Shakira Charged With Complicated Case Of Tax Evasion In Spain

Famous singer and songwriter Shakira is allegedly being charged with tax evasion by prosecutors in Spain.

According to the Huffington Post, the prosecution is trying to charge her with this since she allegedly didn't pay around 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014.

All that matters at this point in time is if there is enough evidence for this to go to trial and that's going to be decided by a magistrate. The argument may also be made that she officially moved to Spain in 2015, therefore she cannot be responsible for taxes in a place that she wasn't residing within. According to Leadership, the prosecutors said that she was living within Spain during those years but actually had her official residence listed elsewhere.  Despite that, the situation can be seen as ironic because the move was supposedly done for tax purposes.

Officials are trying to go after her global income, which would obviously be far more than that generated in Spain alone. This would explain the large amount that is apparently unpaid.

Via Sky News

Representatives for the pop-star did not make a comment on the incident.

There is some good and bad to this. While it's good that Spain wants people to follow its laws, it might be bad that they're going after someone with such a high profile, however, this doesn't mean that she might be let off, she did allegedly violate the law. With that in mind, at the very least, she'll be ordered to pay the 14.5 million euros. In terms of her audience likely not being so happy about it, they might even go ahead and try to protest any decision that isn't in her favor, but the law is the law and no amount of protest will set her above it.

Other than that, it's odd to hear about large figures in the entertainment industry that are up for charges due to tax evasion. It does, however, happen from time to time. In recent years apparently, football stars have been accused of tax-dodging in Spain.

All in all, this doesn't seem like it's going to be an easy court case to win for either side. It's certainly going to fall under the category of the technical and confusing court cases. So, it might boil down to how the laws are actually written but this cannot be confirmed as of yet.


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