Sister Wives: 21 Rules Kody Brown Makes His Wives Follow

Kody Brown is the man who stars on TLC's Sister Wives. He is also the man that makes the hearts of four women go pitter-patter. That's right. Kody Brown has four wives in total, along with eighteen children. He and his family rose to fame by putting their unconventional love story out there for the world to see. Viewers became hooked almost instantly, watching Kody and his family navigate love and life as polygamists. For the most part, the family manages to cohabitate pretty serenely. Sure they have disagreements and disputes, just like the rest of us, but for as complicated as they are, they sure do a great job of keeping things altogether.

Part of the way that they do manage order is by keeping specific rules. Check out these twenty rules that Kody Brown requires his wives Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn to live by.

21 Bedrooms Are Off Limits

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We all know what goes down in the bedroom of a married man and woman, so it makes sense that the Brown wives steer clear of each other's bedrooms. Per soapdirt.com, there was one occasion where the ladies toured each other's bedrooms with cameras in tow, and they were all visibly uncomfortable. We get it.

20 Keep To Your Own Kitchen

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When the family loved in Utah, all three initial wives and their offspring lived with Kody under the same roof. Needless to say, tensions sometimes ran high with this arrangement. Once the family up and left for Las Vegas, they decided on four homes, all close by each other. This way, each wife had their own domain, particularly their own kitchen. A woman has to have her own stove, it seems, but not her own man.

19 Know The Kody Rotation And Stick To It

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For the Brown wives, being with their husband will always depend on the family rotation. Because there are four nights, each wife gets Kody all to herself every fourth evening. Anniversaries and birthdays seem to be the exception to this rule, but otherwise, the rotation dictates alone time between husband and wife.

18 Babies, Babies, And More Babies

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The Browns are all about multiplying. There is no rule regarding how many children a wife is to birth, but wanting to add kids to the family at some point is a pre-requisite. We aren't sure Kody would have entertained any of his four wives if they had told him upfront that kids were not on their radar.

17 They Move When Kody Says

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Major decisions are discussed with all adult members of the family at length, but the final say seems to belong to Kody firmly. We saw his pull when the family grappled with the possible move to Flagstaff, Arizona. Per goodhousekeeping.com., several family members expressed a desired to stay in Las Vegas, but Kody stood his ground and eventually got his way regarding the move.

16 Keep Bodies Covered And Clothing Modest

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The Browns are often seen sporting long sleeves and skirts that at least hit their knees. You won't find them sporting tube tops and tanks, because modesty is a part of their culture. Now, they are not as staunch in this practice as say, Michelle Duggar, but they do dress modestly per today's fashion standards.

15 Encourage Chaste Behavior In Their Children

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The Brown family believes in chastity before marriage, per their religion. There is supposed to be absolutely no hanky panky before a couple says their "I do's." Kody might have flubbed this rule himself when he smooched bride Robyn before their big day, but he and all of the wives expect chastity until marriage in their children.

14 No Kiss Before Marriage

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It was the kiss that shook the Brown family and ruffled some wifely feathers. Kody Brown managed to keep his lips off of his first three brides, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, until their sacred wedding day, but with Robyn...he could not help himself. Christine felt especially let down at Kody's breaking of his own rule.

13 Every Spouse Must Follow The Teachings Of Kody's Church

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We are not sure that Kody would ever entertain a fifth wife who didn't share his religious beliefs. A common religion seems to be a core value to this value, although they allow their children to choose other lifestyles and religions. Kody and his wives all belong to the Apostolic United Brethren Church.

12 But Kids Can Be Raised To Choose Their Own Path

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Kody expects his wives to life a certain way, by specific rules that he deems essential, but his children have far more leeway. They can go off to college, become whatever they want, live alternative lifestyles, and practice the religions of their choosing. Sure the kids have some boundaries and guidelines, but not as many as their parents.

11 Make Time For The Other Wives

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The ladies are always making time for Kody as well as making time for their kids and their businesses. They find it more of a challenge to make time for each other. The Brown wives are encouraged to connect as friends and sister wives fairly frequently. Sometimes they go out to lunch, other times they take little trips together. It helps to keep them bonded.

10 But Not That Kind Of Time

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People have often wondered on occasion just HOW close are TLC's Brown sister wives? They always make it very clear that they are not "that kind" of close. The ladies share their husband, but the relations between the ladies are as platonic as it gets. Only Kody gets to have more than one physical partner.

9 Bring Family Decisions To The Round Table

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Minor decisions regarding the sister wives' children and their households can probably be made behind closed doors. More significant decisions that impact the entire Brown clan? Well, those all require a sit-down meeting. Business ideas and family vacations, weddings, and of course, moves all require everyone's thoughts and opinions.

8 Set Jealousy Aside

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A jealous nature really does not work in polygamy. When many women are sharing the affections of a single man, they have to stay focused on the bigger picture and not get caught up in their personal feelings and emotions. Even one miffed wife can cause a whole lot of strain within the family.

7 Keep Spousal Affections Down

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Because jealousy can do a number on a polygamist family, the Browns try and keep physical affections to a minimum when they are all together. This way, no one has to bear the burden of watching their true love, love on someone else. Hugs and kisses are for bedrooms only.

6 Kody Must Be The Only Man In The Family

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A primary rule in the Brown family is Kody can take wife after wife, but the ladies must never do the same. It would be a total outrage for Meri, Janelle, Christine, or Robyn to flip the script and decide to take on a second husband, making Kody a brother-husband. He would never go for that.

5 Work Through Financial Pitfalls Without Government Assistance

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Raising a large family like the Brown family is not cheap, and while TLC has undoubtedly made life more comfortable for this super-sized gang, before their reality stint, times were tough. As a last resort, Christine once filed for financial assistance, per ranker.com. This is supposed to be a last resort option for people of the Browns' faith.

4 Age Limit On Wife Potential

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Kody Brown will never be one of those polygamist hubbies who goes and takes on child brides. The family actually finds this practice disgraceful. He has a steadfast rule that any woman looking to be one of his potential wives must be at least eighteen years old. This is one rule that we can get down with.

3 Know That Being Married To Kody Is A Choice

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Being hitched to Kody Brown is a choice, not a demand. Many people in similar faiths to the Browns' faith have little say in who they wed. This isn't the case with Kody and the ladies, though. Per ranker.com, he commonly reassures everyone that their union is a choice they all make every day.

2 Children Are Parented By Equal Parties

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There are a whole lot of Brown children to be tended to, which is why there is a family rule that all of the wives parents all of the kids, not just their biological children. When the kids were younger, Christine stayed home with them, as well as with Meri and Janelle's kids. Now that Robyn has younger ones in tow, the other wives are expected to lend her a hand with them.

1 One Ring For All

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Kody Brown considers Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn equal wives. According to him, no woman is more or less important or valued than the rest. This being said, he is always only legally hitched to one of the women. The remaining three are "spiritual wives." Meri was his legal life for years until he divorced her and married Robyn, wife number four.

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