Selena Gomez’ Latest Pantene Commercial Turns Hairstyling Into A Party

Selena Gomez just released a new Pantene commercial in Latin America, and it is basically just a hit music video by the singer.

A cover of the song ‘Taki Taki' plays in the background as various girls, including Gomez do their hair for the day. Fans will recall that the singer was featured on the original ‘Taki Taki' track, which was released by DJ Snake.

The 26-year-old looks fresh, gorgeous and fabulous in the new Pantene commercial. Gomez has been laying low for a couple of months, some speculate her stepping back from the limelight is because of her ex Justin Bieber marriage to Hailey Baldwin. Whatever her reason, the singer is back in all of her glory, and her fans can't get enough of the new commercial.


Fans have been gushing about how much the commercial looks like a music video from the second it was Tweeted out. It was less than a week ago that the Pantene spot was released on social media. Although Gomez has been working with the company for years, there is something about the latest commercial that has her making headlines. It is not only that she looks the best she has in years but that she seems at ease.

The spot begins with Gomez waking up looking fresh-faced with hair showing off some beautiful beach waves. It definitely gives off the feeling of a classic video from the singer, fun, flirty, cute and even boasts a dance party.

There is a great sort of montage of a woman braiding her young daughter's hair, a teenager cutting her bangs and another teen girl getting ready for prom. The moments are beautiful because they show how having the right hair is essential to girls and women at any age.

It may not be new music or even a music video that fans have been holding their breath for, but Selena Gomez new Pantene commercial is a great substitute. Many times, ads are cheesy, especially when it comes to hair products, but the new spot is fantastic. Hopefully, it is just the beginning of what fans will see from the singer this year.

Watch the new commercial and share your thoughts with us in the below comments section.

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