See What Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Future Children Could Look Like

If you are anything like us, you spend an obscene amount of your day wondering what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's future royal babies could look like. No? Just us? Well, anyway, we know that we've got you curious now, so you might as well stick around and check out the computer-generated possibilities that could look like the offspring of Prince Harry and his retired actress and bride-to-be, Meghan Markle.

That's right. We are living in the age of super technology, and apparently you don't have to wait nine months after a confirmed pregnancy to find out what a couple's child will look like... all you need is the proper software and a forensic artist.


You might have seen those novelty photobooth-type machines that take a photo of two people and whip up a composite of what their supposed child could look like, but having a forensic artist like Joe Mullins work his magic for Prince Harry and Markle's future babes is a big step up. Sources state that Mullins used many photos of the engaged couple in order to create their digital potential children. Their "son" (above) looks like a pretty even mix between the couple, who have very different looks and coloring. Their "daughter" (above) looks much more like Markle than Prince Harry in our opinion. Do you agree?

Below are a couple of other options (that were created seperately) of how their babies might look. But as anyone who has had a family member who looks nothing like the rest of the brood knows, genetics is just a gamble... a game of chance. So, who knows? Their royal little one could look nothing like these composites at all.


We should find out pretty soon as Prince Harry and Markle both seem anxious to settle down and start a family. The pair was seen at a convention for newly invented products and when they were shown a baby bath product, Markle commented that soon they were going to need to buy all of the products. Do you think the artists got their future children right?

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