10 Of Michael Jackson’s Weirdest Outfits (And 10 Of Lady Gaga’s)

Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga, the King and Queen of Pop, two extravagant and talented individuals that have shown us the passion they have for music, sharing it with everyone in a raw and unique way. Their creativity has no bounds and their legacy lives on, in Michael's case, even after passing away. Along with some incredible songs and albums presented over the years by both these personalities, they have also served some iconic looks.

We're taking a look at Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga's weirdest outfits over the years, from extravagant and iconic to downright bizarre.

20 Michael Jackson: Golden Man

via Fanpop

This specific outfit worn by Michael Jackson is a weird mix between 3CPO from Star Wars and The Tin Man from Wizard Of Oz, and you can't tell us we're wrong. With weird leg and arm protections, it looks as though Michael Jackson is ready for a ride on his bicycle but is too scared to fall. But, of course, always wearing the golden satin suit beneath it. It's a rather outrageous fashion choice, but nothing looks truly bad on Michael Jackson.

19 Lady Gaga: Ready For War

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Lady Gaga is a whole mood in this protective gear outfit she wore on March 22, 2014 in New York City. It looks as if she is angry with the world, shielding herself as she rides right into battle. It's an iconic look, although extremely weird, that we would be so lucky if it would look as good on us.

18 Michael Jackson: Zorro Mask

via ego.globo.com

Remember when we said nothing looked bad on Michael Jackson? Yeah, we were wrong. When he decided it was a good idea to go out with a blue dress, a Zorro mask, black scarf around the head and, the cherry on top, a black hat. We are not sure what to think of this but it's all bad... very bad.

17 Lady Gaga: Wishing On A Star (Or Whatever That Is)

via moonshotcentral

We all know Lady Gaga is a true superstar, but was this outfit necessary? Swallowing her whole in the entirety of this spiky and weird holographic star, Lady Gaga decides to pair it with orange heels, which is a whole fashion decision all on its own. When she arrived in this outfit at the VIP ROOM Club on 2014 in Paris, we're sure she stunned anyone there.

16 Michael Jackson: Space-Age Suit

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This is a weird one too, with a space-age vibe, leather pants with knee pads and a black sweater with spikes that make it look like we just put a bacteria on a microscope. If you want to see it on a dancing Michael, he wore it on the "Scream" music video with sister, Janet Jackson. The whole music video is weird, so it's only suited that he would wear something like this.

15 Lady Gaga: Cyber Goth Lolita

via thomasbleach.com

This sweet cotton candy Japanese over the top vibe gives us a whole cyber goth look with a surprising twist. During "artRave: The Artpop Ball" Tour at Staples Center on July 21, 2014 in Los Angeles, Lady Gaga performed with this outfit that brought us a whole mix of styles in one outrageous 00s look.

14 Michael Jackson: MTV Lifetime Achievement Award (Not In Fashion)

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We introduce you a mix of formal award ceremony suit with a not-so-PG13 outfit choice. It's almost as if he had just came from a rave party straight to the award ceremony by just putting on a jacket and shirt on top with a black tie. It's right on Michael Jackson's alley, but we can't deny it's a rather odd choice for an award ceremony. We appreciate the leather biker pants though.

13 Lady Gaga: A Non-Traditional Christmas Tree

via lecturas.com

It's almost Christmas (granted, we're a month away from December) and Lady Gaga brings us right to the spirit of the holiday in a weird red dress and green hair with a Christmas tree on top of her head. Yes, you heard us. Back in 2013, this was the look to replicate for the holidays. Who doesn't want to dress up like a Christmas tree? Get your fashionista on! We highly recommend this look for your next holiday dinner with family.

12 Michael Jackson: Gold Thong

via prince.org

This one is enough of a visual representation for everyone to know exactly why it's part of this list. Who thought it would be a good idea to dress Michael Jackson in a golden thong? Literally no fan asked for this, we can assure it. It was probably one of the most disliked outfits he ever wore, and one that doesn't really flatter him at all. Throw that golden thong right in the trash and set it on fire.

11 Lady Gaga: Is It Art Or Is It A Tragedy?

via Billboard

Only the iconic Lady Gaga to wear this outfit and makeup combo, but we all know about her love for art, so it's not as abnormal to see her wearing something like this. However, it's not typically the outfit we'd choose to wear after leaving the hotel first thing in the morning.

10 Michael Jackson: Egyptian King

via Reddit

We all know Michael Jackson was the King of Pop, but we never imagined him as an Egyptian King. For the "Remember The Time" music video, we were able to see him in this really shiny Egyptian outfit in gold satin. Granted, he plays merely an entertainer for the Pharaoh's Queen, but this weird outfit makes him look like a true king. Only Michael Jackson could pull this off.

9 Lady Gaga: Chicken Mask

via Celebrity Dirty Laundry

This is probably one of the weirdest outfits we ever saw Lady Gaga (or anyone) wearing. Back in 2013, Lady Gaga decided to make an appearance with a chicken outfit, paired with a mask, yellow dress, fur, and all. Though we never really saw a chicken wear black high heel boots and such a disturbing mask as Lady Gaga is wearing here. This one is going to be on our nightmares tonight.

8 Michael Jackson: A Bedazzle Moment

via IMDb

Young Michael Jackson was a joy and pleasure to see perform, he could really pull off any outfit, and this true bedazzle moment when he wears this diamond tracksuit for the "Rock With You" photoshoot is the proof of that. He shines brighter than the sun in it, but we doubt he would have hit the streets with something so shiny he could literally cause an accident.

7 Lady Gaga: Cube Head

via Billboard

Ever thought of wearing an outfit that perfectly combines priest with geometry? Lady Gaga went for an all-white dress that hid the entire body (and then some!), paired with a cube on her head and a cape. Iconic? Yes. Weird? Absolutely. It was probably one of the reasons why her 2013 VMAs performance was one for the books.

6 Michael Jackson: Psychadelic

via Welt

When Michael Jackson was part of Jackson 5, it was the 60s, so perhaps this particular pattern wasn't as weird as it is now, but we're still allowing it to join the list, because very few things look weird or unnatural on him. Although we don't want to roast young Michael on this particular outfit decision, the pattern could have been a little more subtle, even for a star such as him. Also, doesn't it look extremely bulky and uncomfortable or is it just us? Yikes.

5 Lady Gaga: Back To The Home Planet

via 97.9 The Box

This Paco Rabanne outfit is wildly inspired by the mysteries of outer space, which is probably why she was performing on top of a fake moon at the MTV Europe Music Awards at Odyssey Arena on November 6, 2011 in Belfast. Her dress is a beautiful shade of red but that UFO shaped upper part is giving us serious alien vibes that only Lady Gaga  could ever pull off.

4 Michael Jackson: Mimic Much?

via cartasparamichael.blogspot.com

Here's Michael Jackson again with the same weird patterns we've grown accustomed to. In this particular one, he genuinely looks like a mime, white gloves and black and white outfit, although that tie is a really weird choice to pair with this. Yes, it brings color, but does it have to be so ugly? This is definitely not the best choice of an outfit to pair with such iconic white gloves that have been the trademark of this musical genius.

3 Lady Gaga: Pointy Everything

via The Telegraph

Latex has been a trademark of the outrageous pop Queen, Lady Gaga, and she shows it off in a rather modest outfit in this concert in Paris, back in 2010, even though it's a rather weird outfit all on its own. With those glasses clawing all the way back into her hair and a rather hardcore looking keytar, she continues to impress, for better or for worse.

2 Michael Jackson: King Of Pop

via thecultureconcept.com

It's only natural that the King of Pop will dress like a true King, and that's exactly what happens in this one. Paired with a crown, jewellery and all the works, Michael Jackson introduces us one of the most outrageous outfits he has ever worn, but he does with an undeniable style. It's hard to say he looks bad in this, cause he doesn't, but it's easy to say this is one weird fashion choice.

1 Lady Gaga: Angel With A Twist

via neofundi

This modern-day tooth fairy/angel outfit that she wore at Palais Omnisports de Bercy on May 21, 2010 in Paris, was one weird choice. With a white leather bikini, transparent and pointy angel wings and a giant glittering headpiece, Lady Gaga shows us that nothing could ever look bad when you rock even the weirdest outfits with the most confidence you can muster. What a true icon.

Sources: Billboard, South China Morning Post, Fooyoh

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