SNL Bachelor Sketch Combined Two Current Hot Topics

The Saturday Night Live The Bachelor sketch combined two current hot topics, but the end result was kind of a miss.

Two worlds collided on SNL last week during The Bachelor sketch. It started out as poking fun at the dramatic finale of the hit ABC show last week, while adding FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The skit was not at all what fans were expecting, as there appeared to be an underlying message.

The stage was set to recreate Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumping Becca Kufrin while the cameras were rolling. However, instead of Arie coming in to break up with his fiancé, Kate McKinnon came in as Mueller changing the whole dynamic of the skit. It now combines the disastrous reality TV show with politics, not exactly two concepts that go hand in hand.

Let's recap these two hot topics real quick. Mueller is currently investigating what role the Russians played in the 2016 presidential election, as well as determining if there is a connection to the Trump campaign. On The Bachelor finale last week, fans witnessed Arie propose to Becca, then call off their engagement on camera because he wanted a second chance with Lauren Burnham.

In the SNL sketch viewers saw McKinnon’s Mueller come to talk to Becca about the investigation into President Trump and how a stronger case of obstruction of justice is brewing. It was certainly an interesting twist. McKinnon and Cecily Strong (as Becca) were both hilarious. Watching Mueller painfully explain the investigation the way Arie painfully dragged out the break up was priceless.

The Bachelor sketch kept up with the spoof of the recent finale the entire way through. However, it kept discussing different news topics of the day, as well as bringing two worlds together. Although it definitely had it’s hilarious moments, mostly due to the amazing cast, it was a bit unusual. There was something about the sketch that didn’t bring the normal SNL hype, laugh, and giggles.

Saturday Night Live never disappoints, but there are some questions about its latest The Bachelor sketch combining the ABC show and the current Russian investigation. What did you think about these two very different worlds colliding for a good laugh?

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