20 Sketchy Things About Dr. Phil Everyone Just Ignores

Dr. Phil’s career has been a strange one, to say the least. For a long time, he was considered the authority on all things related to therapy and wellness. Being endorsed by Oprah certainly helped in creating his mass-following. Most viewers believed in him blindly, as it was easy and convincing to have faith in someone that Oprah so freely supported. There came a time, however, where people started to dig a bit deeper into Dr. Phil’s history, and some shocking facts were discovered.

We were all drawn into his no-nonsense, convincing approach to therapy and wellness, but the doubts that were cast after uncovering these new details are just too hard to ignore. Let’s take a look at 20 Sketchy things about Dr. Phil everyone just ignores.

20 He Backed A Sketchy Weight Loss Supplement

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Dr. Phil went under fire for the way he threw his support behind a supplement pill. He made false statements and promises about the weight loss that could be achieved with this pill, and eventually faced a lawsuit as a result of this. Today News reports that a $10.5 million settlement was eventually reached. Dr. Phil’s sketchy and misleading advice is definitely concerning.

19 Investigated For Misconduct With A Client

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Dr. Phil can’t run away from his past. The Miscellany News uncovered an incident dating back to 1988 that we’re sure he would rather we not discuss. Shockingly a 19-year old by the name of Sara Jane Morrison accused Dr. Phil of having an “unprofessional sexual relationship with her”, and stated that he attempted to make her completely dependent on him.

18 He Blamed The Virginia Tech Shooting On Videogames

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There are certainly many influences that can be attributed to violent behaviour. However during the taping of his show, Dr. Phil boldly blamed the Virginia Tech Shooting on video games. That’s a pretty big stretch, and a very insulting statement for Dr. Phil to make. His guests were enraged, and his audience was left questioning his integrity and belief system.

17 He Mocks Mental Illness

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Well, this is disturbing. In his own episode called “Obsessed With Love”, Dr. Phil referenced one of his guests as being a “crazy psycho”, and continued to say, and we quote; “insane people suck on rocks and bark at the moon”. If this isn’t sketchy, we just don’t know what is. There’s no way he can justify his wording here, and for a therapist, it may have been wise to select his words way more carefully.

16 He’s Not A Medical Doctor

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Here’s a newsflash for you. Dr. Phil is not a medical doctor. This makes his title very deceiving. He does not have a medical degree, nor does he have a medical background or education. This certainly casts a few shadows around his ability to discuss topics such as diabetes treatment, weight loss, and weight loss supplements, which he has so readily been giving advice about.

15 He’s Not Even A Licensed Therapist

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Wait, what? This may be the most shocking news we uncovered. Dr. Phil is on national television handing out psychology advice to anyone that will listen, but the fact remains that he is NOT a licensed psychologist. According to The Vox, he has a doctorate in psychology, but he is definitely not licensed or appropriately trained to dish out this advice. Let that sink in….

14 He Admitted To Hating Therapy


In an interview with Today, Dr. Phil actually admitted to hating therapy. He stated that he practiced counseling for roughly 10 years before he eventually quit, citing his reason for leaving as being the fact that he “hated it”. It appears he likes it very much when he is paid handsomely to give therapy and advice on his well-paid television platform though…we wonder what changed….

13 He’s Been Sued For Giving Bad Advice


Dr. Phil has been sued many times for giving bad advice. While some of his advice seems well suited for dramatic television coverage, it seems habitual for his guests to leave the show and later slap him with a lawsuit for the bad advice they were given. Fearing for his career, the Washington Post revealed a 2016 article which stated that Dr. Phil and Robin launched a $250 million lawsuit against the Enquirer, in an attempt to silence this situation.

12 He’s Been Sued For Manipulating Guests

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The Miscellany News documents the outcry of a guest by the name of Mahaffa filed a lawsuit against Dr. Phil, claiming that her 2017 appearance on his show resulted in Dr. Phil “aggressively interrogating her and inviting the audience to laugh and jeer at her”, ultimately manipulating the drama and outcome of her representation on the show. This is certainly not the behavior we’d expect from a nationally known “therapist”.

11 He Allowed An Intoxicated Man On Stage

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The famous case of Todd Herzog is not one we can ignore. He attended Dr. Phil’s studio in 2013 as an admitted alcoholic, and it was at that point that the Survivor star found a bottle of vodka in his dressing room. He was also given a Xanax, reportedly to “calm his nerves”; according to an interview he gave to The Mercury News. He was encouraged to drink backstage, despite his known issues with alcoholism. He became so intoxicated that he had to be carried to the stage.

10 His Staff Accompanied An Addict To Buy Something...Unsavory

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A very troubling article was reported in “The Week”, whereby a guest by name of Marianne Smith dished the goods on Dr. Phil regarding an episode her niece was featured in. She claims that a producer on his show suggested her pregnant, drug-addicted niece should purchase drugs in advance of the taping, and then joined her as the cameras followed them to Skid Row for to make the purchase.

9 He Exploits People For His Own Notoriety

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Dr. Phil has been slammed for exploiting many people in order to attain and sustain his own notoriety. The list of guests that feel they have been exploited is a significantly large one, and includes people from all walks of life. Allegations of this disturbing behavior come from a wide range of celebrities, guests, those troubled with emotional and psychological disorders, and addictions – to name a few.

8 He Is Condescending To His Guests

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We’re not sure that the words spoken by Dr. Phil are always the most refined. He doesn’t always speak fondly to his guests, nor does he tend to embrace a gentle way of speaking with them. There’s an entire Huffington Post article which dates all the way back to 2013 and it cites the numerous times he has called guests names, spoken down to them, and used overall condescending language when addressing them.

7 He Exploited Britney Spears

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Dr. Phil’s episodes surrounding the mental health of Britney Spears led to a lot of outrage. Her parents took to the tabloids to discuss the way they feel their daughter’s sensitive condition was exploited by Dr. Phil in an effort to gain ratings. They questioned his motive and slammed the “therapist” for breaking their trust and exploiting their daughter.

6 He Sets Up Fake Press Interviews

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Of course, press interviews and leaks to the public are often captured by or reported to the paparazzi. However, sometimes celebrities set up fake press interviews just to draw attention to themselves. Dr. Phil has been accused of setting up fake interviews to keep himself current in entertainment news, and to created drama and buzz to attract viewers.

5 He Has Moments Of Rage

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Considering he’s a therapist that is on-camera and is guiding a nation with his advice, we would have hoped that he could control his own anger. Apparently that is not the case. In 2014, a Youtube clip was revealed, showing his anger and lack of control, as he unleashed publicly in front of his audience, as the cameras were rolling.

4 He Accuses His Guests Of Lying

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This has happened many times. Sadly, too many times for us to list. In one instance in 2017, Dr. Phil was seen in a YouTube clip of his own show, telling one of his female guests that she is lying. He likely could have found another way to convey his disbelief in her statements. The fact that he outright accuses his guests of lying suggests that he may not be best suited for the role he’s found himself in.

3 He’s Been Divorced

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Although being divorced is common, and is never anything to be ashamed of, it’s a bit strange to understand why a therapist who preaches communication and dedication so strongly was unable to sustain his own marriage. He presents a very “squeaky clean” image to the public, but it seems he has a few skeletons in his own closet.

2 His Ex-Wife Says He Was Demanding & Unrealistic

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Truths always have a way of coming out, and the truth about Dr. Phil’s first marriage is no exception. Dr. Phil’s ex-wife, Debbie Higgins was interviewed by RecordNet, and she revealed that he had unrealistic expectations about how she should maintain her body weight, and that he was regularly “domineering and unfaithful”. This is certainly not the version of himself that he presents to his audience.

1 He Had A Vasectomy Without Telling Robin

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It doesn’t seem very honest or ethical for a husband to get a vasectomy without discussing it with his wife first. However, that’s exactly what Dr. Phil did! An ABC interview reveals that he went out of town and had this procedure don’t without Robin’s knowledge, only to get it reversed later when they agreed to start a family.

Sources: Today, RecordNet, ABC, The Miscellany News

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