Stella McCartney Released A Shoe With Adidas (And Madonna Is Loving It)

Unlike some collaborations, the latest Adidas matchup makes a lot of sense. Stella McCartney, daughter of Paul and Linda, and designer extraordinaire, has released her take on the iconic Stan Smith sneaker made from vegan leather.

The design makes perfect sense since the McCartney’s mom was light years ahead of other celebrities in advocating for animal rights. Though many may just remember her as Paul’s wife, Linda McCartney was a musician in her own right, an acclaimed photographer, and a renowned vegetarian who championed animal rights.

In 1991, Linda introduced a successful line of frozen vegetarian meals. She was also an active supporter of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the Council for the Protection of Rural England, and Friends of the Earth. When she died at 56 after battling breast cancer, PETA created the Linda McCartney Memorial Award in her honor.

Now Stella, a widely-acclaimed designer, who has collaborated with Adidas since 2004, has released the brand’s first ever vegan leather trainer that is faithful to the classic Stan Smith design, though the traditional three stripes are replaced with stars, and the designer’s likeness and signature are featured on the left tongue. The sneaker still pays tribute to Smith by having his face printed on the right sneaker.

The cruelty-free Stella #StanSmith sneakers became available online and in stores worldwide last week in celebration of the designer’s birthday. McCartney, whose besties include Kate Moss, Rihanna, and Gwyneth Paltrow, launched the sneaker with good friend Madonna. The daughter of rock royalty being supported by the Queen of Pop also made perfect sense.

So how did Madge, or Melly as McCartney calls her, feel about the new sneaker? “Comfy!” she exclaimed on Monday at the designer’s London boutique. McCartney, who like Madonna, is an avid horse rider and yoga enthusiast, revealed that she tested the new shoes during her weekly workouts.

“I would horseback ride a lot, I run, I do yoga—I’m actually pretty good! I can do a full headstand,” she said. The designer also confessed to doing some cartwheels, “because my daughter just learned. There’s something about being seven when you’re so excited to just go upside-down. Now she wants to do it all the time. It’s the privilege of being a kid, I guess.”

Madonna, wearing mirrored shades, wasn’t just talking the talk when she endorsed McCartney’s shoes. She was walking the walk in a pair, which she promptly lifted onto a table to have the designer sign. She also wasn’t the only one who lauded the new Stan Smiths.

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“I feel like a lot of people have responded very well and to have my name and my face alongside Stan is such a massive achievement for me on every level, it’s so iconic and to change something that’s been around and conventionally made out of leather is the new future of Stan Smiths,” McCartney said

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