20 Sketchy Things People Ignore About Neil Patrick Harris

People have adored actor Neil Patrick Harris for generations. If you are in your thirties and forties, you likely watched him on the hit television show, Doogie Houser, MD. ER, Grey's Anatomy? Yeah, they can all thank Doogie for his groundbreaking show too. Harris was a bit of a pioneer in the medical drama television genre.

If you are in your twenties and thirties, then you likely watched him play Barney on How I Met Your Mother. As we said, people have been watching NPH for decades, and there is a lot to love about this guy. He has supported human rights and been open and candid about marriage and parenthood. He has also earned some of the highest accolades in the entertainment industry.

On paper, Doogie is darn near perfect, but that doesn't mean that he is without skeletons in his closet. Here are twenty shady things about Neil Patrick Harris that people often ignore.

20 He Social Media Shaded Rachel Bloom

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At the 2018 Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris put a social media comment into the universe questioning who on Earth Rachel Bloom was? This didn't go over very well, considering Bloom and NPH are not strangers. They have met on several occasions, and Bloom's husband worked on Neil's show How I Met Your Mother for several years.

19 He Comes Unprepared To Rehearsals

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At least, according to Patti Lupone, he does! Lupone claimed that the star fumbled through his rehearsal lines in the 2011 production of Company. She contended that Harris came to production practice unprepared and when she called him out for it, he had a bit of a tantrum, and Lupone ended up storming off of the set.

18 Dustin Diamond Called Him Out On His Super-Sized Ego

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At least one celebrity claims that Neil Patrick Harris has a giant ego to go with his enormous acting career, and it isn't exactly becoming. Take this one with a grain of salt, though, considering the tattling celeb is Dustin Diamond. He claims that NPH thinks he is too big for his britches.

17 He And Scott Caan Had Beef

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This one is bizarre because it involved Neil Patrick Harris and a WOMAN, as well as an almost-physical altercation between NPH and another dude. The story goes, Harris and actor Scott Caan nearly threw down because NPH was with an ex of Caan's. Physically beefing with someone in the industry is always going to be looked down upon.

16 When He Verbally Threw Down With James Woods

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Long story short: James Woods publically commented on a family friend of Harris's who happened to be raising a gender-neutral child. Neil Patrick Harris had some thoughts on those particular comments made by Woods. Woods fired back and put NPH in his place, stating that no one has more gender-fluid friends than he.

15 He Insulted Jason Mewes

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Neil Patrick Harris made more social media comments about his Jay and Silent Bob co-star Jason Mewes saying that he was a "mess of a guy." Mewes's pal, filmmaker Kevin Smith, came to his defense saying NPH was displaying serious ignorance. Neil later publically apologized for his words.

14 He Is Addicted To Red Bull


Well, that isn't exactly a healthy thing to be obsessed with. It seems that Red Bull gives Harris the wings he needs to juggle marriage, parenthood, and his entertainment career. He revealed that he drinks at least two Red Bulls per day. The energy drink might give consumers a boost, but it also comes with a lot of side effects.

13 When It Comes To Parenting, He Is The Bad Cop

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One parent in every family ends up being the heavy, and it seems that NPH is the dad that ends up being the bad cop to his twins. People jumped down his throat when he was seen disciplining his twins on the streets of New York. While some people called him, "The Parent From Hell," those of us with kids are just going to call him a parent.

12 He Is Kind Of Cheap

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Neil Patrick Harris is a wealthy guy to be sure, but that doesn't mean that he is necessarily a big spender. NPH doesn't like to spend money on home decor. Even with a million-dollar home, he keeps his furniture simple. Why? One word: kids. The actor also detests spending big bucks on Broadway tickets.

11 He Was Way More Into His Husband Than His Husband Was Into Him

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For Neil Patrick Harris, it was love at first sight when he spotted his future spouse, David Burka.  Burtka took a little bit more convincing, however. When the pair first met, Burka was in a long-distance relationship with someone else. Over time, however, his admiration for Doogie grew, and the couple has been together ever since.

10 At First, He Didn't Love Being A Father

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Does Neil Patrick Harris love his twins? Of course, he does! Harris adores his children but has been honest about his parenting journey. He has openly discussed the trials of parenthood, saying that he really didn't love the first nine months of his children's lives. It took some time for NPH to feel bonded to his children and recover from the constant sleep deprivation.

9 He And His Husband Struggle With Communication

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Getting on the same page in a relationship is tough, and Harris has said that he and Burtka often struggle with communication. Same pal. Same. Being married, with kids, and working in the entertainment industry is usually a recipe for marital disaster. It's hard to juggle all of those moving parts. At least Harris can admit his relationship pitfalls, though. Keep working at it, fellas!

8 They Attend Couples Therapy

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Attending couple's therapy is not a shady thing per se; in fact, many would argue that couples counseling is proactive and healthy. People often look at NPH and Burtka's adorable social media photos and think that they could not be more perfect. This is simply untrue. They have issues just like the rest of us and probably more considering how high profile they are.

7 He And His Hubby Would Not Have Stayed Together If One Had Not Wanted Kids

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On Burtka and Harris's very first date, the topic of family and children came up. Wow, no pressure there! It seems that this relationship was going to someday include children, or it was not going to even progress to a second date. That is asking for a lot of commitment right off the bat.

6 He Takes Halloween Way Too Seriously

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We worry about the year that Harris's twins Gideon and Harper decide that they want to dress up as something other than the group costume their fathers decide on. When it comes to family Halloween costumes, Harris is pretty hardcore. From the time the twins were tiny, he and Burtka have decided on the costumes and put a lot of effort into them.

5 His Claim That Burt Reynold's Kiss Turned Him

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How did Neil Patrick Harris know what gender he romantically preferred? NPR swears that it took only one kiss, from actor Burt Reynolds, back in the eighties to make the young actor swing the other way. Burt clearly has some very powerful lips, if NPH is to be believed on this one.

4 NPH Wasn't Exactly Out And Proud

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Harris and Burtka had been together for two years before NPH was essentially forced out of the closet. Blogger Perez Hilton started making waves regarding Harris's romantic preferences, and Harris and his team got together and crafted a statement announcing NPH's truth. His announcement certainly was not on his time, though.

3 He Has Some Hang-Ups About His Appearance

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Everybody has one issue or another regarding their appearance. Even the most secure people on the planet would change a thing or two about themselves if they could. So what is Neil Patrick Harri's hang up? His ears. He told talk show host Howard Stern that he had them surgically pinned back because they bothered him so much.

2 When He Made That Socially Awkward Joke While Hosting The Oscars

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While on stage hosting the Oscars, Neil Patrick Harris made an insensitive joke that offended many people who support alternative living lifestyles. Viewers questioned why NPH is able to make a joke like this, and those who don't live alternatively can not without severe recourse. He came off as a bit of a hypocrite.

1 And The Rest Of His Cracks Were Mediocre At Best

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Many critics claimed that Harris flopped while hosting the Oscars in 2015. His jokes were referred to as mediocre, which is not something that the host of The Oscars ever wants to hear. Maybe he isn't as funny as he had initially thought. He hasn't been back to the stage to reprise his hosting duties since, and it doesn't seem like he will try Oscar hosting again anytime soon.

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