20 Side Quests In Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time That You Probably Forgot About

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is one of the greatest games of all time. It not only proved to be a huge success with plenty of critical acclaim, but it also revolutionized the industry. Almost all modern action-adventure and role-playing games owe it a debt of gratitude, using the groundwork it laid to build upon and expand upon.

One of the main influences it had was the open world of Hyrule that players could explore. Although it was not particularly large or detailed as those you can experience today, it gave players a freedom that wasn’t possible before. You could tackle the quests at your pleasure and even take part in a variety of optional side quests. Some of which you probably forgot all about as completing them is not necessary to finish the game.

20 Helping The Fabulous Five Froggish Tenors

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The Fabulous Five Froggish Tenors are a group of signing frogs that can be found at Zora's River in Ocarina of Time. Playing the ocarina near them will start a mini-game where you have to match notes to when the frogs jump. They will later ask Link for help in eating butterflies by playing the ocarina again. Completing both tasks will reward the player with two pieces of heart.

19 Befriending Epona

Befriending Epona
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It is entirely possible that you have played through Ocarina of Time without realizing that actually taming Epona is entirely optional. To complete the game you do not need to obtain the horse. While Epona can be used to get over the broken bridge in Gerudo, players can also use the Longshot, meaning that getting her is actually a side quest.

18 Lifting The Curse From The House of Skulltula

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The House of Skulltula is a family home in Kakariko Village that is filled with hideous spider-human monsters. Speaking to the leader of the family will reveal that they were all cursed and that you can only free them by killing Gold Skulltulas and collecting their tokens. These creatures are hidden all around Hyrule and most players will never have found all of them.

17 Playing Scarecrow's Song

Playing Scarecrow's Song
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When in his young form, Link can travel to Lake Hylia and talk to the scarecrow there. Bonooru will then ask the player to play a song on their ocarina. Playing the same song when in adult form to the scarecrow will unlock Scarecrow's Song. This can be played at various points in the overworld to summon another scarecrow called Pierre. Using a Longshot, it is possible to use Pierre to reach normally inaccessible areas.

16 Finding The Great Fairy Fountain Locations

Finding The Great Fairy Fountain Locations
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Ocarina of Time contains six hidden Great Fairy Fountain. Located in different areas around Hyrule, each of them contains a Great Fairy that will give the player a special reward. These include enhanced defense and Din’s Fire, which are not necessary to complete the game but will make combat and certain obstacles easier.

15 Racing The Running Man

Racing The Running Man
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It is possible to race the Running Man in Ocarina of Time. The side quest unlocks once the carpenters have repaired the bridge in Gerudo. He will race you through Hyrule Field from the tent in Gerudo back to the bridge just out of Kokiri Forest. Yet, it is never possible to beat him as his time will always be one second faster than whatever Link sets.

14 Obtaining Biggoron's Sword

Obtaining Biggoron's Sword
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Obtaining the Biggoron's Sword is done by completing the Trading Quest in Ocarina of Time. Players must trade various items with different people in Hyrule, until they eventually get a claim check. They can then take this to Biggoron. The giant Goron will then create the gigantic sword and give it to the player, although it cannot be used with a shield as it requires two hands to hold.

13 Completing Master Quest

Completing Master Quest
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Master Quest is a reworked version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It changes the design of the dungeons in the game to make them far more difficult to beat. While it is not available in the original game, several later versions have included it as a bonus to play through. There’s no reward for doing so but it does provide an extra challenge.

12 Finding All The Heart Pieces

Finding All The Heart Pieces
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Heart Pieces are an important item in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. If four of them are collected it will add a new Heart Container to the player’s total health. There are a total of 36 Heart Pieces scattered throughout Hyrule, meaning it is impossible to increase your maximum health by nine hearts.

11 Beating The Gerudo Training Ground

Beating The Gerudo Training Ground
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The Gerudo Training Ground is a side quest that can be found right near the end of the game. The optional dungeon becomes accessible after you obtain the Gerudo Token within Gerudo's Fortress. After completing a series of obstacles, puzzles, and traps, the player will be rewarded with Ice Arrows.

10 Upgrading Your Wallet

Upgrading Your Wallet
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It is possible to upgrade your wallet two times during the main story. Killing 10 Gold Skulltula and collecting their tokens will give access to the Adult’s Wallet at the House of Skulltula. After collecting 30 of those tokens, the third son in the house will give the player the Giant’s Wallet. This will increase the total amount of rupees that Link can carry to 500.

9 Planting The Magic Beans

Planting The Magic Beans
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Magic beans can be obtained from a person known as the Bean Seller. He can be found near Zora’s River and will sell the beans to Link. These beans can then be planted in special soft soil locations located throughout Hyrule. Returning to these places in the future as adult Link will reveal that giant leaves have grown. They can then be used to transport Link to otherwise inaccessible locations.

8 Catching The Hylian Loach

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Fishing is one of the more relaxing activities that players can do in Ocarina of Time. Once the Fishing Pond at Lake Hylia is unlocked, it is possible to catch a variety of fish of different sizes. Yet, the Hylian Loach will only appear after Link has re-entered the pond four times and paid the fishing fee each time. The player can then use the Sinking Lure to catch the extra-large fish and get a reward of 50 rupees for doing so.

7 Getting The Stone Of Agony

Getting The Stone Of Agony
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The Stone of Agony is another item that can be obtained from the House of Skulltula in Kakariko Village. Collecting 20 Gold Skulltula tokens and taking them to the second son in the building, he will give Link the Stone of Agony. It will then help the player find secret locations in the world by causing the controller to vibrate when you are near them.

6 Collecting Every Bottle

Collecting Every Bottle
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Glass bottles are very important items in Ocarina of Time. They can be used to hold liquids such as milk and potions as well as magic fairies or fish. The player technically only needs one bottle to complete the main quest. However, there are four that can be obtained. Completing various mini-games and collecting Big Poe Souls will reward the player with extra bottles.

5 Playing All The Mini-Games

Playing All The Mini-Games
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On top of the normal side quests, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time also has a collection of mini-games. Completing them or beating a high score will often reward the player with special items that they cannot find in the world. Almost all of them are also entirely optional. Some examples include the Shooting Gallery, the Super Cucco Game, and Bombchu Bowling.

4 The Happy Mask Salesman Quest

The Happy Mask Salesman Quest
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The Happy Mask Salesman Quest has to be completed in order to progress through the main story. However, once you sell the Bunny Hood to the Running Man, four other masks become available to use. These include the Mask of Truth and the Goron Mask. Although they don’t offer a reward, wearing them allows you to learn extra secrets about Hyrule and get new dialogue options.

3 The Lon Lon Ranch Time Trial

Lon Lon Rach Time Trial
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Once the player obtains Epona, it is possible to take part in a special race at Lon Lon Ranch. It is a time trial event where you have to beat a time set by Malon herself. Although the course is not any different from the one used for the race against Ingo, it can provide you with a cow for your house in Kokiri Forest if beaten.

2 Discovering All The Gossip Stones

Discovering All The Gossip Stones
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If Link is wearing the Mask of Truth when he speaks to a Gossip Stone it will reveal a secret. These are usually pieces of trivia about Hyrule or some of the people that live there. There are several scattered throughout the world and finding them with the mask provides extra lore and backstory that wouldn’t otherwise be available.

1 Getting The Deku Nut Upgrade

Getting The Deku Nut Upgrade
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Many people might never have been aware that you could upgrade the Deku Nute. This would allow you to carry more of the item. To get it, players had to find a secret grotto in the Forest Stage. If they put on the Mask of Truth once there, the Deku Scrubs would reward the player with the upgrade.

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