10 Shows That Are Ruining Netflix (And 10 That Might Save Them)

For several years, Netflix has been proving itself as a network to watch when it comes to its original content. Netflix has had a lot of success with its original programming – both movies and television series. But its TV shows are perhaps where the streaming service has really hit a home run.

Netflix has managed to keep its members happy by offering unique, interesting and fun programs that aren't available anywhere else. The streaming platform has released dozens of new series and movies this year, and while some have received critical acclaim, others have been dubbed a total flop. It's uncertain how long Netflix can keep spending money without turning a profit, but paying for sub-standard shows certainly won't help their economic situation in the long run. Here are 10 shows that are ruining Netflix, and 10 that might save them.

20 Ruining Netflix: Chambers

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On the supernatural horror series "Chambers," a young woman begins to experience paranormal terrors after she survives a near-death experience and receives a heart transplant. Chambers is filled with well-worn genre tropes. Most will feel they've seen this before, and those new to such substandard beyond-the-grave stuff will wish they'd never clicked play.

19 Might Save Netflix: Hyperdrive

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Charlize Theron is one of the executive producers of Hyperdrive - she even makes a guest appearance. The show is a mix of American Ninja Warrior, The Fast and the Furious, some reality show elements, and a chance of injury or even death. Basically, Netflix rounded up drivers from around the world to see who can make it through a giant death trap obstacle course in the fastest time.

18 Ruining Netflix: What/If

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The Netflix series "What/If" serves as an anthology with a moral lesson at the heart of every episode. The thriller stars Renee Zellweger, Jane Levy, and Blake Jenner and dissects the meaning of life and whether people have free will or are driven by fate. Zellweger's stint on a series was not well-received by critics, who felt the show's script was a mess.

17 Might Save Netflix: Criminal

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“Criminal,” is set in four different European countries, and each episode is focused on a different fictional case. Almost the entirety of each one is spent in an interrogation room, or sometimes behind a two-way mirror with observing investigators, rather than out hunting for clues. While the clock is ticking, the detectives try to extract critical information from suspects.

16 Ruining Netflix: Huge In France

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In this Netflix comedy series, Gad Elmaleh stars as a satirical version of himself. Desperate for a relationship with his son, Elmaleh moves to Los Angeles and finds that America is far less forgiving than his native France. The show is nothing new and totally unoriginal, we've seen this formula a million times before - and more often than not, they're better than Huge In France.

15 Might Save Netflix: The Politician

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In Ryan Murphy’s first original series for Netflix, we meet Payton Hobart, an overachiever desperate to become the student body president at any cost. He imagines this will lead to Harvard and then, eventually, the White House. As the adopted son of a billionaire and his trophy wife, Payton expects his privilege to do all the work for him — but the election campaign doesn’t quite go as planned.

14 Ruining Netflix: Insatiable

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This show is so bad that we haven't even bothered to check it out ourselves - we've never heard a single good thing about it. Insatiable was easily one of the worst shows of 2018 - in fact, it was so bad, there was a petition for Netflix to remove it that went viral earlier in the year.

13 Might Save Netflix: Mindhunter

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In 1977, the agents of the FBI face an unfamiliar kind of criminal: The serial killer, whose crimes have no basis in reason as far as the agency can see. Agent Holden Ford believes that, with enough research, the FBI can make sense of the seemingly senseless violence. The second season is a story about failure, but it's also still a story about hoping the hero will catch the bad guy.

12 Ruining Netflix: Marvel's Iron Fist

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Seeing as the second season has been released, you'd think that Iron Fist would be highly rated. However, it seems that the opposite is true. Netflix has had quite some success with other Marvel shows, and when you compare them, Iron Fist falls short. People called that the show "bland", and seeing as it didn't meet anyone's standards, it has now been canceled.

11 Might Save Netflix: The Spy

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“The Spy” dramatizes the life of the Mossad operative Eli Cohen and his undercover work in Syria in the 1960s. Scenes alternate between Cohen’s past, when he was recruited by Israeli intelligence, and present, where he's establishing connections with Syrian politicians and officials to gain access to state and military secrets. There is so much paranoia that even the most innocent exchanges pulsate with tension and menace.

10 Ruining Netflix: Disjointed

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Disjointed follows the daily life of cannabis legend Ruth Feldman as she is running a marijuana dispensary. We're almost certain the show was meant to be watched only by those who engage in recreational cannabis use. They do attempt to shed some light on the benefits of medical marijuana, but they did such a poor job, that it will confuse the unaware and turn away the converted.

9 Might Save Netflix: The End of the F***ing World

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It seems unlikely that a story about a teenage psychopath traveling with the girl he intends to kill could be funny, or even touching. Somehow, The End of the F***ing World manages to be both. Alyssa convinces James to run away with her across England. They get into bizarre situations while James plots to kill her. Dark, funny, and one of the most unique shows on Netflix.

8 Ruining Netflix: Sick Note

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Having a questionable sense of humor is fine, however, Sick Note takes things to a new level of seriously messed up. There's some major talent on board, including Lindsay Lohan and Rupert Grint, but the premise of the show is faking cancer so the people in your life will take pity on you and stick around. Those without morals may find the show funny, otherwise, give it a miss.

7 Might Save Netflix: Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

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The tragic passing of Anthony Bourdain led a lot of viewers to his food and travel shows, revealing the depth of his charm. Bourdain’s appeal was in his fearlessness and his belief that seeing the world made life more vibrant. This show won five Emmys and ran for twelve seasons on CNN. Five of them (7-11) are currently on Netflix.

6 Ruining Netflix: 13 Reasons Why

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The controversial teen drama is coming back, for better or worse, after season two saw the rest of the cast explore life without Hannah Baker. The show and Netflix have both received much hate for glorifying things such as mental health issues, suicide, school shootings, etc... You're probably better off skipping this one.

5 Might Save Netflix: American Vandal

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A brilliant spoof of true crime documentaries that also serves as a clever commentary on teen life in the digital age. The first season — about a vandal who spraypaints male appendages on all the cars in the faculty parking lot — is arguably funnier than the feces-focused second year, but they both have value. And a lot of laughs. Netflix has apparently axed the show, but it's still worth watching.

4 Ruining Netflix: Santa Clarita Diet

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As soon as we heard the premise of Santa Clarita Diet, we loved it, and it got even better when we learned that Drew Barrymore would star in the show. A suburban couple who tries to survive while the wife turns into a zombie and eats humans? Sounds like a totally binge-worthy show, right? Wrong! It was so boring, many people were surprised that it even got a second season.

3 Might Save Netflix: I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson

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From the mind of former "SNL"-alum Tim Robinson, " I Think You Should Leave" is a sketch-comedy show filled with goofy vignettes, over-the-top characters, and an endless amount of quotable lines - making one of the funniest shows on Netflix. Critic Stuart Heritage for The Guardian: "It is single-handedly going to revive sketch comedy from the wet, wet mud."

2 Ruining Netflix: Fuller House

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When Netflix announced they were bringing back Full House, audiences were ecstatic. A lot of people grew up with the show and wanted to watch it with their own kids. There's a problem with Fuller House though. The show was created for fans of the original, making it difficult to fully understand the characters and plot if they haven't seen it - turning some people off of it for good.

1 Might Save Netflix: Stranger Things

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Earning 31 Emmy awards, Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror series that packs a real punch. Stranger Things follows a group of high school kids as they undercover mysterious going’s on inside a National Laboratory in their home town. The Lab claims to be researching for the US Department of energy, but instead, it has a secret paranormal agenda! Make some popcorn and just binge-watch it.

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