10 Biggest Skin Concerns In Spring (And How To Battle Them)

Spring is finally here! For women in general, this has to be one of the most wonderful times of the year (you heard that Christmas, step aside for a moment, please!). The sun is shining more often, you can finally start using shoes other than boots, there are endless possibilities for cute outfits, and life just feels lighter in general.

However, as it happens with most things in life, Spring doesn't just bring good things. To balance out the blue skies and blossoming flowers, skin problems that you had during the colder months are sure to disappear...only to be replaced by other, slightly annoying, ones.

But don't worry! We all struggle with one thing or another, but thankfully, most of the issues that tend to strike our skin in Spring are very much fixable, without to much fuss. Take a look at the ten most common skin concerns during this season, and you can fight back:

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10 Berloque Dermatitis

There's this wonderful thing that starts happening in Spring, something we all know and love - the sun comes out! As much as we all love the warmth and shine, the sun is one of the biggest instigators of skin related problems, so we must be careful.

One of these issues is a skin irritation known as Berloque Dermatitis, and it occurs in response to the chemical reaction between UV rays and a compound found in products such as moisturizers, perfumes, and the likes. It's no wonder that the heat will inevitably react with some of the artificial ingredients that make up some of our favorite products, so we must be prepared in advance

How to fix it? It's quite simple! If you find that a specific product, or a specific set o product, that you use is causing irritation to your skin, switch it up to all-natural beauty products.

9 Contact Dermatitis

Another great thing about Spring is how beautiful everything suddenly looks. This is mostly due to all the plants and flowers growing and thriving after a long season of cold and harshness.

This can, however, pose a problem. Anyone who's ever been misfortunate enough to get their skin in contact with certain plants knows just how unpleasant the aftermath is for the skin. This is similar to the previous condition, but it's more related to contact with pollens, poison ivy, and the like than necessarily beauty products. Additionally, because of the heat, prolonged contact with jewelry can also cause irritation.

How to fix it? The redness and itchy factors that stem from contact dermatitis are relatively easy to fix. Get an anti-itch cream at your local pharmacy, or find an antihistaminic if it takes too long to go away.

8 Atopic Dermatitis

You're probably sick and tired of the word dermatitis at this point, but the skin issues are real during this time of year! Atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, can be both hereditary or simply a consequence of your environment.

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Because Spring does bring quite a significant change to your surroundings, including humidity, sweat, pollens, and so on, your skin might manifest redness and itchiness in certain spots.

How to fix it? If you find that your skin is displaying symptoms of eczema, find a lotion specifically designed to fight it. There are many creams to choose from, but make sure you for one free of scent and other irritant agents. If it doesn't get any better, contact your dermatologist, because you might be in need of more aggressive treatment!

7 Acne Breakouts

Once again, our good friend, the sun, helps in bringing us a bit of sorrow. Yes, of course, acne breakouts and pimples can show up pretty much whenever they feel like it, but more heat means more sweating, and sweat takes the chances of breakouts to a whole new level.

The worst part is, spring acne doesn't just tend to show up on your face, simply because you don't just sweat through your face. The entire surface of your body is more vulnerable to this problem during Spring, so it's important to know not just how to fix it, but also how to prevent it.

How to fix it? First of all, make sure you carry wipes to absorb the oil from your skin when you're out - this alone is a great preemptive measure! Additionally, switch up your current cleanser to one that has anti-acne ingredients, and your liquid foundation to a powder one. Bye bye, acne!

6 Insect Bites

This one is a no-brainer. We are all more than well acquainted with mosquito season, and spring is round about the time for the insects to start popping out from hibernation and feasting on our distracted selves.

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While rubbing yourself in vinegar could be a foolproof method of preventing those troublesome and annoying bites, it would make it a bit hard for you to socialize with your peers. Thankfully, there's no need for that in the 21st century, and as bad as they are, insect bites are very much treatable.

How to fix it? It's really hard to keep yourself from scratching, we know! But try as hard as you can, in order to avoid leaving marks on your skin. Alleviate the itching, by using a lotion or a hydrocortisone cream. It should be gone soon enough!

5 Pollen Allergies

If you think allergies only affect your respiratory system, think again. While people do tend to develop a certain proclivity to sneeze more during Spring due to the tiny little pollens that start flying around everywhere, it's not uncommon for these allergies to manifest in the form of hives.

Hopefully, you won't suffer both forms of allergies at the same time! The skin irritation alone is bad enough, but, once again, easily treatable - and preventable, if you leave the house in a biohazard suit every day.

How to fix it? Anti-itch creams and antihistamines are your best bet here. You might also want to consider taking an allergy pill as well. The combination is a good way to guarantee a more seamless and allergy-less season.

4 Rough Skin

When Spring comes, it's quite common for women and girls to experience rougher skin. Whether it is in your arms, legs, or torso, you may have noticed a form of white and reddish bumps rising, giving the skin quite an unwanted feel.

Obviously, no one wants skin that feels rough and looks bumpy, especially when it's the perfect time of the year to start wearing tank-tops, dresses, and lighter clothes in general!

How to fix it? Make sure you are exfoliating your whole body once a week, but don't overdo it so as not to cause irritation to the skin. To top it off, get yourself a moisturizer that includes lactic acid in its composition. This will help smooth everything over.

3 Dry Skin

Whoever said dry skin only strikes during colder months had no idea what they were talking about. Remember that certain parts of your body are, in a way, coming out of hibernation. This means that they are more sensitive to the surrounding environment and, therefore, more prone to dryness.

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Knees, elbows, and feet are particularly accustomed to this. After spending long periods of time hiding inside warm socks and sweaters, they inevitably get drier once Spring comes.

How to fix it? Once again, exfoliation is key, and can also help give dryer areas a new life. For a while, they will need a little extra attention from you, so make sure you give them as much as they need! Another great remedy for dryness is vaseline. Just apply it before you go to bed and you'll soon feel smooth as a baby.

2 Sun Rash

You can't honestly expect for your skin to go from months of cold, wind, rain, and snow, to days of radiant sun, without any sort of consequent - visible or otherwise.

Some people are actually allergic to the sun, and display very serious symptoms when exposed for long amounts of time. However, sun rashes can strike any of us, since they happen as a result of the transition from icy weather, to warmer temperatures.

How to fix it? The best way to go about this is to slowly reintroduce your skin to the sun, so they get better acquainted in a slow and steady manner. We're not suggesting you only get out of the house in five-minute slots every day, but try to avoid long exposure the minute the suns comes out.

1 Sun Burn

Oh yes, sunburns! They definitely deserve a place on the list, since they aren't exclusive to summertime. In fact, it' actually possible to get a sunburn during winter. The only things you need are one, absolute lack of protection, and two, enough sunlight. But since you're trying to avoid and/or fix them, let's skip that last bit.

How to fix it? If you have a meticulous skincare routine in place, you are probably used to applying sunscreen whether it rains or snows, and not just when you hit the beach. Sunburns are nothing to play with since they can lead to extremely dangerous health problems! Now that Spring is here to stay, and Summer will soon follow, there's no better time than the present to start incorporating SPF into your daily life. Prevention is key here!

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