Smoothies You Need To Drink Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Don’t you think it would be great if we can have that go to smoothie and our day would suddenly become a lot better because that smoothie is magical? Yes, we do too! We know that crappiness has its own advantages, like the fact that it makes this world so much more interesting and alive and full of emotions (which is the kind of the world we want, right?) but it can be too much sometimes. Seriously, how can people deal with so much drama and still stay sane? Well, maybe it has something to do with the chakras. If your chakras are a total mess, maybe that’s why you’re having a really hard time dealing with the craziness of this world. But worry not, we’re here to help solve that problem. With some fruits and other healthy goodness and the galaxy by your side, we’ll make the best smoothie your astrological sign would love!

12 Aries: Grapefruit And Avocado Combo


Aries are adventurous people. They are so passionate about so many things especially if it has something to do with traveling and generally being in motion. So that includes wild activities like rock climbing. But because they can’t do such activities every day, their energy goes gaga. And to solve that, a spicy grapefruit smoothie is highly suggested. Grapefruit is one bright fruit, which helps calm down the bouncing of energies Aries people often experience when they have to stay still and do normal things like work in an office. They can also add in some ginger to add a little spicy flavor to the smoothie. Ginger is also good for detoxifying so if you think that’s something you could make use of then go ahead. Throw in some ginger. If your day is energy-demanding, you can add avocado to your breakfast – be it avocado smoothie or just the plain fruit, it’ll help you balance out the energy of your zodiac sign.

11 Aquarius: Beets And Berries


If you’re an Aquarius, you know that you are unstoppable. And girl, that is one good attitude to have. Aquarians know they need downtime and they do give it to themselves every now and then, but more than a downtime, their minds are always full of bright ideas and there’s just so much they want to do. So while they’re not as energetic as the Aries folks, they still have this go-getter kind of attitude. They’re also super independent, which means they make it a point that they can take care of themselves wherever they go. And one of the best way to take care of your body, Aquarius reader, is by feeding yourself the right food. In this case, you’d want to go for a beets and berry smoothie. Beets are good for the heart and also an effective antioxidant, while the berries have its own nutritional advantages plus it’s super flavorful. Go choose whatever berries you like. We know you’re creative like that.

10 Pisces: Anything With Zucchini


Zucchinis are healthy as f*ck, in case you didn’t know that. And for that reason, any smoothie works perfect for Pisces folks as long as it has enough zucchini in it, because Pisces are kings and queens of living free. They are compassionate and will surely go to wherever their compassion will take them. Thus, an energy smoothie is a must. Other healthy stuff you can throw in to that blender could be bananas and mulberry. To balance your compassionate attitude, adding some yogurt is also highly suggested. We understand that more often than not, Pisces skip breakfast. They see the good in everything and every day, it’s like they can’t wait to get to that next good thing and contribute their positive energy to it. Because of this, breakfast is often forgotten. Well dear reader, you might want to bring a smoothie with you because taking care of your bod is still one of the most important things you gotta do.

9 Taurus: Avocado Strawberry Smoothie

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Taurus people are super humble people. They’re so grounded and even though they have tons of things to brag about, they choose to just sit in one corner and do their thing. They prefer a simpler life but still, they can’t stop the “go help out others” attitude. The stars are always pointing them to the direction of making impact, and that is exactly why most Taurus people are carefree and courageous. Unlike others, they don’t care much about the calories and fats and other stuff most people pay attention to. They have so much self-love growing inside them. But that doesn’t mean they don’t pay attention to what they’re eating thus, we suggest you go for a delicious avocado strawberry smoothie. Avocados will give that luscious, creamy texture you deserve and strawberries will make your smoothie extra flavorful. It will also help soothe your sensitive side because, well, Taurus can also be a little sensitive.

8 Gemini: Pudding Smoothie


Gemini is a bubble of unexpected goodness. If you have a friend who never runs out of ways to shock you or surprise you or both, chances are she is a Gemini. These folks are also quite clever and they’re not ashamed of that. They don’t think twice about playing big and whenever the situation calls for it, these people will unleash the cleverness hiding in their bones. When it comes to flavor, they’re huge fans of salty and savory and they know their limits to sugar and sweetness. That being said, a pudding smoothie would be perfect for all our Gemini besties out there. What’s best about pudding smoothies is that the possibilities are endless. Throw in whatever ingredients you can think of, whatever fruits you think would be great with chocolate and you’re good to do. Because, well, chocolate is almost always necessary with this smoothie recipe. Bits of pretzels would be great too!

7 Cancer: Green Lemon Shake


Cancers are food lovers. As in, they’re the kings and queens of all foodies. But at the same time, they also love classics. If only they can order the ever-classic pepperoni pizza all their entire lives, they probably would. But then again, they also have this tiny bit of adventurous side and it’s something we love to cultivate more with this smoothie recipe. First off, some dark leafy vegetables are perfect for this smoothie. Most leafy greens are packed with nutritious goodness and it’s something they can stick with, given they are loyal people. Adding some lemon would make this smoothie extraordinary, thanks to the lemon’s tangy flavor. And that’s exactly what Cancer folks love – a good combination of classic and new. If your day is a little shaky, you can shift things a little and go for a typical avocado shake. It will help balance out your mood, eliminate stress, and give you that soothing feels you need.

6 Leo: All Green Smoothie


Ah, Leo… people who can be pretty stubborn at times. They’re not fans of paying close attention to their health and whatever’s in the fridge, they’ll eat it. That means these people are also not fans of grocery shopping. As long as there’s something edible in the fridge, there is no need to hit the grocery. Leos are naturally strong mentally and physically, and they can also be creative, depending on the situation. They’re known to be super productive despite the fact that sometimes, they skip meals because, well productivity makes you forget about meals… because of this, a nutrition-packed smoothie is highly suggested and what better way to achieve such kind of smoothie than to stuff the blender with delicious greens. The more leafy green veggies, the better. Of course, you need to balance the flavor so adding some yogurt or some peanut butter or maybe your fave fruit is totally okay.

5 Virgo: Fruity Smoothie


Virgos are super lazy people. We’re not saying all of them but most of them. These people have a productive side and when the productivity switch is on, there is no stopping them from working and working and working some more. But generally, they just love to lie down and watch the latest season of Criminal Minds. They can be brainiacs so TV shows that requires the brilliance of brain is what they love. Virgos also tend to over-think. A lot. Their brain literally never stops and it’s like their body is the only lazy thing about them. The brain keeps on thinking and generating bright ideas. Because of that, something that will help balance things out is necessary. Call in fruity smoothie. For Virgo folks, anything that will help cheer up their shaky mood is perfect and the nutrients and energy in fruits will help lessen the laziness. Now that is one perfect smoothie.

4 Libra: Berry Protein Smoothie


Libras are also huge fans of generating ideas and developing other people’s ideas. They are romantic people who know how to value their other-half real well, so if you’re in a relationship with a Libra, that’s good. However, because their brains are always busy, sometimes they forget that they’re in a relationship and they tend to pour more time into developing those ideas, working in the office even at late hours… sheez, these people are super workaholics. Which is why they need to be reminded that being still is also good. They need to be reminded that there’s so much more in this world aside from their bright ideas, and that is love. Heck, these Libra folks need to be reminded that they are loved. So preparing some berry protein smoothie for your Libra partner would be great. Berries are known to bring in some love, so this is a good way to remind your Libra lover that you love her so much. And the protein? Well, anything with protein that would taste good with the berries is perfect for nutrition boost.

3 Scorpio: Vanilla Cinnamon Smoothie


Scorpio people are super mysterious. We can’t even explain it. It’s like even if you know her for a really long time already, she still seems mysterious at some point. Nevertheless, Scorpio folks are also huge fans of creativity. They are passionate people and they love anything that’s bold – bold art, bold work, you know what we mean. They tend to be emotionally strong and while they sometimes build walls, it’s only because they have some minor trust issues. For Scorpio people, a vanilla cinnamon smoothie would be perfect. The vanilla will bring in the cozy soothing feels perfect for the mysterious aura of Scorpios. And adding in a dash of cinnamon will be great to add flavor and to compliment the mix of mood features. Because we all know that sometimes, just sometimes, Scorpios could be fierce and then calm all of a sudden. Thus, the cinnamon is great to keep things balanced.

2 Sagittarius: Plain Cucumber Smoothie


Sagittarius are the kind of people who cannot sleep at night unless they’ve cleaned the entire street. Okay, that’s too much. But if there’s one thing we can say about these people, it’s that they love cleaning. They cannot stand a cluttered environment be it their home or their office or a place not theirs. So bringing a Sagittarius to a thrift shop is not really a bright idea. It may not be cluttered there but if it’s dusty, it’s the same thing. Clutter can mess up with their mood, big time. Thus, Sagittarius need something that will cleanse the mood mess… something that will clear their brains of the worry so they can focus on how lovely life is. Always having a plain cucumber smoothie would be a bright idea here. Aside from the fact that this kind of smoothie is super easy to prepare, it also looks neat. Literally. Plus, it gives you that refreshing feeling a moody person needs.

1 Capricorn: Banana Avocado Berry Smoothie


Capricorns are patient people, which is a really good trait to have. But on the flip side, they can be big on doubting themselves, which is a toxic attitude. We’re not saying it’s wrong, we just want to stress out that if you can control the self-doubt a little, please do. We don’t want you to keep doubting your gorgeous self because we all know you’re an amazing person. But Capricorns have a hard time seeing how amazing they are. There are moments in their day where they just sit and recap the decisions they did and wonder if all their decisions were right. This can be a depressing moment so to all you Capricorn readers, you would want to have a banana avocado berry smoothie. We know that’s a lot to stuff in the blender (and you might want to add in yogurt too if you like!) but trust us when we say this smoothie will cheer you up. It will stuff essential nutrition to your body and at the same time, it’ll help shoo away the dark clouds and the self-doubt.

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