Shaolin Monks Have Shared Their Top Tips For Staying Youthful

As someone famous once said, staying young is an inside job. It’s not just fish oil and collagen supplements we're talking about, but the right state of mind, which, according to Shaolin monks is just as important to ward off grey hairs.

And their advice is yours to take, because, come on…Who doesn’t like Shaolin monks?

So enjoy these small grains of Chinese wisdom that are just so diametrically opposite from everything we have been hardwired to believe.

Don’t think too muchIf you look older than your actual age, you might be overanalyzing your relationships, friendships, and your life in general. Τhe western world has likened wisdom to endless hours of thinking, but Buddhists monks apparently disagree.

Don’t talk too muchTalking is like thinking, it requires your energy. Unless there’s a professional reason to do so, place your focus on your actions rather than your words. Shaolin monks believe that people either do or say. So be thrifty with your precious energy.When you are happy, you must control your feelingsHappiness doesn’t mean screaming on top of your lungs or rolling on the grass like a puppy. Not only this will hurt your lung energy, but your happiness will not last long.

When you work, make sure to take a 10-minute break every 40 minutesThis means your body needs around one-and-a-half-hour break in total during your 8-hour working day. Are you getting enough rest?

Don’t overeatA slight feeling of hunger is beneficial and keeps you younger and more alert. There’s no need to reach for a snack every time the stomach feels light.

Resist feelings of anger and worryIt doesn't take a Shaolin monk to tell you that walking around with an angry or worried face all the time doesn’t make you feel or look any younger.

Don’t rush thingsMultitasking and doing things faster are seen as signs of competence nowadays. But if you want to look younger, “hasten slowly and ye shall soon arrive”.

Exercise in a way that keeps your Yin and Yang in balanceWe all know that people who exercise regularly look younger. But it is important to stretch and relax your body after strenuous exercise to balance your inner energies.

Finally, like a proper Shaolin monk, practice the ancient art of Kung Fu!


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