Selena Gomez Drops New Song And Fans Are Convinced It’s About Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez Drops New Song And Fans Are Convinced It’s About Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez just released a new song, and her fans are convinced the song is about Justin Bieber. Selena has been teasing that she has new music coming out since August, so it was a highly anticipated drop on Tuesday that had her fans overjoyed. The song is called Lose You To Love Me, and it is a powerful ballad with an important message. The twenty-seven-year-old sings about the journey of finding yourself again after getting lost in a rollercoaster romance, and it is all about self-love and acceptance.

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Justin and the Wizards of Waverly Place actress started dating in 2010 after she had broken up with Nick Jonas from Jonas Brothers. Jelena, as fans nicknamed the hot couple, broke up in 2012, which then kicked off the on again off again relationship that would go on until as recently as last year. The Sorry singer and Selena were last photographed together in the spring of 2018. Justin then quite swiftly moved on to dating Hailey Baldwin, to whom he proposed two months later. The two have since then gotten married in two separate ceremonies.

Selena Gomez Drops New Song And Fans Are Convinced It’s About Justin Bieber
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As reported by ET Online, Selena sings about being lied to and hurt by a former lover in Lose You To Love Me, and the Internet is finding a lot of connections to Justin Bieber in the lyrics. For instance, the Love You Like A Love Song singer sings "you turned me down, and now it's showing/In two months, you replaced us/Like it was easy", and it was literally two months after her and Justin's breakup that he got engaged to Hailey.

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Selena also sings about "purpose", which fans also are convinced is in reference to the Let Me Love You singer since Purpose is the name of his most recent album. Overall, the general perception of Selena's new song is that it is all about acceptance and closure and that this is the twenty-seven-year-old letting the world know that she has moved on. Selena has only said that the song was inspired by many different things that have happened since her last album that was released in 2015.

Whether or not the song is actually about her relationship with Justin and the challenges of moving on, it is a powerful song with a great message of self-love, and it is something to which most of her fans will be able to relate.

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