Snapchat Dysmorphia: Why We Should Be Concerned About The Latest Plastic Surgery Trend

People are getting plastic surgery to look like Snapchat filters. It has become such a hot trend there is now an official name for it, "Snapchat dysmorphia".

The filters on social media are used for various reasons. To be funny, to digitally make oneself look better, to add cuteness to a picture, and the list goes on. However, some people now want to look in real life what they look like in those filtered photos. No, not like puppy ears or a pig nose, but the other common filters are in high demand.

Sadly the new plastic surgery trend is rising at an alarming rate. It has gained so much traction that British cosmetic doctor, Tijion Esho decided it needed a specific name and coined it Snapchat dysmorphia last year. According to CafeMom, the name and meaning are now part of the AMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal.

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People are getting the surgery so they will look better in selfies, which has become an integral part of social media. It is what gets people likes, views, comments, etc. and of course contributes to the development of a person's self-esteem. In fact, the Annual American Academy of Facial Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery conducted a survey that showed that 55% of people these days are getting plastic surgery for the sole reason of looking better in a selfie.

Snapchat dysmorphia is on the rise, concern regarding how social media is affecting people's body image is also skyrocketing, and it is definitely not helping that most people use social media and Snapchat to communicate with one another on a daily basis. Sadly, this is a very significant issue as it can turn into body dysmorphia which is a serious and potentially dangerous mental health disorder. The new plastic surgery trend is alarming because it is not just about the surgery, it is about social media and the role it plays in our lives today.

The fact people want to alter their appearance to look like a filter is very worrisome. We are not all perfect, but social media apps can make us feel that our appearances are perfect. The lines between reality and fantasy are being blurred, not just online, but now in real life in a deeply concerning way.

What do you think about Snapchat dysmorphia? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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