A Snow White Makeup Collection Has Been Launched By INTEGRATE

Japanese cosmetics brand INTEGRATE has announced the release of a Disney princess-inspired makeup and beauty line, and it's none other than Snow White who takes center stage. The limited edition collection is simply called "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs", and consists of three different products, all heavily inspired by the Disney movie Snow White. Now, with Snow White being the fairest of them all, it's safe to assume anyone would be dying to try "her" makeup.

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INTEGRATE's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs collection will include a true princess perfume with a bottle in the shape of a red apple. What could be more fitting? The fragrance is called "My Destiny", and although the scent of the perfume has not been confirmed yet, it's most likely not going to be poisonous! In addition, the collection also includes nail polish in three different shades; ruby red, sea foam green, and a glittery purple, all of which come in bottles with adorable Snow White pictures on them. To finish off the collection INTEGRATE also offers four gel liners in brown, blue, purple and pink.

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As reported by Teen Vogue, INTEGRATE is not the first beauty company to create a Disney themed makeup and beauty collection. American cosmetics brand Bésame released a Snow White collection last year, and for those who prefer other Disney princesses, UK beauty brand Spectrum released makeup brushes inspired by both Ariel from The Little Mermaid as well as Minnie Mouse.

INTEGRATE is a lower priced makeup brand part of the Shiseido family and is marketed mainly towards Japan and Taiwan. The brand's slogan is 'Live lovely', and their image is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, from the very moment you buy a product.

INTEGRATE's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs beauty collection was released in celebration of the Disney's classic's 80th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate its birthday than by recreating some real fairytale princess looks? Unfortunately, the collection is only available in Japan so you might need to ask Princess Jasmine to give you a ride on her magic carpet to get there.

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