Star Wars: 10 Things We Prefer About The Sequels (& 10 Things About The Prequels)

The Star Wars prequels ended up being one of the most ridiculous trilogies ever created on such a scale. Not only were Star Wars fans waiting nearly 20 years for them, there was an entirely new generation of fans waiting for their chances to experience the saga.

Although many fans will concede that the ideas and the stories from the prequels were all well planned and brilliantly written, they seemed to lack the right execution when filmed. That ended up leaving a bitter taste in Star Wars fans' mouths.

Then, Disney made George Lucas an offer he could not refuse and he sold out, giving Disney complete control over the future of Star Wars. Before long, the sequels were announced and we were ready for more.

Let's fight about the 10 reasons why the prequels were awesome and the 10 reasons why the sequels were actually better.

20 Sequels: Disney, Disney, Disney

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When George Lucas decided to retire from filmmaking, after all these years of living and breathing Star Wars, he saw Disney as the best option for a mega deal that would be so lucrative, it would be impossible to turn down. So he signed Lucasfilm over to Disney for $4.05 billion dollars.

That has opened up the world of Star Wars to a company with unlimited resources in every aspect of filmmaking, including the technology used to create the films, the actors hired to be in the films, and the creation of the stories for the films.

19 Prequels: Pod Racing Is Awesome

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If you had to create a list of things you loved from the Star Wars prequels, how far down the list would you go before including Pod Racing? Was that not the greatest technological moment of the prequels?

The pod racing was just plain awesome. It was terrifying to watch, but if you saw it in the theaters, you were fully hooked and sitting on the edge of your seat as the pods flew by at insane speeds. It was like watching Top Gun but with these amazing Star Wars vehicles.

18 Sequels: One-Of-A-Kind

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After just two Star Wars sequels, we can already see that each one of them can stand on their own as a film. You can probably watch The Last Jedi without ever seeing The Force Awakens and still be able to figure out what was going on and enjoy the film.

In fact, although it is fairly unpopular, the idea that any of the sequels could be their own film without the need for the other two is something we would never have imagined from the Star Wars franchise.

17 Prequels: Fulfills Every Fan's Need

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The one thing that the prequels helped do was fill in some of the blanks that were needed to close the door on some of the storylines from the original Star Wars trilogy.

The prequels gave us a way to bridge the gap between the original three films and the Prequel Trilogy, to give us an understanding of why things are the way that they are today. It was monumental filmmaking as no one had ever done a trilogy by starting with the fourth film in the series.

16 Sequels: Opens Up A New Generation Of Fans

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The original Star Wars film, Episode IV - A New Hope, came out in 1977, over 40 years ago. Those same teenagers that went to the cinema to see those films have grown into adults with families and some even have children of their own who are now teenagers in 2019.

The sequels have given an entirely new generation of people a chance to become Star Wars fans, just like their parents did 40 years before.

15 Prequels: The Clone Wars... Thank You!

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If you hated the prequels but love Star Wars, there is a pretty good chance you watched the animated series, The Clone Wars, which took place over a three year period and turned the Clone Wars into one of the best storylines in the Star Wars universe.

But what made it even better was that George Lucas rewarded his fans by planning on doing this series even before the movie. He intended to elaborate on the story and it was six seasons of just plain greatness.

14 Sequels: The Bar Was Already So Low

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As you might have realized in the political realm, the best way to beat your opponent is to lower the bar so low that if you stand up without falling over, you are praised as a hero.

The same goes for the Star Wars films. Now, that was not the intention when they made the prequels, but since they were so weak on a whole, the sequels really didn't need much to win fans over.

13 Prequels: The Jedi Order

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For the first time in the Star Wars universe, fans were given a glimpse into the Jedi Order before it had been destroyed by the Sith. It was a booming epicenter of talented young Jedi that were training to become Jedi Masters.

Not only did it show us how Jedi were trained, it showed us the massive library of everything in the history of the Jedi Order. That's more lore than either of the sequels have added to the franchise so far.

12 Sequels: The Return Of Han Solo

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It would have been tough to find a way to include Han Solo in the prequels without making it seem as though George Lucas was just trying to get Harrison Ford's star power to help boost his film's coverage.

But for the sequels, Ford was a perfect addition to the story and gave us one of the most shocking moments in the entire franchise (We are not going to spoil it, but you really should know by now).

11 Prequels: It Sounds Amazing

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If you hated the prequels, which seems to be the consensus among millions of Star Wars fans from all over the globe, did you also hate the music?

The answer is likely no. John Williams did his best work as a composer for the prequels and helped elevate the trilogy beyond its writing or directing. He managed to bring back the original score and modernize it for younger audiences. The result was an amazing work of art, once again, by the legendary John Williams.

10 Sequels: The Force Awakens Was Great!

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After the prequels left a bitter taste in the mouths of Star Wars fans and George Lucas sold LucasFilm to Disney, no one had a clue what to expect from The Force Awakens.

But that did not stop fans from preparing themselves for mediocrity. The disappointment from the prequels forced the excitement to stay at floor level, but the film did not let anyone down. It surpassed expectations of even the most cynical critics and has set the standard moving forward.

9 Prequels: Qui-Gon Jinn, Underrated?

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In a very odd way, Qui-Gon Jinn's dying wish actually came true. He made sure Obi-Wan Kenobi would help turn Anakin Skywalker into a Jedi so he could restore balance to the Force.

But besides having one of the worst ideas in the history of Star Wars, Qui-Gon Jinn was one of the best Jedi we had ever seen thanks to Liam Neeson's calm, soft voiced approach to the character.

8 Sequels: Paving Their Own Path

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Not only have the sequels proven to be strong enough that they can stand alone as individual films, they are also creating a new set of storylines that will live on and allow Disney to continue making Star Wars films.

Since the sequels are not boxed in like the prequels were, they can develop new ideas we haven't seen yet and widen the franchise's scope further as we head into the final film in the trilogy this Christmas.

7 Prequels:  Darth Sidious And Sheev Palpatine

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Although he is one of the most important characters in the entire franchise, Darth Sidious only makes a few appearances in the original trilogy. It is not until Return of the Jedi that we really get to see him.

The prequels were able to expand on who Darth Sidious was and how he became the most powerful Sith in the galaxy. It started with his political persona, Senator Palpatine, and chronicled how he was able to rise into the role of the Emperor while also corrupting Anakin Skywalker and turning him into Darth Vader.

6 Sequels: They Are Better Films

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The two sequels that have already been released are just plain better films. From the technology used to create the series' ever-growing galaxy, to the explosions and battle scenes, The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi are able to create magic.

One of the main reasons the sequels are better overall films is that LucasFilm is no longer calling the shots. George Lucas was supposed to be a consultant, but they did not use his ideas while developing the Sequel Trilogy: .

5 Prequels: The Rise Of The Sith

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If the Jedi Order is worth a watch from the prequels, then so should the Sith's rise to power. The prequels put us in a world where the Sith have not been around for a very long time, so people are not used to any type of dark side presence.

When we get introduced to Darth Maul in Episode I, we are instantly shown how quickly the Sith can rise up from extinction to take over the galaxy.

4 Sequels: Amazing New Characters

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While the prequels already set in stone the characters we would be meeting, the sequels were free to experiment and create an entirely fresh set of characters for the first time since the original films.

J.J. Abrams and his writing staff were able to create brand new Star Wars characters that have become icons in modern film. The sequels gave us Rey, BB-8, Finn, Poe Dameron, Captain Phasma, Supreme Leader Snoke, and Kylo Ren, among many other new characters.

3 Prequels: Darth Maul

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If you can recall when the first teaser trailer for The Phantom Menace was released, then you should be able to recall just how incredible it was to see the beginning of another great Star Wars trilogy.

But you should have also seen the first ever clip of Darth Maul, the newest Sith Lord, in all his glorious red face paint. He was one of the greatest designed villains known to man, ever. It did not hurt that he was a martial arts expert in real life and was able to do all his own stunts.

2 Sequels: A Storyline That Is Wide Open

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The sequels are more than just a way for Disney to capitalize on the Star Wars brand. They're was another avenue for them to create something that could continue on for generations.

Instead of simply writing a story that's an ending to the original films, the sequels have developed a path for future storylines to grow from. Much like the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Star Wars sequels seem to be planting seeds for future films.

1 Prequels: Anakin Skywalker's Fall To The Darkside

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Darth Vader is not just the greatest movie villain of all time, he has a few of the greatest lines ever spoken in film history, according to AFI. So when it was announced that a prequel was going to happen, fans were giddy at the idea that we would get to see Anakin Skywalker turn into Darth Vader.

The path is not a smooth one, but if you can hang in there and enjoy the storyline, then you can witness a movie icon grow from a happy little child into a raging angry man.

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