20 Secrets You Never Knew About The Arrowverse Cast

Many viewers were skeptical when the CW Network started to transform into the home for progressive takes on classic superheroes. However, against all odds, the CW has not only kept this legacy going for nearly a decade, they’ve built an empire of connected series that are only growing in their numbers. There could very well be a point when the CW is just full of Arrowverse spin-offs in some capacity. Viewers have been able to enjoy the singular and joint efforts of these superheroes, which continue to get more epic in nature.

The crossover events that the Arrowverse puts together are some of the most satisfying events on television and it seriously looks like their upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths mini-series could rival Avengers: Endgame. It’s a lot of fun to watch these characters vanquish crime week after week, but how much do you really know about the actors who are behind the masks? Accordingly, Here Are 20 Secrets You Never Know About The Arrowverse Cast.

20 Brandon Routh Was Supposed To Play Ted Kord, Not Ray Palmer

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When Arrow's third season was gearing up, they wanted to bring Ted Kord and his Blue Beetle alter ego into the picture. However, the Powers That Be at DC decided that Kord was off the table. Marc Guggenheim decided to bring in Ray Palmer (aka The Atom) as a substitute. This largely explains why Ray initially is much more of a surrogate for Ted than his comic counterpart and he doesn't even incorporate his shrinking power into the spin-off, Legends Of Tomorrow.

19 The Man Who Might Wear The Cowl

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Bruce Wayne, in a traditional sense, has yet to appear in the Arrowverse (even though the Green Arrow has uttered his name before), but there's still been thought into who would be a good fit for the role. Guggenheim has been vocal over how he feels that fellow CW alumni, Jensen Ackles, would make an ideal Bruce Wayne (even if he never appears as Batman). Of course, for the longest time, Batman has been off limits in the Arrowverse.

18 Michael Rowe's Deadshot Was Written Off Because Of 2016's Suicide Squad

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For a very long, there were many characters from the DC Universe that were off limits for all of the Arrowverse shows because there were apparently plans for them in feature films. Some of these plans came to be, while others did not, but the existence of Suicide Squad knocked some fan favorite characters out of the series. The biggest loss was Michael Rowe's Deadshot, but Amanda Waller also saw the same fate.

17 Stephen Amell Developed A Subtle Tick For Oliver Queen

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Stephen Amell has thrown himself into his superhero role as much as possible and there's a great deal that he's putting into his performance that may go over many people's heads. One of the most interesting touches that he's incorporated into his portrayal of Oliver Queen is that he suffers from a nervous tick of sorts whenever Oliver isn't holding his bow. It's a brilliant little character detail.

16 Keiynan Lonsdale Auditioned For Jefferson Jackson, Not Wally West

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It's always interesting when a cast member is called in for one role, only to turn out to be the perfect fit for a totally different one. Keiynan Lonsdale gave a wonderful performance as Wally West on both The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, but he originally read for Firestorm's Jefferson Jackson. Lonsdale's affable energy is such a better fit for Wally rather than the macho and broody Jefferson.

15 Many Cast Members Were Vocal About Over Laurel's Exit

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Laurel was one of the most important characters on Arrow and a fundamental presence for Oliver Queen. Drama obviously needs to be created and that eventually came at Laurel's expense. As a part of the Arrow family, Katie Cassidy assumed she'd have a little more say in the manner and was not happy that she had to leave. In solidarity, Willa Holland Caity Lotz, Emily Bett Richards, Danielle Panabaker, and Colton Haynes were vocally upset over the decision.

14 Arrow's Harley Quinn Was Brought To Life By Two Actresses

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One of the most exciting (but then ultimately disappointing) moments in the early years of Arrow is when a mysterious figure that's most certainly Harley Quinn shows up in the episode "Suicide Squad." The character's voice sounds familiar because Tara Strong, who voices her in the Arkham video games, steps in. However, the actress who plays her is actually Cassidy Alexa.

13 Stephen Amell Has Been An Avid WWE Performer

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Stephen Amell isn't just an action junkie, he tries to embody Oliver Queen's ethos as much as possible. This has seen him take up philanthropic efforts, but also perform in insane wrestling matches as early as 2015. In 2017, he participated in the Ring of Honor and he's even worn variations of his Green Arrow costume as he's thrown himself into the ring.

12 Legend Of Tomorrow's Ray Palmer And Nora Darhk Are Married In Real Life

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In Legends of Tomorrow, one of the most surprising, yet endearing, romances to have grown is the one between Ray Palmer and the once villainous Nora Darhk. There's a real chemistry between the two of them that's steadily pushed them closer together. That chemistry is because Brandon Routh and Courtney Ford are married in real life, and they're channeling their real emotions.

11 The Flash's Weather Wizard Was Arrow's Oliver Queen Runner-Up

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Arrow is the CW show that started it all for their connected universe and if they didn't have the right casting for their first hero, the whole thing might have failed. Stephen Amell perfectly personifies Oliver Queen, but if he had turned down the role then it would have gone over to Liam McIntyre. While it's not quite the same privilege, McIntyre would later find himself in the Arrowverse as the Flash antagonist, Weather Wizard.

10 No Stunt Double Necessary

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Not only are the series within the Arrowverse a part of the action genre, the fact that they're superhero vehicles means that they're even more intensive in that regard. A surprising amount of the cast between the various Arrowverse series perform their own stunts and fight scenes, as much as possible. The greatest examples of this are Stephen Amell and Caity Lotz, who are both trained for action.

9 The Flash's Pied Piper Originally Auditioned For Barry Allen

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Grant Gustin is seen as a very natural fit for both Barry Allen and his superhero alter ego. Andy Mietnus is another actor who was considered for the role and even though he didn't get the part, producers were impressed with him enough to cast him as Harley Rathaway, the Pied Piper, a character who's often seen as a sidekick to the Flash.

8 Many Cast Members Have Taken A Seat In The Director's Chair

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The Arrowverse has built such a welcome community among its actors that it's been able to provide fortunate opportunities for the cast to direct installments. This can lead to great results considering the insight that they have into their characters. Danielle Panabaker, Tom Cavanagh, David Ramsey, David Harewood, and Caity Lotz have all directed episodes, and Melissa Benoist and Katie Cassidy are set to do the same soon. Many of these individuals got to make their directorial debuts on these shows.

7 Rachel Skarsten Nearly Reprised Her Birds Of Prey Role As Laurel Lance

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When Arrow was fleshing out its supporting cast, it was clear that it would be bringing the Lances into the fold. Right from the start, Guggenheim had been considering connectivity between the previous DC television shows that had been out there. As a result, he considered Rachel Skarsten from the WB's short-lived Birds of Prey series. It didn't work out, but Skarsten would eventually show up in Batwoman as Red Alice.

6 Colton Haynes Left Arrow Over Issues With Terminal Anxiety

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One of the most beloved characters on Arrow during the early run of the series was Colton Haynes' Roy Harper (aka Arsenal). Arsenal provided a fantastic counterpoint to Oliver's Queen Green Arrow, so it was significantly surprising when Harper exited at the end of the third season. Hoynes has spoken openly about how he suffers from anxiety issues and the pressures of being a regular on the series were just too much for him. He was worried about his health.

5 It's A Family Affair For Stephen Amell

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The casts of the Arrowverse shows have been so inclusive that they largely feel like a family. However, in spite of that closeness, Stephen Amell has been able to bring a lot of his actual family into the picture. Amell's cousin, Robbie, plays Ronnie Raymond (one half of Firestorm) and his wife, Italia Ricci, plays Silver Banshee. Stephen Amell's wife has also made an appearance as Nora Fries, a revisionist take on Dr. Freeze in one of their massive crossovers.

4 The Flash's Patty Spivot Could Have Been Laurel Lance

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The casting process for Laurel Lance was one of the more important aspects to nail correctly in Arrow. There were a bunch of different directions and approaches considered for the role, but ultimately Katie Cassidy came out on top. The Arrowverse was still able to put to good use some of the other Laurel contenders, with Shantel VanSanten later turning up as the popular Patty Spivot.

3 Katie Cassidy And Danielle Panabaker Were Roommates

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It's always nice when television shows can foster a growing sense of community and that energy can translate over into the show. Sometimes those relationships are so fun that these actors never want to get away from each other. For example, Arrow's Katie Cassidy was actually roommates with the Flash's Danielle Panabaker. It's really saying something when you can be that close with your occasional co-stars.

2 Stephen Amell Had To Temporarily Quit Twitter

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Twitter is a useful social media platform that can spread information and foster relationships, but it's also something that's been show to be increasingly problematic for celebrities who can't keep their mouths shout. Such a thing happened to Amell in 2015 when he spoke out over an event in Texas. It could have been much worse, but it certainly humbled Amell.

1 The Thinker Was Detained During A Flight

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Neil Sandialnds portrayed Clifford DeVoe (aka The Thinker), the major antagonist during the fourth season of The Flash. In 2006, Sandialnds was flying from Cape Town to Johannesburg and was arrested after the flight's hostess complained about his behavior and the remarks that he had made. Accordingly, he was detained once the flight landed on Johannesburg International Airport, but was let off with a warning.

These are some of the most surprising and fascinating surprises about the cast of the Arrowverse that we came across, but they’re far from the only things. Sound off over your favorite tidbits in the comments below!

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