20 Sketchy Facts About Quentin Tarantino Everyone Ignores

Quentin Tarantino is an internationally famous man, with some of the biggest and most legendary movies under his belt. Celebrities flock to him at every opportunity and to be cast by Tarantino is truly considered to be a huge achievement in anyone’s career. He has a grasp on pop culture and seems to appeal to the masses with the films he produces. He is known to push the boundaries of violence and create scenes of intensity which are matched with powerful storylines.

In his personal life, Tarantino seems to relish in the controversy surrounding his name, and has been no stranger to incredibly questionable and uncomfortable accusations and situations. His state of mind is often questioned and remains under scrutiny. Let’s take a look at 20 sketchy facts about Quentin Tarantino everyone ignores.

20 First Two Jobs Were In Adult Film Industry

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Well here’s a little-known fact. Tarantino didn’t exactly break into the industry in a very wholesome way. In an interview with “What Culture”, Tarantino revealed that his first two jobs were in the Adult Film Industry. This taints his background a bit. It also leaves us questioning many of the various scenes in his movies which portray women in a certain light.

19 He Barely Graduated High School

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Many fans and celebrities alike have given credit to Tarantino as being an absolute artistic genius. While he may be a genius behind the camera, his real-life education doesn’t tell the same tale. His interview with E!News revealed that he barely graduated high school as a result of his less than desirable grades.

18 As A Child, He Drew Images Of His Mom Losing Her Life On Cards (Which He Gave To Her)

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Factinate tells us a very disturbing tale of Tarantino as a child – and believe us when we say it’s troubling! Apparently during his childhood, he habitually gave his mom cards that depicted images and stories of her demise. They were graphic, disturbing, and they were quite a tradition – meaning it happened repeatedly. There’s so much wrong with this, and it foreshadowed the continuation of violent imagery in his career.

17 He Has Terrible Hygiene


For a man that has achieved the wealth and success that Tarantino has seen, it seems disturbing to learn that he has some significant issues with his own personal hygiene. Clearly not a result of poverty or resources, we cannot understand the reasoning behind this very preventable problem. Factinate identified the early signs of this problem and many celebrities have commented on it along the way.

16 Wanted His Name Removed From Natural Born Killers

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In a 2003 interview with Playboy, Tarantino claimed that he hated Oliver Stone’s cut of the movie “Natural Born Killers”. He had a particular gripe with how Stone cut one of the scenes, and he put up a real stink about it. He wanted his name removed from the movie entirely, stating that it didn’t reflect his views in any way.

15 Forced Uma Thurman To Do Dangerous Stunts

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Uma Thurman went public and stated that Tarantino forced her to do dangerous stunts during the filming of Kill Bill. She told “The Times” that she had specifically told Tarantino she was not comfortable doing a stunt, and that she wanted a professional stunt person to do it. Even after many attempts at reasoning with him and pleading with him, Tarantino was steadfast and refused to let her off the hook.

14 He’s The Cause of Uma’s Permanent Physical Pain

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The dangerous stunt that Uma Thurman was forced into ended up causing her severe injury. She crashed during the stunt and she suffered from a concussion as well as permanent knee damage. She told “The Times” that she went to see the demolished car used in the stunt after being released from the hospital, and got into a heated fight with Tarantino as she felt he tried to kill her.

13 Diane Kruger Was Choked

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It wasn’t just Uma Thurman that reported on Tarantino’s poor behavior. Diane Kruger told “Parade” that her death scene in Inglorious Basterds was a less than conventional one. She claimed that the hands in the movie were those of Tarantino himself, and that he insisted on being the one to act in this scene. She also states that he actually…nearly…choked her.

12 He Spit In Uma Thurman’s Face

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Uma Thurman seems to have seen as much pain and humiliation at the hands of Tarantino, as she has seen success. During her candid report with the New York Times, she described the time that Tarantino spit in her face. This also occurred on set while filming Kill Bill. It seems that Tarantino often abuses his authority and treats women in demeaning, disrespectful ways.

11 He Brags About His Choking Skills

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In a previous appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Tarantino bragged about his choking skills and boasted with pride as he said “it was real. It looked really good”. He went on to describe how he relished in the real choking of Diane Kruger. There has to be something incredibly wrong with someone who admittedly takes pride in such a heinous act of violence towards a woman-or anyone for that matter!

10 He Has A Weird Foot Fetish

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All kinds of people have strange fetishes, but Tarantino monopolizes on his and makes people feel uncomfortable in the process. The Vue points out that “the majority of his movies contain a scene involving women’s feet”, and now that we think about it – they do! Given the fact that he has a history of not treating his actresses in the most wholesome manner, this really makes us wonder about his intentions.

9 He Physically Attacked Don Murphy

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Tarantino seems to have an issue with self-regulation. There are many incidents reported in which he has completely lost his cool and has acted inappropriately during moments of anger. The Vue reveals that he allegedly attacked Don Murphy in a restaurant. They were both out for dinner at the Ago Restaurant in 1997, and at some point a fight ensued. Don sued him for $5 million, so this must have been a full-out physical fight and not a minor altercation.

8 His Acting Sucks, But He’s A Director

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Before he became a director and producer, Tarantino was an actor. In fact, Wikipedia reports that his name appears on the credits as an actor way more frequently than it does for his directorial recognition. Sadly though, his acting is described by many as being mediocre, at best. The sketchy part about this – how can he direct actors on how to act, if he can’t act properly himself?

7 He Kept The Truck From Kill Bill

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We all know the truck from Kill Bill, and Tarantino apparently drove away with it. While on set after the completion of the movie, he decided on a whim that it should be his. To this day, he is often seen driving around town in it. When interviewed by Playboy in 2003 about why he kept it, he was reported as seeming smug and arrogant about this truck belonging to him, and he seems to love the bragging rights and attention that come his way when he’s seen in it.

6 He Was An Elvis Impersonator

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Before Tarantino had any claims to fame, he used to take odd jobs and acting opportunities in order to make a few bucks. At one point, he appeared on the show “Golden Girls” in the role of an Elvis impersonator. However, he refused to adorn the Elvis costume, and decided to put his own twist to the outfit instead. It was viewed as being both lazy & arrogant – yet he was not yet famous in any way so we’re not sure where the ego came from.

5 He Hordes Toys And Props

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Many people collect toys and movie paraphernalia, but Tarantino really takes this to the next level. An interview with “What Culture” revealed that he had always been obsessed by G.I. Joe toys as a kid, and in his adult life, he seems to horde various unusual props from his movie sets, and from other random places. He currently owns a set of hands from The Incredible Hulk, to name one.

4 He Despises Some Of The Characters He Creates

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Tarantino creates and helps to evolve characters for the big screen. Shockingly, he admits to “hating” some of his own characters. He particularly disliked Calvin Candie, the villain in DJango Unchained. When being interviewed by journalist Michael Fleming, he said “I hated Candie, and I normally like my villains no matter how bad they are”. How does someone hate something they created? Why wouldn’t he just adjust what he didn’t like, along the way?

3 The Biting In The Cab Incident…

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There was a really sketchy, very weird incident with a cab driver that Tarantino rarely talks about. He apparently got into a cab and the driver made a comment about the woman he was with, which didn’t sit well with Tarantino. Words were exchanged, which then turned into punches being swung, and Tarantino was bitten in the nipple by the cabbie- hard!

2 Defends His Use Of Violence

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Quentin Tarantino has often defended the extreme violence portrayed in his films. While it’s completely understandable to push the boundaries of the imagination when working on a movie, the way he communicates about violence is a bit unsettling. In an interview with E!News, he was quoted as saying “"violence is so good. It affects audiences in a big way".

1 Uses Nonlinear Story Structure

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Have you ever noticed that Tarantino’s movies flip in and out of different scenes and are sometimes hard to follow? That’s because he frequently uses nonlinear story structure, which is not quite what most films would embrace as an acceptable format for popular movies. This was most prevalent in the movie “Pulp Fiction”. It almost seems as though the lack of structure is a reflection of his sporadic train of thought.

Sources: E!News, Playboy, Factinate

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