This Simple Cleaning Hack Can Make Your Home Totally Instagram-able

Scrolling through the Instagram discover section can make the green-eyed monster come out in some of us. While the endless pictures of holidays, festivals, and summer parties are great snapshots from the highlight reel of life, it's the picture-perfect houses that really get us going. How are the kitchen counters so clean? How does your best friend's cousin's wife get that sleek-yet-homely look down pat? Well, there could be a simple way that you can be the apple of someone's Insta-eye, too. According to Popsugar, the answer could be this simple cleaning hack.

You may think that these Instagram house stars either have a daily cleaner or spend the majority of their lives cleaning. In some cases, this is probably true, but by performing one cleaning task each day on a rotating basis, you could get the same effect. If you're running a household with kids, cleaning can feel like a neverending cycle. Even if you don't have kids and you're living by yourself in a one-bed apartment, balancing work with actually having a life can make cleaning feel like a chore that takes up too much time. By opting to spend a few minutes a day cleaning, you're breaking it down into bitesize chunks. That allows you to spend most of your time sans rubber gloves.

As an example, you could dedicate Monday to the kitchen, Tuesday to the floors, Wednesday to the laundry, and Thursday to the dusting. Doing all of the boring tasks on a rotating basis will not only keep your house in tip-top shape. Plus, it will give you a greater sense of wellbeing. After all, who enjoys having a messy home? No one, that's who.

Of course, there are some daily cleaning tasks that have to be done, like loading the dishwasher and putting the kitchen back together after cooking. Sadly, we don't have a hack for that–that's just being an adult.

Do you have a special cleaning system that you adhere to? Let us know in the comments!

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