So In Love: 25 Photos Of Justin Timberlake And Jessica Biel

We are so grateful for many couples in Hollywood, but one of our all-time favourites and the couple we seriously idolize is the gorgeous Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. These two represent exactly what unity is. They're nurturing, funny and caring — basically everything that should be prioritized in a relationship and marriage.

Many couples in Hollywood get torn apart by rumors and drama, but these two are just floating through red carpets together like they are still in marital bliss. Something tells us they're still stuck on Honeymoon Avenue, and that they're going to be staying there forever.

Actually, it is all thanks to the married couple that we believe in fairytale endings — they just continue to amaze us. Since they got married in 2012 — which was a wedding that was fit for the silly couple — they still bless our IG feed with their puppy love and family bliss.

Evidently, sparks are still flying between these two, and it is made so obvious in pictures. Remember, pictures speak a thousand words. Whether they're laughing, being cute, or doing something fun together, we decided to take you down memory lane with us to show off their everlasting love.

25 JT Showing Some Love On Valentine's Day

via Instagram

Here is a photo of the pop star who has got golden moves showing off his sweet and sensitive side — we would too if Biel was our lady.

Posted on Valentine's Day, the multi-talented singer was not afraid to share his emotions with the world and captioned the adorable photo with the words, "Valentine’s ALL DAY, EVERY DAY since I found you. ❤️" Okay, so JT is a total cheeseball, and we love it — keep it coming, JT — got to spread more love.

We love how this photo of the duo looks like a photo shoot pose, but it is actually so natural. Her closed eyes while smiling and arching her head back to rest on her beau, while he kisses her, is purely sweet and romantic. We are not body language experts, but it is not hard to tell these two are totally smitten with each other.

24 A Real-Life Princess And Prince

via Instagram

We want to be Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel so badly — this awesome pair, that are children at heart, decided to spend their Christmas with Mickey Mouse! Be right back, they are just way too cool for school.

As they continue to set the standard for #couplegoals, this photo that the pop singer posted on his IG page on Christmas Day just completely raised the bar. What we love most is that the couple showed off how humble and down-to-earth they are. They do not need to be at the fanciest resort to have a little fun. Instead, Biel was dressed casually, standing next to Mickey and smiling, while her hubby had fun crouching down while trying to pull off a more serious pose. The awesome couple are just missing their crowns.

23 L'Amour In Paris

via Pinterest

Wherever in this world the two decide to take their love, we know that fireworks will be going off. And where else to make sparks fly than the City of Love itself, Paris?

In summer 2018, the #relationshipgoals couple took a trip to Paris to keep the romance alive; they're basically showing us how exciting a marriage can be. Posing in front of the symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the couple swapped a hug and a kiss and made sure someone took a photo of them sharing PDA.

Timberlake captioned the picture, that looks like it belongs in a magazine, "Midnight," which makes this photo so much sweeter — because well, the soulmates were together snuggling at midnight.

22 Jessica Biel Has His Back

via People

Is that what they call private transportation in Hollywood? If so, we are totally down for it. Who would not accept a ride on Timberlake's back? Okay, that’s wishful thinking.

All smiles for the camera, Biel was ready to hit the 2018 Golden Globes afterparty with her handsome hubby who looked classy in a tuxedo. How does everything they do look so naturally charming? All she did was hop on his back, and just like that, we vouch for it to be on the front cover of magazines.

Timberlake must be the most wonderful husband out there, just nonchalantly giving a lift to his stunning wife while grinning. And, as if this photo was not adorable enough, Biel captioned it, "I give my ride to the #goldenglobes afterparty a very enthusiastic 5 ⭐️ rating."

21 Being Silly On The Red Carpet

via Us Weekly

If the couple that were made for each other hit the red carpet, all couples around stand no chance against them — none at all.

Here is a snap of Biel, who looked like a goddess that night at the 2017 Oscars, with her knight in shining armour having a fantastic time. Every time they are around each other, they are so giddy and glowing, even in front of the millions of cameras.

While Biel rocked the camera with her confident pose and pearly white smile, her husband was goofing off behind her, and she managed to keep a straight face. Wait, it must have been a photobomb, but Biel, who looked like the Oscars statue, was obviously not surprised that her plus-one was creeping up behind her.

20 They Took LEGO To A Whole Other Level

via Instagram

Halloween is that time of year when just about anything goes — even LEGO!

Now, we do not remember having a Halloween with our parents looking that rad — we are totally jealous. You may be aware that the hilarious duo has a child together, baby boy Silas Randall, and he owned the streets that night with his DC LEGO family.

It is one thing to dress like ordinary superheroes, but a whole other to dress as comic characters in LEGO form — come on, did they really have to put up so much competition? That is why we simply adore them. The happy family went trick-or-treating in The Lego Batman Movie costumes, and we are sure many cried a river when they saw them strolling around.

19 Red Carpet Couple Goals

via Latestly.com

Couple goals alert: about to hit the 2018 Emmy's red carpet and once again, cleaned up so nicely. What we love so much about this photo of the energetic couple in their prep room is that we know how hard they tried to pose seriously for this photo. How? Because the two shared pictures of themselves in this exact moment, posing with open mouths, hand gestures and the most hilarious facial expressions.

If this is what it truly looks like to be married for six blissful years, we are down! They look so elegant with their straight postures, and standing hand-in-hand they look like they are ready to take over the world.

Also, we are gushing because it looks like they were about to get married again.

18 JT's Birthday Dedication

via Instagram

Just a few days ago, we were scrolling through our IG feed and remembered how so in love these two A-listers are when we saw JT's birthday post dedicated to his lovely wife. We don't want to read it again because we might just have to wipe off our leaking mascara.

We want to highlight, though, that attached to this photo of the couple looking so serene and peaceful, the former *NSYNC member made a point of announcing to the world that Biel is "the most wonderful human I have ever met."

Okay, one more, he also said she is his "partner in crime." We are not sure where the photo is from, but it is so precious; it has the look of a vintage Polaroid print.

17 A Family Ready To Take Over

via Instagram

Clearly, this trio does not need to have capes attached to their backs to make the world a better place. You may or may not know this, but father and hubby JT does not leave his family behind when he rides on a plane or bus. According to People, his whole family tags along.

Justin Timberlake is a performer by day and one-hundred percent dad at night. We call that a real superhero. This photo of the precious family is actually from the start of his "Man of the Woods" tour that commenced in March 2018. They look like they are looking up and reflecting on how blessed they are. As we can imagine it was a truly special moment.

16 Making Plants Look Cool

via Instagram

Who else would ever think of picking up plants, putting them in front of their faces, and then posing for a selfie? Only the comedic duo would. Peek-a-boo guys, we still see you. There is no way they could camouflage themselves because only this Hollywood couple would still look cute doing that.

And, how is it possible that a photo like this makes us gush? If a normie couple posted it, we'd probably roll our eyes!

They are like two children who constantly encourage one another to do funny things, as they clearly both found the idea of burying their noses in the herbs hilarious. Oh, and this all went down at a restaurant, as Biel captioned the post, "Bush...it’s what’s for dinner. At @nomacph at least...or actually a really delicious potato based soup hidden under the soil of the bush. #bush."

15 What An Awesome Selfie

via Instagram

"Bella Ciao!" We just pictured Biel and her handsome husband peacefully cruising with the top down, under the Tuscan sun, in the rolling hills, surrounded by olive trees and vineyards.

This snap looks like it came straight out of an old Hollywood film, or a vintage postcard from Italy. And it is such a unique selfie, too. Biel was able to capture her radiant smile, the convertible, the romantic background, and JT's face in the rearview mirror — that is #selfiegoals.

To make us blush even more, the lovebirds shared a video of their romantic drive around the Italian countryside — and what was blasting in the background? The classic "That's Amore." If that is not amore, then we do not know what is.

14 Showing Some Sweet PDA

via quirkybyte

Remember when we were children and we would hold our parents or other loved ones tight and not want to let go? Biel is doing the exact same thing here, and we have serious butterflies. If we were her, we would not want to let go either. Cue the: "I promise. I will never let go, Justin" — someone give them a movie to star in together, please.

All humor aside, what truly touches our hearts about this photo is that all these years later, the wonderful Biel is still standing by her hubby's side and showing him love. Taken on tour, Timberlake left a sweet caption on the photo, stating, "She's got my back." How could they be so cute? It is impossible to ignore them.

13 Playing Matchy-Matchy

via quirkybyte

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have got their fashion game on lockdown. While Biel is either chic and sophisticated, or relaxed and casual, Timberlake is the exact same. As long as he's got his "Suit & Tie," right?

We love this photo because it looks like a throwback; they look like teenagers in love, hanging out in the back of a bus. The duo looked overjoyed with Biel sporting a 'Solidarity' beret, and JT his signature beanie — can you even picture him without one?

So why the matching look? The two were headed to Super Bowl 52, and Biel was ready to support her husband's halftime performance — she'll brave anything to be by his side. And Biel still managed to pull off an impressive look in the cold.

12 Can't Stop The Feeling

via Just Jared

Whoever captured this a-dorable moment of the two rocking in the stands, thank you — this photo purely showcases their fun and sassy relationship. Timberlake was definitely 'rocking her body' as he stood behind her and held her arms up to dance with her but show his lady off at the same time. Is that what always goes down at basketball games? Because if so, we are in.

Just look at the people around them. They look so entertained by the glamorous couple and their night was surely made. Well, that is except for those two in the front. It seems like they did not know the sweetest moment ever was in the making.

It warms our hearts that these famous parents still know how to have a groovy time when they're out.

11 The Silliest Couple Award Goes To...

via quirkybyte

Find yourself a real man who is going to hold the clothing on your back when you pig out — that's a real man. You may recall when Biel stunned onlookers at the 2017 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in a gold and white gown, and if you do, this was the night the iconic photo of the couple was taken.

Even though the pictures of them together from that night were amazing because Biel is a real “smoke show,” like Timberlake says, it is silly Timberlake and Biel that is our favorite snap. If JT is not holding his beautiful wife's dress or taking photos of her because he is floored by her beauty, he is making sure she stays clean while she feeds her tummy.

10 Can We Have A Tissue?

via Instagram

Both Biel's and Timberlake's IG accounts are jam-packed with aesthetically pleasing photos of themselves. And this photo has surely left us speechless; they should be the poster people for relationships.

As Biel wrote, "A picture says a thousand words. And thank goodness because there aren't enough to express ALL the aspects of my love and respect for you," and before we say aww, we totally agree with Biel because this picture speaks volumes about their love.

So, yes, Biel wrote a long, hilarious and sweet message along with this picture for her hubby that had us gushing. It was posted in the same week he hit the stage and rocked it for the Super Bowl. JT won the Super Bowl with his wife, and you can tell that he knows it.

9 Okay, Disney Needs To Sign Them

via Instagram

Life's greatest gift is certainly a family, and this trio shows us exactly why. They bless our IG feeds with delightful photos.

Since little Silas came into the world, his parents have been going to extremes to be the coolest parents on the block. Whenever Halloween comes around, they set the bar high. It is not far-fetched to say that the parents go "infinity and beyond" for their precious baby boy.

When Halloween 2017 came, the awesome parents decided to turn Toy Story into a reality. Decked out in Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Woody costumes, the creativity and lovability was on point.

We know another Toy Story is coming out, but this trio deserves a contract.

8 He Lets Her Take Naps

via Insider

What is the mood for 2019? Falling asleep during our partner's birthday celebrations. Okay, maybe we all should not take that advice, but Jessica Biel did it with JT, so why can't we?

Maybe it is because everything they do together is precious, simply put. In January, when it was the pop star's birthday and the two planned a date night out, Biel fell asleep in the middle of a car ride with him — poor JT, just hanging alone in the car on his birthday. Biel, "What Goes Around Comes Around," right?

No worries though, JT completely brushed it off and acted like his silly self. As posted on the entertainer's IG, JT started to slowly serenade himself by singing "Happy Birthday," and his sleeping beauty slowly woke up.

7 Couple's Game Night

via Instagram

We could tell that Biel and Timberlake's marriage is full of fun and games; the true definition of life-long zest and spice.

And although the two are celebrities who receive hefty paychecks, they are not the type to go all out at lavish restaurants or exuberant nightclubs. Instead, they enjoy each other's company with some fine wine and classic board games, just the two of them. They surely find a babysitter for nights like these when they need alone time.

The couple enjoyed a stunning view while playing a game of Scrabble. It looks like Biel took that game home. Shared to the actress’s IG, she proudly captioned the very concentrated photo of the couple with, "I played 'sardine' and got the 50 bonus points! Guess who is no longer undefeated...#scrabblebrag."

6 Some Underwater Fun

via Instagram

To celebrate her sweet husband’s birthday, Biel posted this photo of the two that perfectly captures the essence of their relationship — and who could overlook that smile on her face? Wait, is it even possible to grin from ear-to-ear like that underwater? We guess when you have an awesome hubby like JT, it is.

Biel shared this adorable photo with a heartwarming caption for her hubby, while probably trying to make up for that time she dozed off on his birthday. In it, she stated that her handsome 38-year-old beau is to blame for the "smile lines" on her face — okay, why do they always write the most wonderful captions for each other? And to top it all off, JT's face in this photo is epic.

5 The Definition Of Class

via Instagram

Who runs the world? Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. In this selfie of the beautiful couple looking all glammed up and ready to flash smiles for the camera at the Golden Globes, JT also made a point of his obvious support for the #TimesUp movement.

We know that the singer who knows how to bust moves received backlash on social media — because that happens with anything and everything nowadays — but we want to appreciate this photo for what it is: a classy and strikingly romantic photo.

The two do not have to be all over each other to prove that it is true love; it shows in their eyes, their smiles and their body language. This is another alluring photo of the couple showing off how classy and chic they can be.

4 The Way He Looks At Her

via Instagram

We do not want to act jealous or anything, but we are only familiar with the way JT looks at his wife because it is the way we look at the waiter when he arrives with the food we ordered.

After all their years together, JT still looks at his wife like she is his entire universe; like he is enchanted by her beauty. Can we take a second to point out how blessed they are? Because in a selfie that close not many of us would look that flawless.

When we see photos like these, we just cannot help but think that every time JT looks at her that way, he's falling in love at first sight over and over again. Sorry to the other Hollywood couples, but they may just be the power couple of the century.

3 Who's That Behind Her?

via Instagram

We now believe that JT's most beloved childhood game to play was either peek-a-boo or hide and seek — does he think we do not see him in all these photos, or what?

We are not sure what kind of look Biel was aiming for with her costume makeup, but we give her an A for effort, especially for the totally awesome caption she used: "What. Why are you staring? I look perfectly normal… is there someone behind me?!"

Biel captures the funniest moments the couple experience together daily, and she is never shy to share them with the world. Whether JT or Silas approved of her makeup or not, this superhero mom clearly has a man who always has her back, even when he is just playing around.

2 They Need A Show

via InStyle

The stars were aligned when these two came together. We don't need them to vocalize their feelings, we know it.

When the two hit red carpet events, the cameras are always ready for them because they are always the most lively and eccentric couple prancing around. We know that if the duo is together, they will take any opportunity they can to just be themselves — their antics aren't even planned!

Just check out this pic: JT was having a little fun and thought it would be endearing to rest his head on his wife's shoulder — looking all innocent and like a good boy — and it certainly worked. And look at Biel's facial expression. She could not contain her laughter. Maybe he was tickling her!

1 A Pajama Party

via Instagram

No two pictures of them are ever the same because they always do things differently. Shall we dedicate an IG page to the two and call it #couplegoals? Because they seriously have that hashtag in the palm of their hands.

By the fireplace in matching plaid pajamas, the two decided to act like statues and pose like they were on the Titanic. Wait, JT wears full-set pajamas for his wife? The best husband award goes to him. It takes two creative minds like theirs to be that trendy and adorably matching, while thinking of making someone snap a photo of them "posing."

Sources: PeopleDaily Mail

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