Spearmint Tea Could Be The Key To Curing Hormonal Acne

If you’ve ever struggled with hormonal acne, you know that it can seem like nothing will make a difference when it comes to stopping those stubborn breakouts—but spearmint tea could be the miracle cure you’ve been waiting for.

News about this potential cure for hormonal acne began circulating last year when an anonymous Reddit user commented that they had been drinking a cup of spearmint tea every night for several months and noticed dramatic improvements in their acne. They were barely breaking out anymore, and they were certain that the tea had had some effect. The story quickly went viral, but it wasn’t just a fluke— it turns out that spearmint tea has proven to be very effective against hormonal acne in studies.

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A study by the American Academy of Dermatology put spearmint tea head to head with a popular acne medication called minocycline. Participants in the study drank two cups of spearmint tea daily, while others too 100mg of minocycline. After three months, both groups had seen their acne reduce by about 50%—but 20% of the people taking minocycline had experienced negative effects, while those drinking spearmint tea did not report any side effects.

Why does spearmint tea fight breakouts? For women, drinking spearmint tea actually reduces the amount of androgen in their bodies, a male hormone which can cause acne when levels are too high. This is why spearmint tea is typically most effective for hormonal acne, so if you notice acne around your chin or jawline during “that time of the month,” spearmint tea could definitely help you clear things up. If not, you may need to continue researching different remedies. Spearmint tea is also naturally anti-inflammatory, and acne is an inflammatory condition.

It’s always important to check in with your doctor or dermatologist before trying out a new supplement—even if it’s just an herbal tea. It could interact with other medications, so it’s best to ask just in case. If you do get the go-ahead to try out spearmint tea for acne, studies show that it can take about three months to see significant improvements for breakouts and up to six months to see a reduction in deep, cystic acne, so be patient!

Have you tried any herbal remedies for hormonal acne? Have you seen good results? Let us know your skincare secrets in the comments!


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