She’s Dated Over 100 Men: Here’s 22 Things On Her Ideal Male Checklist

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She’s Dated Over 100 Men: Here’s 22 Things On Her Ideal Male Checklist

Dating is hella hard. In the beginning, you’re not sure what you want, so you date to figure it out, and end up getting a few lame dates in the process. As you get older and really start to narrow in on your interests and determine what you don’t want, dating becomes challenging for an entirely different reason: you become picky. While being picky only means that you’ve finally developed a set of standards for yourself, it also means that you’re choosing from slim pickings, making it so much easier to learn to embrace the single life (or cry from perpetual loneliness).

For lingerie model, Jade Ainsworth, she’s publicized her set of dating standards on the show First Dates with a twenty-two point checklist that men must meet before she’ll welcome him in to her life as a potential partner. And after dating over one hundred men in her thirty-three years of life, she knows a thing or two about what she wants.

With her hectic work schedule that keeps her occupied seven days a week, she says that she “doesn’t have time to mess around”. Jade has remained single for four years, primarily due to the fact that she refuses to budge on her extensive and contradictory checklist that will land her the perfect man. And while some may say it’s healthy to have a list, since it asserts your self worth and a refusal to settle, some of the items on hers are a little out there. 

It’s possible that some people may identify with of her long list of requirements, but we’ll let you be the judge of these relationship demands.

22. No Snorers


Before anyone starts jumping down this girl’s throat for writing off someone for their inability to control their snoring, just stop. This is a pretty great mandatory to have on a dating checklist, because there is nothing quite as annoying as trying to sleep next to a chronic snorer. As we all know, sleep is important to maintain beauty, but also your sanity. And if Jade wants to prioritize her mental and physical health while finding an ideal male suitor, we don’t blame her. Snoring is not sexy, but even worse than its attractiveness is its ability to make any gal cranky AF day after day. If you want to find a partner that you’ll be catching some Zzz’s with on the daily, considering this as a make or break rule is just plain important.

21. No Pensioners


Yes, you read that right. Jade has a strict policy against dating anyone who is collecting a pension. While that may seem like an understandable rule, since many pension collectors are retired, it would have been just as simple for her to have “No Elderly” on the list, instead of writing off a segment of men who live off an income that is provided by the government. The best reason we can muster for her being super specific as to avoid men who can no longer work is because their income is usually set for the remainder of their life, and that income is usually pretty low. And as we’ll learn in some of her other dating requirements, she’s not about to settle with a guy who doesn’t have money. Not only that, but it’s likely that anyone younger than the age of retirement who is collecting a pension is usually not in the greatest of health.

20. No One With A Wife Or Girlfriend


This is just good sense (and possibly one of the more respectable items on her extensive list). Not dating a man who is with another woman is a pretty great standard to have, since it’s not cool to compete for your man’s affections (not to mention constantly be worried about STD’s or ruining a marriage – or worse, a family). Playing second fiddle to another woman is pretty demeaning, and it also speaks more about you if you choose to be the girl who is desperate enough to share her man. Well, it also speaks a lot about the dude you’re dating! If he’s willing to see two women at once, when will the time come that he gets bored with one (or both!) and moves on to someone else? If a man can’t commit and if his number one priority is not you, then he’s not worth it.

19. No Minors


Alright, this one is a pretty sensible requirement, too. After all, Jade is no cradle robber, and at thirty-three years of age, there’s no way that she’d have anything in common with a guy who’s more than a decade her junior. If a man can’t even pay for her drink at the bar, then why keep him around? Not to mention the most obvious factor of it being hella illegal. You’d think that dating minors would not even be worth mentioning on a checklist of dating requirements, since it should just be a normal response to a potential date: NO. DATING. MINORS. But in Jade’s case, she felt it was important enough to include on her list. Maybe it’s simply acting as a reminder for her to avoid pursuing the young, fun, and energetic men with plenty of stamina? “No Jade, it’s not worth it. Put it on the list!”

18. Someone With Banter


Alright, so this one is catching us completely off guard. Banter? Really? Banter is a really hard thing to define or even spot in a person, so how can it be listed as a requirement? It’s not like you can immediately figure out their ability to be witty or kid around during that first date (well, sometimes you could), so you’d really have to string him along before a skill like this could be realized. Like, what if she gave up on a super worthy man because he didn’t bust out the repartee during their dinner and evening cocktails? Does that mean he gets the boot? How many men has she abandoned for not meeting this obscure, yet essential, item on her list? Also, who can adapt to that level of pressure on a first date (or throughout the relationship) if the guy happened to be aware of her off-the-wall need to participate in some entertaining banter? The stress would be too much to handle!

17. No Shorties


At 5ft 7in., this lingerie model is slightly above the average height for women. And as a tall female, dating anyone who is way shorter than her – like a small person – seems like an understandable, albeit superficial, request in a potential partner. With this requirement, Jade is writing off a man’s personality and other aspects to prioritize a man’s build. She is fully endorsing looks over love, but it’s also possible that her engine just doesn’t get revved up by men who are low to the ground. Whatever her reason to actually write this down and have it act as evidence to support just how shallow she can be, we have to give her credit for having the balls to refuse to date this type of minority. But with a lifestyle like hers, she’s simply setting standards for herself that are typically unspoken among other women.

16. No One Unemployed


To support her other requirement of not dating anyone who collects a pension, she is also adamant about dating someone who is employed (and we’re guessing that type of employment includes hospitals, law firms, or other careers in highly paid industries). The bottom line of this dating prerequisite is that she doesn’t want to be with a man who is lazy. While the girl does love to be with a man who is quick to drop hundies on her, she just can’t settle for someone who is living off their daddy’s trust fund or waiting around to inherit a multi-million dollar company. The girl wants a man who has drive and a passion for his career, or at the very least, has a life outside of his home. Since she is also a working gal, she needs someone to relate to when she’s had a long, exhausting day.

15. Someone That Can Socialize


An ability to socialize is one that is arguably pretty key for an extroverted woman like Jade. Since she is social both online and in public, any partner must be able to keep up with her fast-paced, “popular” lifestyle. Otherwise, her partner is just going to fall by the wayside as she continues to hit up the bars, restaurants, and other places that allow her to snap Insta pics with all her friends. Having a social boyfriend is important because it means that neither person has to adapt to one another’s lifestyle. If he was a homebody, it would never work out since Jade is a person who is always on the go. It could also mean that he would feel neglected or jealous of her continuing to live the life she intended, without him by her side. Overall, having a socially adept date is a pretty bang-on need for Jade and her eventful life.

14. Someone Who Can Drive Properly


A man who can drive (as in, he has a licence and a car) has long been a hopeful requirement for women everywhere when it comes to dating. After all, it changes everything when you can depend on your man to get you from point A to point B, even if you can drive yourself. Just knowing that he is qualified to get behind the wheel is targeting two basic instincts for women: the desire to feel safe and protected, and the ability to trust the man you’re with. It’s also hella sexy when a man drives. Between the competence it requires and seeing him in control, it can be a real turn on. It’s also adorable when a man picks you up for a date in a vehicle that he is not only intelligent enough to operate, but that he worked and paid for himself.

13. No Relationship Rules Or Restrictions


Okay, how hypocritical is she being with this dating requirement? She doesn’t want any rules or restrictions in her dating life, and yet she’s created this long list of “must haves” when it comes to the men she dates, and one of the items on her list is for her man to not date other women! Without dating rules or restrictions, wouldn’t the ability to see or be with other partners fall under that category? We’re so confused by this one, because it just seems as if she is wanting her cake and eating it, too. It’s all about her and her needs, and that means that any man she chooses to date must adapt to her relationship rules, and not vice versa. For the man who agrees to date her, he must be willing to accept the fact that with Jade, there are no compromises.

12. Someone That’s Not Controlling


Another one on her list that has us scratching our heads is her refusal to date anyone controlling. Like, of course, no woman wants to be controlled in a relationship, but c’mon! She’s completely calling the shots when it comes to dating and in becoming controlling herself. Which basically indicates that she wants a man who is submissive, but instead of listing that as a requirement (because she knows it just makes her look like a controlling b*tch) she chose the hypocritical way out. But we can see what game she’s playing! While refusing to date a controlling person is pretty healthy (because women should assert their independence), we can’t say the same about the man who bends over and takes her subtle request to be the dictator in the relationship.

11. Someone Easygoing


Going back to basics, Jade has come down to earth with this sweet and chill request for her future man. An easygoing mate is definitely something positive to look out for while playing the dating game, especially since it means that any partner of hers probably won’t be prone to overreacting, having shocking or harsh opinions, an unwillingness to change, or an annoyance over the fact that his girlfriend poses in skimpy lingerie on the daily. An easygoing man indicates that he probably won’t get jealous over her lifestyle, career, or the comments of male strangers hitting up her social media accounts. It also is a good sign that her man will know how to have fun and won’t take life too seriously, so she better avoid dating someone who is too obsessed with their career. It’s all about balance, people!

10. Someone Who Doesn’t Live With Their Parents


For a woman in her early thirties, this is a rule that is pretty expected, tbh. While living with your folks may be acceptable in your twenties, it’s not the greatest of signs when a grown man in his thirties is living off their parents. If a man hasn’t gotten his life together to work and live on his own by that age, there’s a good chance that he’s not mature, intelligent, or emotionally stable enough to take care of himself. It also probably means that he wouldn’t know how to live on his own if given the chance. When it comes to the basics of life, like cleaning or cooking, he’s probably not very capable of performing such tasks. It’s also extremely weird to navigate around his folks while returning from a date. No thank you!

9. No Baggage


Going hand-in-hand with living with your parents, having some sort of baggage is usually the catalyst for having to return home in the first place. Whether it’s due to being unable to afford a place while paying child support, recovering after a job loss, or recovering after a divorce, it’s takes some pretty heavy life circumstances to have gotten someone to this place. And while it’s easy to list things like “No Kids” or “No Widowers” on this list, “baggage” covers so many more bases, like a criminal record, stalkers, or three ex wives. That being said, no one is perfect, and we’re not sure what Jade’s idea of baggage actually covers. For all we know, it could mean having a pet at home who depends on him.

8. Someone Who Can Drink


Yeah, we get it. From Jade’s Instagram account, it’s clear as day that this girl is prone to enjoying the odd cocktail (or four), which is why it’s understandable that this requirement would be on her list. Obviously enjoying liquor is important to her, as is dating a man who can keep up with her during a night on the town, which is why it’s made her checklist. And while it may not be necessary for him to down drink after drink alongside of her, it certainly is important that he can hold his own among other cocktail-enthusiasts. It’s also probably best that he don’t act like a belligerent fool who overdoes it during happy hour. Basically, all Jade is looking for is a man who knows how to keep it classy and doesn’t turn up his nose to straight bourbon.

7. No Smokers


FINALLY! A rule we can all get on board with. Smoking is so not sexy. In fact, it’s downright disgusting. Jade knows that smoking is not cool, which is why she’s prioritized her own health and the health of her potential suitor by refusing to kiss a walking ashtray on the regular. Aside from the awful smell that lingers on their breath and any fabric they wear, it also poisons him slowly, which will directly affect the length of their relationship. But all in all, it’s annoying AF when you have to wait for your man to finish his cancer stick in the cold while you’re about to do anything together. Jade may be a tad superficial, but at least she’s got her priorities straight when it comes to this rule (which is not surprisingly a very common item on most dating checklists).

6. No Steroids


While it’s a slightly unconventional request on a dating checklist, and maybe even a tad surprising that many others have neglected to consider this item, dating a man who doesn’t use steroids is a little shocking, if only for the fact that it went over all our heads. Because of course  a woman wouldn’t want her man to be hopped up on steroids. It’s unnatural and turns him into an aggressive beast who can’t get it up. It also heavily speaks of a man’s insecurities, and that’s definitely something that women just don’t have time for. One of the worst things a woman should have to do is cater to a man’s ego. And while it’s important to support and compliment your man, his insecurities shouldn’t be the elephant in the room that you have to constantly be aware of.

5. No Tattoos


This little rule is one that we just completely don’t get. First of all, tattoos are hella sexy, and while we might be a little biased, it shows a desire for self-expression and an appreciation of art. However, to each their own. If Jade is turned off by body ink, that’s her prerogative and we can’t judge what one woman finds (or doesn’t find) attractive. If no tattoos is a strict rule for her, than cool, but it’s probably going to be darn challenging to find a man without one. It seems that everyone nowadays is drawn to the needle to express their interests and passions across their body, so locating a bare-skinned male in this day in age might be difficult, especially if they also need to meet her other unexpected dating requirements.

4. Someone With A Low Desire For Intimacy


Wait, what? Seriously? Jade is requesting a man with a LOW libido? If this is what she’s looking for, then why is she so against a man who uses steroids? It’s common knowledge that the performance enhancing drug lowers a man’s desire, so why the double-standard? If her ideal man includes one that is a healthy, non-smoker and who is easygoing, lives on his own, and enjoys a drink every now and then, then how can she expect him to NOT want to get all up in her grill on the regular? Especially since she’s a hella bangin’ lingerie model! That’s just mean, and is totally something that just won’t happen when it comes to dating Jade. He might lie and says he’s not in the mood, but really he’s just holding out for the day that she is ready, because who wouldn’t want the opportunity to get with this chick, even if the events are few and far between?

3. No One Miserable


Alright, well this is entirely similar to her request for someone easygoing, but we can see some differences with this list item. For one, no woman wants to be dragged down by a man who has a negative perspective on the world, or whose only source of happiness stems from being with her. A positive outlook is super important to maintain in any relationship, or else an uplifted partner will be slowly brought down to their depressive nature. We have to hand it to her, this is one dating requirement that is a smart one for any woman to realize. If you’re with a miserable person, it is very difficult to enjoy the relationship, otherwise you’ll constantly be trying to elevate their mood, with zero success. Jade is simply looking out for herself by avoiding the “Negative Ned’s” of the world.

2. No One With A Psycho Ex


This one is laughable because we totally believe that Jade is probably entirely capable of being that psycho ex. But even so, she’s offering a list item that is supportive of her other requirement of her man to not have any baggage. However, this one is deserving of its own point on the checklist, perhaps because she’s had some experience in this realm before? While it’s not acceptable to demand your man to not have any exes at all, it might be kind of difficult to decipher whether or not any of them are “psycho”. Is this something you ask on the first date, or do you slowly discover it after you’ve learned to love this man and then dump him upon discovery? We’d really love to know the process that Jade takes in making sure these list items hold up.

1. No One Who Is Tight


To wrap up her list of twenty-two items on her dating checklist, Jade makes a point of clarifying her need for a man who can cater to her luxurious lifestyle. He can’t be stingy when it comes to dinners, gift giving, or handing over his credit card for her to buy designer clothes or cosmetics. Basically, if he’s not willing to shell out for an exotic vacation or be the one to regularly pay for dinners at the country club, then he is just not worth having around. He has to be willing to buy tickets to first-class parties, order the fancy wine during dinner, and pay thousands to golf with her daddy on weekends. Without that desire to spend his hard-earned dollars, he may as well move on to the next lingerie model, because he ain’t getting none of that.


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