5 Best Skincare Products Worth The Price Tag (& 5 That Are Worth More Than They Cost)

When it comes to skincare, the variety of products and prices is so vast that it can sometimes be hard to choose what's really worth spending a lot of cash on versus where you can cut some financial corners so you're not wasting good money on products that just aren't worth the money.

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Most people would agree that spending almost any amount of money on skincare is worth it if the end result is awesome skin, but it's more than possible to get a gorgeous complexion on a budget, and even if you're willing to spend a pretty penny on your skincare you can get even better results if you just spend your money in the right places. So what kinds of products should you be willing to shell out some big bucks on, and what kinds of products should you be saving your cash on?

9 Worth It - Retinol

When it comes to skincare there are actually very few ingredients that have a proven and demonstrable positive effect when it comes to anti-aging, and retinol, also known as vitamin A, just happens to be one of those ingredients.

Retinol and other retinoids accelerate the renewal of your skin, which in turn can reduce anything from fine lines to discoloration. However, most skincare products that include retinol come at a higher price than your standard serums or moisturizers, so you'll have to shell out a little extra if you want this skincare essential.

8 Save On It - Sunscreen

On the other hand, anti-aging doesn't always have to cost you a pretty penny. Dermatologists and skincare experts universally agree that one of the best skincare products to prevent signs of aging is sunscreen, and unfortunately, this is a skincare product that is often overlooked but one of the least expensive and easiest to use products on the market.

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Ideally, you should wear sunblock whenever your skin is going to be exposed to sunlight, and considering that even higher-end sunscreens are less expensive than your average skincare product there's really no excuse to skip it.

7 Worth It - Serums

If you're looking for some skincare products that pack a serious punch then there is really nothing better than a good serum. Serums are essentially light moisturizers that have a higher proportion of the actual vital ingredients that most users are looking for in their skincare products.

So, while their price tags might be intimidating at first glance a good serum will give you a powerful dose of the skincare elements that you're actually buying a lot of your products for.

6 Save On It - Cleansers

There is no doubt that, like with most skincare products, there are some cleansers on the market that are better than others, and usually the better products will have a price tag that reflects the higher quality. But the reasoning behind saving your money when it comes to cleansers is a really simple one, which is that while most of the skincare products you use throughout the day will be on your skin for hours if not the entire day, a face wash is something that will probably touch your skin for five minutes max.

So if you're worried about using a more basic cleanser on your skin, don't, and if you have the money to spend on a more expensive wash then maybe consider whether or not that money is better spent elsewhere.

5 Worth It - Eye Cream

If you're an especially lucky lady then you might not even need an eye cream, but if you're searching the market for a good eye cream then it's definitely the kind of product that you might want to invest a bit more in.

And if you're perfectly happy with your undereyes and eyelids then that's fantastic, but you still want to be careful about the products that you choose for your eyes simply because the skin around your eyes is actually the thinnest skin on your entire body, which is why that particular area of skin tends to be especially sensitive and prone to change. There's a reason why there are so many different products dedicated to this small patch of skin, and it's definitely worth spending a little bit more money on.

4 Save On It - Facial Oils

Facial oils are one of the trendier skin products on the market today, and while there are a lot of fabulous skin oils in a wide range of prices it's fair to say that you can find a lot of simple and natural facial oils that shouldn't cost you much at all. A lot of the most beneficial natural oils for your skin are oils like tea tree oil or coconut oil, which you can actually buy very inexpensively in their purest form.

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If you've found a pricier facial oil that you really love then obviously stick to it, but if you're looking to pinch pennies or if you've never tried out a facial oil before, then pick up one of the less expensive options, it will probably give you similar results to the pricier products.

3 Worth It - Chemical Exfoliants

You might see the words "chemical peel" you're probably imagining it in it's most extreme form, someone with a bright red face and layers of skin sloughing off of their faces in a sterile dermatologists office. But there are actually plenty of chemical exfoliants in skincare products you can find at any drugstore or beauty supply store, and they can be a great skincare resource that you can use for yourself.

However, the reason chemical exfoliants are so often administered by a dermatologist is because if you use the wrong product in the wrong chemical concentration you could get a pretty serious chemical burn. Most over the counter products that include these kinds of chemical exfoliants are formulated with low enough concentrations that it would be pretty hard to harm your skin with them, but when it comes to anything that could potentially damage your skin you definitely want to be sure to buy the best quality stuff you can find.

2 Save On It - Scrubs

Scrubs are just an easy catch-all term for products that physically exfoliate your skin, meaning that unlike the chemical exfoliants mentioned above, the product helps to remove skin cells with a gritty, textured formula that agitates any stuck on dirt or dead skin cells off of your healthy skin.

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And it's a simple idea that has equally simple solutions, most scrubs are made with really basic ingredients like salt or sugar, which we all know aren't very costly. Nearly every scrub on the market will have the same end result, so you might as well save your money and go for the cheaper options.

1 Splurge OR Save On It - Moisturizer

When people hear the word "skincare" moisturizer is the first product that probably pops into their heads, which is understandable since moisturizers are clearly the biggest slice of the skincare market pie. But luckily since it's the biggest corner of the market, it also has the most options according to what you're looking for, what your skin type is, and what your budget is.

Moisturizer is probably what you'll use most out of your skincare routine so finding something that works for you is a must have, and if you can find a product that makes your skin look and feel good then it doesn't matter if it's ten dollars or a hundred.

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