Shapr: A New Networking App For Career-Minded Women

There is an app for everything these days, including networking to help further a career.

Shapr is a new networking app every career-minded woman will soon not be able to live without. The app is straightforward; all you have to do is swipe. It's like Bumble or Tinder for those who are looking to make professional connections.

Swipe right for those people who you would like to network and have a conversation with. For those who don't interest you, swipe left, and they will disappear out of view. Obviously, you have to sign up for the app to use it, but those who have LinkedIn can use that login, which will then autofill a majority of your information. Never fear though, you can always edit the details if you need to, even with the auto fill option.

Shapr is more of a communication tool. There is no reaching out to make a connection because it was already made by swiping right, as opposed to LinkedIn. Shapr even provides a tab listing the best ways to meet. This is so helpful because users can pick beforehand where they want a network meeting to take place.

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Another good thing about Shapr is that it will provide users with a list of possible connections that they might want to develop based on one's specified industry on a daily basis. Once a match is made, the conversation can begin immediately, which is fantastic because by the time you decide if you want to meet in person you will feel more comfortable. Plus, it is location specific, so only those that live within your area will be possible connections.

Shapr is designed to feel like a community. Everyone on it is looking to hone his or her own skills or craft. It is all about expanding your network base and, let's be honest, we could all use help in that area! Plus, the app is free to download so there is no excuse to not at least test it out for a couple of weeks. But, you are still technically meeting someone online, so make sure your first in-person conversation is in a public place.

Have you tried Shapr? If so, what did you think of the app? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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