times on any trip. That is where games come in.

Consider bringing popular choices like Cards Against Humanity, as DC Refined suggests. Even a simple old-fashioned deck of cards has plenty of possibilities.

Another easy game that requires little packing is 5 Second Rule, which is available at Target stores or online. Something to always keep in mind is noise level though, especially at campsites where neighbors are close. As long as noise isn't a challenge, games are an easy way to add fun and taste to everyone's camping experience.

17 Avoid Stew For Something New

Preparing meals ahead of time can make all the difference when it comes to camping. Traditional camping foods that spring to mind are hot dogs, baked beans and stew. Not everyone likes those food options though. Instead, there are plenty of ways to eat fresh and healthy while still keeping it simple. As Boulder Home & Garden suggests, trying to swap out potato chips for pita chips and hummus. For breakfasts—if pancakes are too complicated—try cooking chopped potatoes in a pan. Fresh produce like berries, apples and watermelon are also good choices to have on hand without much preparation.

16 Lights Take Camping To New Heights

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Real camping usually takes place far away from any civilization. That means when the sun goes down, it's going to get truly dark outside.

One way to combat the night while also adding some sophistication to the campsite is tea lights.

As Boulder Home & Garden notes, extra lighting—whether it be lanterns or string lights—can add a nice ambiance to the area. Many string lights have USB hookups if a portable battery is readily available. While candles also work, the area may not permit them. Plus, it's also smart to think about fire safety in woods or campsites.

15 Worth The Purchase, Blankets Are For Any Purpose

Don't forget blankets. Blankets are so important. It's worth dedicating a whole section about them. Not only are they practical for keeping warm, but they provide an opportunity to add some flair to camping. DC Refined suggests bringing Pendleton or Woolrich blankets, which tend to have a more retro look in their design. Blankets can go anywhere. Put them on chairs or as a tablecloth for meals. They don't even have to match to add some style. Plus, they're handy whenever it gets too cold and someone feels like wrapping themselves up. Blankets are easy to pack and essential to glamping.

14 Good-Looking Cooking

Cooking doesn't have to be a pain. There are always portable stoves that run on propane. These can cost anywhere from $20-$80.

For those who want something lower key though—or don't have a pan to cook food in—there's always tin foil, as per Boulder Home & Garden.

Pack some tin foil with meat, potatoes and corn and place the wrapped food near the campfire. Let the food cook and don’t forget to open the foil occasionally and test the food with a fork. In no time, a yummy meal is ready to go. There's practically no limit to the number of tin foil meals one can make.

13 When There’s No Room To Go To The Bathroom

When nature calls, it is best to have everything already set up. There are lots of ways to do one's dirty business right when glamping. As A Thrifty Mom details, there are portable five-gallon toilets that have an imitative toilet seat resting atop a bucket. For something less luxurious, there is the Stansport portable toilet—which is essentially a toilet seat fixed above a plastic bag. There is even a mobile changing room one can pack along for those moments when privacy is necessary. These polyester containers can also double as a dressing room in the mornings and at nighttime.

12 A Proper Bed To Rest Your Head

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One of the biggest challenges camping can be sleeping comfortably. When it comes down to it, camping is trading in a bed for the ground. There are options to make sleeping arrangements comparable to one's own bed, however.

To avoid sleeping on rocks and dirt, opt for a camping pad—as Boulder Home & Garden recommends.

Otherwise, there are always air mattresses if there's no hurry to get the bed set up. Usually, it takes a couple of minutes to blow up an air mattress, which even a car cigarette lighter can pump. There are even foldout pads that sit atop a steel frame if money isn't a factor.

11 You Are What You Eat On

When it comes to camping, it's the small things that count. Something that is taken for granted day-to-day within the comfort of one’s home becomes more valuable while camping.

It doesn't hurt to make things look prettier either. As Boulder Home & Garden recommends, adding some panache to dishware can go a long way.

Matching dish sets made of melamine not only provide a convenient way to eat food but put a colorful and fun spin on meals. Even though plastic forks, spoons and knives are often easiest, it doesn’t mean plates or other cooking tools can't be something different.

10 Ways To Turn Around The Campground

Via: Proper Camping

Part of glamping is making a campsite feel just like home. That means bringing along some items that remind one of their living room. According to Boulder Home & Garden, furniture can add style to any simple setup. Consider a foldable accent table or chairs with colorful prints. A foldout chair doesn't have to be a solid color. Plus, tables serve as practical spaces for use during meals or while relaxing. The chairs can also have fun prints that make the area pop. Although the furniture doesn't have to fold up, it does make things easier in the long run.

9 Convenient Cosmetics On The Go

Via: Arrive Well

Toiletry bags have the potential to become overstuffed. Along with the essentials, glamping calls for some cosmetics. There's a way to feel great without being high-maintenance though. Style Blueprint recommends some luxury items to make any glamping trip a success.

Made by Happy Spritz, their daily morning, noon and night towelettes are popular.

Plus, they're biodegradable, which makes it convenient for glamping. There are also small travel kits by Rodin Olio Lusso and others if money isn't a factor. Kate Spade makes great travel cases too for holding all of one's cosmetics and toiletry items. It's just another way of looking good while out in the woods.

8 Cleaning After Eating

Cleaning dishes isn't fun, especially when camping. There's a way to make it look fun and simple though. As per Trevor Morrow Travel, the Sea to Summit Kitchen Sink is the perfect solution for adding some glamour to camping. Instead of washing dishes in a lake or using a bottle of water on every plate, campers can fill this leak-proof basin up. Using this portable sink, dishes can soak in suds and water, which is cleaner in the long run. When it's time to go, dump the water and fold it up. It's easy, convenient and somehow makes dishwashing look cool.

7 Finding Décor Doesn’t Have To Be A Chore

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It doesn't take much to make camping look glamorous. Perhaps more than anything else, simple decorations can bring out the best of a campsite. In turn, it'll even have an impact on one's camping experience. Bringing along a hammock can provide a practical place to lounge for those lazy afternoons.

There are even stylish options available, as StyleBlue print notes, like a Macondo Hammock which has fringes hanging underneath.

On the other hand, even simple items like a picnic basket, cooler and wooden cutting board can add a homely feel. There's no end to the number of decorations one can use to spruce up the inside or outside of a tent.

6 Making Good Vibes Is A Piece Of Cake

Speaking of noise, music may not be the best idea for all camping situations—though it can really add a lot to the ambiance. A portable Bluetooth speaker is perfect for setting the mood at any time of the day. Whether it's time to get ready for a big hike, or sitting by the fire after a long day, music is perfect for any occasion. It can even score points—as All Glamping notes—when it comes to setting the mood with that special someone. Nature has awesome sounds on its own, but music guarantees there'll never be a dull moment.

5 The Perfect Tent Is Worth Every Cent

Via: Sears Outlet

Everyone knows that tents are important to the camping experience. It tends to be the priciest items for those weekend getaways or longer. Whether it's a tent that fits two people or six, they tend to set one back a few hundred dollars. Trevor Morrow Travel points out several tents ideal for glamping.

One includes the Northwest Territory Front Porch Tent. Not only does it spread out across 156 square feet, but it also includes a porch-like entrance.

In addition, there’s the Slumberjack Grand Lodge. This 156 square foot tent can hold up to eight sleepy campers. Although tents can be expensive, they're often the most important part of glamping.

4 A Little Sage Is All The Rage

Via: Frietchen At Large

Camping is about experiencing nature. That doesn’t mean everything in nature is good though. Bugs and other undesirables are always an annoyance one has to consider before camping. It's easy though to keep them away if one prepares for it. Of course, bug repellent should always be handy. In addition—as Boulder Home & Garden details—bring a bundle of sage along. Burning sage can keep bugs away—and not just off people—but food as well. Plus, burning sage smells good and provides a natural scent around the campsite. It’s one way of taking out the sting in camping.

3 Packing An Emergency Kit Is Using One’s Wit

It may sound obvious and not very glamorous, but always remember to pack an emergency kit. There's nothing glamorous about getting injured or cuts without anything to help the healing process.

Another great item to throw in with an emergency kit is a crank radio. As All Glamping notes, why not tune in to the radio and listen to whatever stations come in?

Aside from providing some entertainment, it also provides a link to the real world should someone need to hear the news. Plus, there are plenty of cool radios that simply look cool sitting on that foldout table by the fire.

2 Applaud Her For Drinking Water

Staying hydrated is an important part of camping. All Glamping points out plenty of ways one can also look good at the same time. Instead of taking plastic water bottles, try one of those aluminum ones. Not only is it better for the environment while out and about in nature, they also come with cool prints on the side. Another practical item—though is less stylish in looking cool—is LifeStraw. These small tubes are easy to pack and can purify water. They're helpful in a bind on those long hikes or whenever water is sparse. Sometimes it's the practical decisions that end up trumping fashion.

1 Inviting A Friend Never Goes Out-Of-Trend

Via: Skee TV

As fun as glamping is, it's nothing without friends and family. As KOA notes, glamping makes camping easier, which translate into fun. When camping is easier, that makes the experience better. Making meals, showers and bathrooms easier free up more time with those that mean the most. Plus glamping means less stress, which translates into smiles from ear to ear. It's better, in the end, to share glamping tips with others. Seeing how glamping is done will inspire others to do the same. From there, it can only lead to more memories and trips down the line. Like glamping makes camping better, so does sharing it with others.

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