The Spice Girls Are Reuniting After 11 Years, But One Might Not Show Up

Finally, after months of rumors and speculation, it’s finally confirmed! The Spice Girls are getting back together and hitting the road for a 2019 summer tour! But imagine the cries of disappointment when the Spice Girls revealed they were just going to be touring in 6 locations, all in the UK?! Imagine people’s further disappointments when Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, announced that she would not be joining the tour due to “business commitments.” In hopes of saving fans some heartache, the Spice Girls shared with BBC that more dates are going to be added to their tour schedule. We can all breathe sighs of relief.

The biggest question fans have been asking is if it will be the same without Posh Spice? The band has performed, and even released an album, as a group of four, but let’s be real, it’s just not the same – and fans are vocalizing this opinion.

Holly Shorthall, a huge and long-time fan of the Spice Girls said, “The Spice Girls, to me, were never The Spice Girls when there were only four of them, and although Victoria Beckham will always be my favorite of the five, I would feel the exact same if Emma, Geri or either of the two Mels weren't included on the bill." This won’t stop fans from battling it out to try and buy tickets though. Many are of the opinion that, "I think I probably will [go and see them], but it genuinely won't feel complete - and I would say that no matter who was missing.”

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Victoria Beckham refusing to reunite as part of the Spice Girls is not a first for the girl band. During the height of the Spice Girls’ career, sources close to the band have revealed that numerous feuds have persisted between the girls, “there has been a vicious falling-out between Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri Horner with Victoria and their former manager, Simon Fuller.” At some point, the girls just need to move on.

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It doesn’t help that Victoria Beckham posed in several Posh Spice outfits for her Vogue photoshoot earlier this year, and even though it was clear that it was just a joke, it still set fans’ expectations high that, if there was going to be a tour, that Posh would be a part of it.

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Any Spice Girls fan, either from the 90s or today, has a favorite Spice Girl to whom they best related. Without Posh attending the tour, it’s only natural that die-hard fans will be reluctant to attend. And for fans who grew up watching and listening to the Spice Girls, I agree that attending a concert with only four-fifths of the pop group feels almost like a betrayal. Should the other four Spice Girls have called it off if they couldn’t tour with the original five?

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