Sons Of Anarchy Star Ron Perlman In Shock After Witnessing Movie Set Accident

Ron Perlman thought yesterday would be just another day on the set of his upcoming movie titled ‘The Last Victim’. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

The unsuspecting actor was on-set when a truck came careening into the crowd of crew members, sending everyone scrambling for safety. One person was injured, and Ron Perlman remains in a state of shock.

2 What Happened?

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TMZ documents the main facts of the accident, citing “driver error” as the cause of the crash. The driver behind the wheel of the out-of-control truck had reportedly applied the gas instead of the brakes, resulting in chaos and widespread fear.

The Blast states that the truck “accelerated past where it was supposed to stop” and that one person was seen on the ground as crew members rushed to assist while awaiting the arrival of emergency workers.

1 Injuries And Trauma

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We’re happy to report that Ron Perlman was not injured during this incident; however he was in an obvious state of shock after having witnessed something so unexpected and horrifying. One individual sustained a minor foot injury and was treated on-site without having to be hospitalized.

The Blast reports that WorkSafeBC, a workplace safety agency, is investigating the situation. Luckily, everyone was able to return to the set later that same day. This was a real eye-opened for all involved, and we hope the rest of their filming unfolds more safely, and without incident.

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