Sent-Sational: 20 Niche Perfume Brands That Should Be On Everyone's Radar

Attraction is perhaps the most essential elements when it comes to finding a significant other. The senses of a human are well aware of particular features of someone a person is attracted to which can vary in a ton of ways. Some people are attracted to a person's eyes or usually the face. Some have an attraction to the human body itself. In some cases, there are several factors that come into play such as a person's voice and a person's height or a combination of all of these features. One thing is for certain, that when it comes to attraction, one of the most popular senses is the sense of smell.

The sense of smell is vital to human life and comes in handy when it comes to attraction. Perfume is added tool in a woman's closet, even before a conversation is sparked, the scent of a woman can be felt. Perfume is the magic behind the scent, and niche perfumes are a special brand of unique scents that are sure to win over the olfactory organs of any man. If you are wondering which niche perfumes are all the rave, then without further adieu, feast your eyes on these niche perfume brands.

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20 Slumberhouse

Slumberhouse perfume is a non-traditional perfume as the company is inspired by current culture. They not only make their unique scents for the ladies, but they make unique scents for gentlemen also.

The inspiration for their scents come from urban culture and influences such as hip-hop.

They are based in Portland, and their scents include woody, warm and spicy, and balsamic. They also have fragrances that include patchouli, cognac, and even a fragrance titled "Ore". Their Ore fragrance does not smell like metallic ore, but it has the smell of Carmex lip balm with a mix of whiskey and black pepper.

19 Nasomatto

Imagine going down memory lane and having feelings of nostalgic bliss as you take your journey back into the past. Now imagine capturing those emotions and nostalgic feelings and capturing them into a bottle. Nasomatto has done just that with their fragrances. Nasomatto focuses on using a mix of ingredients which are unknown to the public. These fragrances are used to take you back down memory lane. They have marketed their brand in uniquely shaped bottles and their aim is to invoke feelings instead of just selling a product. They have such products as "China White", "Nuda" and one called "Narcotic Venus".

18 James Heeley

James Heeley is a designer who at one time decided to capture nature. He captured nature in the form of his fragrances. He is originally from England, but his company is based in France.

He has a boutique and has embraced the fragrance making processes of France and has mastered the art of capturing natural elements.

He does not outsource any of his processes as he makes them all in-house. James Heeley uses recyclable materials for his packaging and he personally oversees all operations. His products range from "Hippie Rose" to "Cocobello". Most of his fragrances cater to both women and men.

17 Illuminum

Illuminum is a fragrance house based in Britain and is the brainchild of Michael Boadi. Michael Boadi is a hairstylist whose career goes back to the mid-90s working for big names such as Vogue, Chanel, and Gucci. Illuminum was created in 2011 and aims to sell itself on self-expression. Boadi is responsible for the fragrances and the bottle designs. Illuminum includes a plethora of scents that are unisex fragrances, but he also has scents for women as well such as Hindu OUD. A majority of his fragrances are flower based which is perfect for alluring the right mate.

16 Ex Idolo

Fragrances, like fine wine, can get better with age. Ex Idolo, in particular, knows about such an aging process when it comes to their fragrances.

Ex Idolo has uniquely shaped bottles and every scent of Ex Idolo is hand-bottled.

The company is based in Mayfair, London, and their first successful fragrance was released in 2013 called "Thirty-Three". "Thirty-Three" has fragrances such as rose oil, black pepper, and Chinese white tea. The fragrance was aged in the 1980s, making their scents unique amongst other brands. The release was a success and the 33 years that it took to harvest the fragrances was worth the wait.

15 Amouage

There is royalty included in the fragrances of the Amouage brand. According to Culture Trip, the Amouage company was founded by Prince Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al bu Said at the request of the Sultan of Oman in 1983. The art of perfumery was passed down from generations into the creation of Amouage fragrances. The bottles have a unique shape which is based on the Palace Ruwi Mosque in Muskat based in Oman. The fragrances use such scents as musk, rose, garwood, and oud. Some of these fragrances are pretty powerful to the olfactory nerves, and tradition is everything behind the fragrances.

14 Odin

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This company is a boutique that includes various brands under its name. ODIN began selling their own fragrance brand in 2009. The ODIN theme is based on what is called the "exoticism of travel."

Their niche is based more on travel than anything.

Their scents are said to be strong but pleasant. A majority of their fragrances are amber in color, and they number their fragrances on their bottles in the order in which they were made. The names of their fragrances come from exotic places from all around the world and they make unisex fragrances. ODIN is based out of New York.

13 Creed

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Creed is perhaps one of the earliest of perfume companies. Creed was founded in the 1700s by a man named James Creed. He had the privilege of being a supplier of fragrances to the royal family in Britan, namely that of King George and Queen Victoria. Creed was also the scent behind English royal leather. Over 250 years later, the company currently run by James Creed's ancestor of six generations ahead, Oliver Creed. The Creed company has operations in both London and New York. Creed perfumes are mainly nature-based and they even have royal scents for women also such as Royal Imperiale and Royal Ceylan.

12 Serge Lutens


Serge Lutens is the founder of this French perfumery of the same name. Serge Lutens started off as a film-maker and photographer before starting his fragrance company and has been around in the world of cosmetics since 1967 working for Christian Dior. He has extensive experience in cosmetics and the fashion industry.

Serge Lutens had his first experience in the fragrance business working on a project with Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetic brand.

Lutens then went out his own and started making fragrances sometime in 2000 debuting his "Parfumes Beaute". He has become well known for making niche perfumes and also "cult" fragrances. His fragrances have French names and are aromatic and nature-based scents.

11 Ex Nihilo

A uniquely eccentric name brand, Ex Nihilo is generally inspired by avant-garde and a mixture of refinement. They are an alternative to the luxury based items that are found in stores today. The name Ex Nihilo means "Out of nothing". The company is made up of glass-blowers, artist, and architects who pride themselves on free thinking and art. They are against the norms of the traditional fragrances as evident in such perfume brand names as "Sweet Morphine" and "Devil Tender." A cute twist of names is what they base their products on and their scents are primarily based off of agarwood or oud, along with a few spins to their scents.

10 Frederic Malle

Frederic Malle inherited his talents from his family.

His grandfather Serge Heftler was the founder of Parfums Christian Dior.

Frederic Malle grew up in the fragrance industry and studied art history in New York until 1986 he decided to go into the family business. Frederic worked for Dupont and Pierre Bourdon and learned more about the perfume industry before making his maiden voyage into the perfume industry in 2000. He collaborated with the top perfumers around the world and had some of his brands named after these perfumers. The names of his perfumes are "Une Rose", "Superstitious", and "Portrait of a Lady".

9 Le Labo

Sometimes one ingredient is all it takes to create the art of smell. Le Labo is based in New York and was founded in 2006. They create their scents in "Le Labo" or "The Laboratory". Le Labo gives their customers a unique experience in that they let their customers at their stores make up their own fragrances. Le Labo uses fragrances that will create nostalgic feelings and they have unique twists to them. Their fragrances have been described as being woody and having a rich smell among other smells. If anyone visits the actual laboratory, it is open to visitors and they allow people to see how they make their scents.

8 Penhaligon

Penhaligon has been in existence since 1872. Penhaligon was founded by William Penhaligon and was started in a barbershop. A miraculous thing occurred during World War II when the original shop was destroyed. Although the shop was destroyed, the fragrances survived.

They started up again in 1956 via a Royal Warrant and they have been going strong ever since.

The company was granted its second Royal Warrant by the Princess of Wales back in 1988. Penhaligon has modernized its fragrances and the scents are bottled in uniquely shaped bottles, some of which are based on animals. They have products such as "Blasted Bloom", "The Revenge of Lady Blanche", and "The Ruthless Countess Dorothea".

7 Clive Christian

Clive Christian is a designer who founded the eponymous fragrance company in 1999. Clive Christian brands itself on excellence and royalty. His bottles are topped with a crown which is based on Queen Victoria's royal crown. Among his most popular scents are the scents from his Private Collection series. The Private Collection Series has five scents for both men and women. These scents bare the initials of Clive's first name. His scents range from pepper to jasmine and rose. Clive Christian is one of the most popular niche brands in the world and it is one of the most expensive brands of niche fragrances.

6 Byredo

The aim of Byredo is to suit the taste of nearly every person that they possibly can. Byredo finds materials from around the world and they try to cater to their customers.

Ben Gorham is a former basketball player who is the founder of Byredo and created the company with famous perfumers Jerome Epinette and Olivia Giacobetti.

The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and was founded in 2006. Each scent is based on the past experiences of Ben Gorham. He also gets inspiration from a trip he took to his mother's home country of India which originally inspired Gorham to make fragrances.

5 Eight And Bob

Looking at the name of this brand, you may wonder where such a name originated, especially for a fragrance. According to Lucky Scent, Albert Fouquet, the founder of Eight & Bob, befriended John F. Kennedy in 1937 when the fragrance made its way into America. John F. Kennedy liked the scent, and ordered several bottles from Fouquet and requested " “and if your production allows, another one for Bob.” When it came time to ship the product to John F. Kennedy, Fouquet labeled the shipment "Eight & Bob." The unisex brand has appealed to famous people and elegant people and is pretty much an exclusive brand.

4 Roja Parfums

Roja Dove is an expert when it comes to fragrances. He was inspired to make fragrances after he liked his mother's perfume as a child. In 1981 he joined a French perfumery and became the chief nose. Twenty years later, Roja Dove would create his own eponymous fragrance company in 2001 called Roja Dove Parfums.

Roja Dove Parfums aims for luxury in his products and his fragrances use expensive ingredients for the most part.

Roja Dove renamed his brand Roja Parfums in 2011. His niche brand of perfumes includes such catchy names as "Danger", "Enigma", "A Goodnight Kiss" and "Scandal."

3 Le Galion

Le Galion was established in 1930 by Prince Murat. The company is well-known fragrances and is known amongst some wealthy clients as creating noticeable fragrances for almost 90 years. The Le Gallon company serves as a supplier for many fragrance brands, one of which is Christian Dior. Le Galion was sold to an American company during the 1970s but that company folded. Le Galion was revived again by Nicolas Chabot who brought back some of the classic fragrances in 2014. Chabot kept the classic bottle designs and packaging. Le Galion has perfumes ranging from the well-known "Sortilege Elixir". to "Whip" and "Rose."

2 Maître Parfumeur Et Gantier

For centuries, there has been a connection between scents and gloves. This was actually a huge trend during the 17th century. Scented gloves were a popular item, even among kings. The trend was such a huge hit that in 1988 the Maître Parfumeur et Gantier, or the: Master Perfumer and Glovemaker" fragrance company was founded by Jean Laporte.

Maître Parfumeur et Gantier keeps the tradition of making gloves and fragrances.

They are known for their niche perfumes and colognes and the company produces costly scents for an upper-class clientele. Their perfume collection includes "Les Symphonies Legeres" (Light Symphonies), "Les Accords Mysteres" (Mysterious Accords), and "Les Fleurs Divine" (Divine Flowers).

1 Vilhelm Parfumerie

Vilhelm Parfumerie is a collection of fragrances that are unique in the sense that all of the fragrances have a story behind them. The theme of the fragrances originated from the company's founder Jan Ahlgren who gathered pieces from her childhood and put them into bottles as fragrances. Ahlgren spent his summers with his grandfather and this became his inspiration for his scents. Vilhelm Parfumerie takes the customer back into time with such fragrances as "A Lilac a Day", "Room Service", which was named after Ahlgren spent time in a hotel as a kid, and "Opus Kore." Some of the fragrances range from violet petals to patchouli, and bergamot.

References: Theculturetrip.com, Luckyscent.com

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