Social Media Signs He's Going To Break Your Heart (Sooner Than Later)

Social media can either make you or break you. Yes people, that’s basically how it works. If you think it’s all about the good things, if you think it’s all about cute cat videos and baby panda videos and people sharing their meals, it’s not. Social media is also all about ruining relationships. Well of course, first off, it was invented to bridge the gap distance made. So yeah, to build relationships. But because we’re all so creative, we found multiple ways to use social media to lie to our partners and to hook-up with another person and say it’s not considered cheating. Yeah right... so how do you know if your man is going to break your heart? Consider checking social media signs. Believe it or not, Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat, all these and more can spare you from brutal breakups. Here are the signs you need to watch out for.


15 He still interacts with other ladies in a more-than-friends way

Social media is one of the most powerful tools there is, and it’s also one of the best tools for men and their cheating habits. See, it is one thing to be kind to another woman on social media and it’s another to treat her as more than friends. Or to flirt with her. The thing about this is your man can deny it completely. He can say he’s just being friendly or that this friend is having a hard time and needs someone to comfort her. All the excuses you can imagine. So it’s up to you to judge: is your partner really just being friendly or comforting a friend or is he flirting? Is it pure honesty or there are messages hidden between the lines? Is he liking her photos as a friend or do you think he really thinks she is hot? Your gut feel is there for a reason, woman. Use it and use it well.

14 He exerts efforts to make his lies appear true

Back in the day, when our man says he is going on a business trip, there’s almost no way to know if that’s true or not. Unless he ruins his own lies or unless friends and colleagues come into the picture and you realize, there was no business trip in the first place. Today, however, we can all make up the lies we want but it’s not that easy anymore. Social media is there to make it easier for other people to stalk us and to ensure we’re telling the truth. If your man is upping his lie game, you’ll notice how he is making sure his social media is in sync with his lies. And no, he did not disappear on social media so there’s nothing for you to track, he actually posts updates about his trip or wherever he told you he’s going. This is to lessen your doubt about him. Sometimes, it’s next to impossible to know about this but yeah, this is a sign you need to pay attention to.

13 He doesn’t really brag about you on Facebook

To our guy readers, we just wanna make things clear: we don’t want you to keep on talking about us on social media. We’re not asking you to post status after status about how amazing your girlfriend is. But ladies, keep in mind that it’s also a different thing when your man barely talks about you on social media. As in, when he can’t even mention your name. If he doesn’t want to talk about you on social media, much less brag about you, chances are there’s something fishy. Especially if you two are already exclusive to one another. We’re not saying it’s the one and only sign you should check but it’s one of the most important ones. If your S.O. doesn’t talk about you on social media, but he talks about so many other things and other people, chances are, he’s not 100% proud of the relationship.

12 He justifies his flirting with other girls as keeping him from being bored

Some men completely denies they are flirting with other women on social media. And then, there are the other men who don’t deny this activity. When their girlfriends ask what’s going on, they will say “I’m just flirting” like it’s not a big deal. Well, it kinda is. And when you’re in a relationship with this kind of man, notice what he says when you ask about his flirting. Because if he’s telling you he just does it because he's bored, believe it or not, you will be amazed at how often your partner gets bored. We’re not saying it’s wrong but hey, if you’re bored, you can find other things to do. You can play Candy Crash of Mobile Legends or some SpongeBob game. Does it really have to be flirting with people on social media?

11 He doesn’t stalk you on social media

Okay, so we don’t really like to be stalked on social media. Heck! Nobody wants to be stalked on social media. However, it’s kinda fun sometimes when your boyfriend decides to stalk you on social media. Sometimes, it’s fun to know that he wants to know what’s going on with you without asking you. After all, checking if you’re cheating or not, and just wanting to get updates about your life via social media are two totally different things. We want the latter. The latter is fun sometimes. But when your man totally doesn’t stalk you on social media at all (and believe us, you would know if he’s stalking you), and you know he’s big on social media, it’s probably because he doesn’t care so much about the relationship you two have to begin with. Maybe he’s okay with you being his girlfriend but he’s not that big on loving you… as in, when you leave, it won’t hurt him.

10 He tweets less and less since you two became a thing

Believe it or not, it’s super easy to notice the changes in social media. When your partner was big on Twitter while you two were still hanging around, dating and getting to know one another, and then he becomes less and less active when you two started to take things to the next level, chances are, he is hiding something. Don’t get us wrong, he is entitled to his own privacy. Also, there are many reasons for a man to change his social media habit when he’s in a relationship. It can be because he doesn’t need Twitter anymore because he has you. Or, of course, the dark side, it can be because you’re not the only one. It can be because he has agendas with other women he doesn’t want you to know about. This is where you need to be extra careful when weighing things. You don’t want to accuse him of anything, but you also don’t want to play the naïve woman.

9 He doesn’t want you to check his Facebook

Again with the privacy… we all want it, and that’s a fact. Even when you two are already in a relationship, keep in mind that you two should still live separate lives. You should still have something that’s yours and yours alone. Something you don’t share with him. Having your own privacy is important, lady. But it’s a different story when he’s being extra secretive. Ask yourself some questions: was he okay with you checking his phone and his Facebook back when you two were still dating? Because if that changed over the course of time and you know you didn’t do anything to force him to be more secretive about you (a.k.a. you did not stalk him too much or accused him of doing something wrong), maybe he changed because he’s hiding something. Or because he’s not proud of the relationship. Either way, it’s painful to think about it.


8 He hates it when you spend too much time on social media

Being controlling can also be measured on social media. Nope, it’s just to know whether or not your man is cheating. It’s also very helpful to know if your man is controlling or not. And this is actually a good thing. It’s more positive than most people see it because knowing whether or not your partner is being too controlling is complex AF. So, how do you nail it down? Well, first off, if your man is becoming more and more mad when you spend time on social media, that’s probably because he wants more of your attention. If he hates when you spend too much time on Facebook, you can consider that a sign of a controlling partner. Furthermore, it can also be a sign that he’s irrationally jealous, especially if you’re not giving him reasons to be jealous.

7 Your face is not on his Instagram

Instagram – the social media that everybody in this world uses. Because why the hell not?! After all, one kind of social media is never going to be enough for any person. But then again, Instagram is also a powerful tool. Especially when it comes to relationships. Wouldn’t it be fun to share your cute and super adorable photos as a couple on social media? Wouldn’t it be fun to tag your partner on a photo and tell the world this he is your man? Yep, it sure would! But if your face is not on your partner’s Instagram account, and if he hates it when you share those cute and adorable photos, this can be a sign that he’s not 100% on board with the relationship. It can be that he’s not sure about you or that he’s cheating and Instagram is the social media for the other woman… there are tons of possibilities here. However, the bottom line remains the same – not having your face on his IG is one sign that something could not be right.

6 He has other social media apps a.k.a. dating apps somewhere

Fine, so social media apps and dating apps are two totally different things. But hey, we’re already talking about it so why not mention it… does your S.O. have hidden apps on his phone? Do you suspect that he’s hiding some apps or that he has another Facebook or Instagram account? Because if you think so, then as the girlfriend, you do have the right to ask. And by ask, we mean ask calmly, not like you’re already accusing him of something. Because if he does have other social media and dating apps, or if he still did not delete those dating apps even after you two became a thing, that’s probably because he still uses it from time to time. It can be because he’s bored or it can also be because he wants someone else and he’s just waiting for that someone else to arrive before he leaves you.

5 He deleted you from his friends' list

Wait, this thing actually happens? I’m afraid so. Okay, so there are couples out there who prefer not to be on one another’s friends list… We get that. Some of you just don’t want your man to be on your Facebook because, well, that’s your social media and maybe you two have agreed on this. However, if you used to be on his friends' list and then he suddenly deleted you, there’s a chance that something else is going on. If he deleted you even if you two did not fight or you did not doubt him, that’s probably because he’s doing something fishy and he doesn’t want you to know about it (because why in the world would he want you to know about it!? Duh!) This is where you let your instincts take the lead, woman. If you strongly feel like something else is going on, don’t be afraid to ask. It’s always better to discuss than to keep on doubting and guessing and doubting some more.

4 He wants to be Facebook friends with all your pals

It’s quite common for us to think that this is great. Our boyfriend wants to be friends with all our pals. He is making efforts to building a bigger and better and brighter world, efforts to strengthen the relationship. Well woman, not so fast. Yes, his intentions may be good. Maybe he really wants to build a bigger world for the two of you. But is it going both ways? As in, is he also introducing you to all his pals? Because if not, and it’s only him who wants to be friends with all your friends, chances are, he is just using you to hook up with one of your pals. Maybe he’s bored with you so he wants to do it with someone else. Just because something seems like a good thing doesn’t mean it really is a good thing through and through.

3 He spends more time on social media than with you physically

Just because he keeps on messaging you on Facebook doesn’t mean he is a good boyfriend. Keep in mind, woman, it’s still different with you two talking to each other at the dinner table than through social media. Even if he communicates with you on social media, you can’t use that to justify his other actions. Yes, maybe your man is a really busy man. You would know that, of course. But if you know he’s not that busy yet he still doesn't have time to be with you physically, even just to grab a quick dinner or to just taste your cooking and tell you how delicious it is before he dashes out the door, you need to start thinking deeper. If he’s on his phone more often than not (and he is not a social media manager), chances are, he has another secret agenda.

2 He over-stalks you on social media

Aside from not stalking you on social media, over-stalking you is also a sign that he’s going to break your heart sooner than later. Why? Well, why not? He over-stalks you so obviously, he has his reasons. It can be because he’s paranoid that you’re cheating, which can be suffocating over time. It can also be because he’s too controlling he wants to know every single thing you post on social media and take control on what things you should and should not post, which is also suffocating in the long run. Either way, this is not a good attitude – for a man or a woman. So if he’s doing this to you, if he’s over-stalking you on social media, you need to think twice about the relationship. Sure, he may be a good man in other aspects, but that doesn’t mean you need to stick with him even when you think you should walk away.

1 He gets mad when you talk about him on your social media

So, technically, men are less social media people than women. We talk about anything and everything on social media, while men tend to have a filter. Or sometimes, they just don’t use their social media accounts that much. So when your man tells you not to talk about him much on your Facebook, it can be because he’s not used to the social media culture. It can be because he wants to keep the relationship more private and intimate. But if you know that your man is fairly okay with social media but somehow asks you not to talk about him, this can be because he doesn't want people to know that you’re his girl. Maybe he doesn’t want to be involved with your friends or with your family. He’s not open into getting to know them. There are tons of reasons, but this is a sign you should not bypass unless you want to be hurt.


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