5 Shady Facts About Alec Baldwin (And 20 About The Rest Of His Family)

Back in the 1980s and 90s, it seemed like there was a Baldwin in every movie as four brothers– Alec, William, Daniel, and Stephen Baldwin– had taken Hollywood by storm. Over the following years, we wouldn't just see them on the screen, though, they were also a favorite with the tabloids. With their high-profiles and sometimes severe problems, it's easy to see why.

Since then, the Baldwin clan has grown and now features their children, of who some have gone on to become superstars in their own right. While some of the problems they get themselves into are different from what their dads did, it seems the Baldwins just have a knack for getting unwanted attention from the media. Here are some of the sticky situations the Baldwins have found themselves in over the years.

25 Alec Called His Daughter A Thoughtless Little Pig

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In 2007, TMZ leaked a voicemail Alec Baldwin left for his daughter, Ireland. In the middle of a bitter custody battle with ex-wife Kim Basinger, Alec apparently took out his anger on his then-11-year-old child. He called her a "thoughtless little pig" who needed to have her "--- straightened out" during their next visit. Alec later apologized during an appearance on The View.

24 Alec Baldwin Got Kicked Off A Plane

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Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight in 2011 for supposedly playing the app game "Words with Friends." At least that's what he said. According to the New York Post, another passenger said he was talking on the phone and acting crazy. Baldwin appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight and apologized for "acting badly," but he also said the "snappy" crew member had a "Soviet-level like enforcement of the rules."

23 Alec Was Arrested For Violating Traffic Rules

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According to CNN, Alec Baldwin was arrested and issued a summons for disorderly conduct and riding a bicycle the wrong way on a New York street in 2014. The actor got angry and yelled at the police when asked for identification. The director of bicycle advocacy at Transportation Alternatives said Baldwin was giving bicyclists a bad name and: "He's in the headlines a lot, and it's usually something unpleasant."

22 Alec Baldwin Punched Paparazzi

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In 1995, Alec knocked down photographer Alan Zanger after spraying shaving cream on the windows of Zanger's vehicle. Zanger was camping in front of Baldwin's home to get pics of him and Kim Basinger bringing home newborn Ireland Baldwin. Alec Baldwin later fought with another paparazzo, pinning him up against a car after he attempted to photograph Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria. Unfortunately for Baldwin, the entire incident was caught on camera.

21 Alec Has A Temper That Ruined His Family

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After 10 years of marriage, Kim Basinger could no longer deal with Baldwin's fiery temper. Alec had this kind of anger where he would reach down for something that hurt him in the past and then abuse Kim with it. It even happened publicly. But when it started happening in front of Ireland, Kim finally wouldn't put up with it anymore.

20 Stephen Baldwin Had An Affair

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Actor Stephen Baldwin was caught having secret encounters with a professional masseuse, cheating on his wife of 28 years. The born-again Christian was meeting regularly with Ruth Perez Anselmi during his business trips to Los Angeles. A friend of Anselmi revealed that Stephen– who regularly raves about his marriage– had been seeing her for more than two years after meeting at a physical therapy school in LA.

19 Stephen Baldwin Filed For Bankruptcy

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Stephen has gone through some financial issues— the actor filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009, owing $70,000 in credit card debt, $1 million in back taxes, and $1.2 million in mortgage payments for a home worth $1.1 million. According to the Daily Mail, Stephen defaulted on his mortgage, and his home was auctioned off for $100. The Blast reported that he moved into a small apartment in Queens, NY.

18 Stephen Baldwin Has A Hannah Montana Tattoo

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Stephen has several tattoos to represent various moments in his life. Some to show his love for his women, others express his commitment to sobriety. However, Stephen met Miley Cyrus— then known for Hannah Montana— at an event. She jokingly told Stephen to get a Hannah Montana tattoo. Stephen agreed on the condition that he would appear on the show. He got the tattoo, but didn't get on the show.

17 Stephen Baldwin Was Busted For Traffic Infractions

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In 2014, Baldwin was allegedly driving with a suspended license in New York. He also had an expired Texas car registration. Stephen was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle– a misdemeanor– and driving an unregistered vehicle while driving with a suspended license. But this wasn't the first time! He was arrested for a similar offense in 2012. After an illegal U-turn, he was arrested and charged with unlicensed driving.

16 Stephen Baldwin Sued Kevin Costner

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At the end of 2010, Baldwin sued Costner because he felt that the Waterworld actor tricked him into selling his shares in Costner’s company that helped clean up oil spills. Soon after, BP bought the company’s machines for $52 million. Apparently, Baldwin had also threatened to leak personal information about Costner to the media if he wasn't paid a big settlement. After a weeklong trial, the jury gave him nothing.

15 Stephen Baldwin Claimed He Saw The Devil In The Big Brother House


When Stephen appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, he specified in his contract that he be allowed to read the Bible for an hour a day while in the house. He said: "I ain't going in the House of Hell without my sword!" He spoke with everyone about God, except for Vinnie, and is convinced he saw the devil working from within two of the housemates, but he won't say who.

14 Ireland Baldwin Went To Rehab

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Alec Baldwin's oldest daughter, model Ireland Baldwin, went through some struggles after splitting from rapper Angel Haze in 2015. For a couple of months, she went on a downward spiral of partying and substance abuse to drown her feelings. After shutting out her entire family, she was hospitalized for severe stomach pains and acknowledged that she needed help. Thankfully, she progressed quickly with the support of her family.

13 Daniel Baldwin Suffered From Addiction

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Daniel Baldwin is arguably the most troubled of the Baldwins. In 1997, Baldwin went on an illegal substance-fueled, hotel-room rampage at the New York Plaza Hotel. The police found him naked, bloody, and incoherent. He says he relapsed in 2005 after being prescribed Vicodin for a back injury and then spiraled out of control, leading to more "incidents" in the following years. By March 2008, Baldwin had been to rehab nine times.

12 Daniel Baldwin Had To Leave Celebrity Rehab

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Daniel Baldwin appeared on Celebrity Rehab in 2008 as some kind of mentor to the other patients, but he didn't last long. The New York Post reported that the then-married father of four sent inappropriate messages to adult star and fellow Celebrity Rehab patient, Mary Carey. Daniel claimed he had to leave because he felt uncomfortable that Carey only wore a white tank top when jumping into the pool.

11 Daniel Baldwin Has A Tumultuous Love Life

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Daniel Baldwin has been through three marriages and has five children by four different women. His first marriage was nice and quiet, the second one had a small scandal as he had a son with Isabella Hofmann the same year he got divorced from Elizabeth. In 2006, Baldwin met Joanne Smith in a rehab facility where she worked. They had two children and a ton of public drama together.

10 Daniel Baldwin Had To Get A Restraining Order Against His Wife

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Daniel Baldwin filed for divorce, citing Joanne's substance abuse issues as the cause. Baldwin also claimed Smith threatened to kill him in front of their children and said she was physically abusive numerous times and went into "violent rages." After one incident, the Police determined Smith was unfit to be around their children; Baldwin was granted temporary custody of their kids and a restraining order against her.

9 Daniel Has Been Arrested Several Times

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Daniel has been arrested for smashing his hotel room, allegedly threatening a woman– the authorities didn't press charges– running a red light in a rented Ford Thunderbird on a suspended license, allegedly stealing a GMC Yukon, etc. Finally, in 2007, there was a warrant for the actor's arrest for failure to show up to an arraignment stemming from an auto-theft charge– it was eventually cleared up as a court error.

8 Hailey and Justin Got Married After Dating For A Couple Of Months

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Bieber and a preteen Baldwin first met in 2009 when her father, Stephen, introduced her to him backstage at The Today Show. The two started dating in 2016, but split up. After dating and breaking up with Selena Gomez in early 2018, he and Baldwin started dating again in May, and by July they were married. Judging by other celebs that got married too soon, this might've been a bad move.

7 Bieber And Baldwin Struggled Before Their Second Wedding

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin got married for a second time after months of relationship trouble. Days after saying “I do” the first time, Bieber was crying uncontrollably while driving around with Baldwin. The singer’s admitted struggle with emotional issues already started to take its toll, and they have admitted to going to couple’s therapy just months after their first wedding.

6 ...And They Don't Have A Prenup

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It came as a shock to their fans that they didn’t have a prenup, and it has become an issue for Justin, who’s been dealing with some serious mental health problems recently and is in therapy. According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, Justin is “struggling to trust other people, and scared because he and Hailey have some issues, but are committed to working through them.”

5 Hailey Was Accused Of Racial Insensitivity

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In 2014, Hailey tweeted: “Leaving to Florida white, but coming back to NY a different race.” She also used an emoji of a white man next to one of a man wearing a turban. The tweet was removed 15 minutes later, after she was accused of racial insensitivity. She then tweeted: "Clearly I wasn't meaning to be racist with my tweet I was making a joke about getting a tan. Everybody chill."

4 Hailey And Kendall Jenner Fled From A Restaurant Bill

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Reports say Hailey was dining at Mercer Kitchen with Kendall Jenner, where the waitress refused to serve the underage Jenner alcohol. The girls fled the restaurant laughing, and as the waitress caught up with them to settle the bill, Kendall threw a few twenties in her direction. Baldwin’s rep claimed it was all due to a misunderstanding and that the girls thought everything was paid for.

3 The Last U.S Election Tore The Family Apart

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The Baldwins didn't see eye to eye during the last U.S. election, and it resulted in a public beef between them on Twitter. Ultimately ,Stephen and Alec haven't spoken since then– by Alec's choice. Stephen's daughter, Hailey Baldwin, revealed that politics caused a lot of discord in their family, but they don't talk about it as it's not worth the argument.

2 Awkward Social Media Moments

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Ireland Baldwin posted a photo of herself only wearing a pair of black heels and a thong– throwing her family into panic in the process. Her dad, Alec Baldwin, commented, “I’m sorry. What?” Billy Baldwin wrote, “Tough one for Uncle Billy to Like. #Awkward.” In another post, she wore a swimsuit and cowboy boots on a motorcycle, which prompted a “No. Just...no” from her dad.

1 Billy Baldwin Blames The Election

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Actor Billy Baldwin raised eyebrows after he blamed the recent spike in suicides among young people on the President. Billy, the second-youngest of the four Baldwin brothers, tweeted, “You think I’m kidding? Kids today are living in a constant state of chaos because of this.” He was responding to a CNN article, citing a new report.

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