Scott Disick & Sofia Richie: 20 Things Everyone Seems To Ignore

The famous reality family, the Kardashians, are known for their colorful ways and their unique relationships.

First, we had Kris and Bruce, now Caitlyn. We saw Khloe marry Lamar Odom in the blink of an eye, then divorce him, and eventually try to save him from his downward spiral. Kim had her fair share of romance flops, and now we get to see her and eccentric Kanye West navigate life together. Kylie kept her pregnancy under wraps and Rob almost married Kylie's ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. Got all that?

Yeah, those Kardashians are a walking, talking soap opera.

Kourtney K. never married the father of her three children, Scott Disick, and the two had their fair share of drama for sure, but overall they seemed the most normal and consistent of all Kardashian couples. The two spent a decade growing up together and supporting each other all while raising three children, Mason, Penelope, and little Reign.

Then they split. We didn't see it coming. The pair seemed to be in a decently stable place, especially for them. Kourtney went on to date a much younger model, Younes Bendjima, and Scott found his own younger lady to keep him company.

Scott and socialite-model Sofia Ritchie have been dating for two years now. But here are 20 things that can't be ignored about Scott and Sofia's relationship.

20 They Do Not Have Her Famous Father's Blessing

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Sofia is, of course, the daughter of musical legend Lionel Ritchie and the big guy is not the greatest Scott Disick fan. Even though his little girl is smitten with the family man, Lionel is not all that convinced that he is the one from her. Papa Lionel had never been super pumped about his girl's choice of partner.

He knows all about Scott's party boy ways and has always felt concerned about Sofia getting her heart stomped on.

Even though reports have forever swirled about Lionel's disapproval, Sofia claims her father is nothing but supportive of her choices. We are calling that bluff Sofia.

19 Scott Is Still Very Much A Part Of His Ex's Family

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Scott and Kourtney Kardashian were an item for a long time and in that time Scott, an only child, became extremely close to Kourtney's siblings and her parents. Just because Kourt and Scott decided to go their separate ways romantically, it didn't mean that Scott was suddenly out of the famous family. Mason, Penelope, and Reign's papa remains devoted to Kris Jenner, Kendall, Kylie, Khloe, and the Wests.

He continues to film with the Kardashians, travel with the brood, and even made a special trip out to Cleveland to visit Khloe back when she was pregnant.

18 Sofia Has An Issue With Kourtney And Scott's Ties

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It is understandable that Sofia is jealous of Scott and Kourtney's co-parenting relationship. She is only nineteen years old; most middle-aged women would not be able to handle such a complicated situation emotionally.

Scott and Kourtney spend a lot of time together, along with their three young children, and Sofia gets left out of the equation.

Of course, she would be sitting at home wondering what was going on during these family outings! Who would not question? All of the jealousy can get compounded because Sofia seems convinced that Kourtney is not quite over her ex.

17 He Has Not Curbed His Wandering Eye

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Scott Disick is not exactly known for his ability to be a one-lady man. Over his years of being Kourtney Kardashian's partner, the couple seemed plagued with a barrage of rumors. Over the summer, Scott and Sofia broke up, and this split was perhaps because Scott was giving another woman his attention at a Wisconsin listening party of Kanye West's.

We can't deny that the pictures of the event are concerning, but maybe Scott was merely in a very hugging mood that night? Whatever went down that night, it appears Scott and Sofia were able to pull through and put everything behind them.

16 Sofia Used To Be Besties With Kylie And Kendall

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Before Sofia was Scott's leading lady, she was best buds with his former little sisters, Kendall and Kylie. Once upon a time, Sofia, Kendall, and Kylie were hanging out, strolling the streets of Calabasas and enjoying their privileged lives.

Now that Sofia has traded the Jenner sisters in for Kourtney's ex-partner, the three former friends steer pretty clear of one another.

We can imagine that the dynamic between the trio is pretty strained now that Sofia is on the arm of someone they once considered their big brother! Maybe this relationship of Sofia and Scott's has crossed more than one line.

15 There Is A Huge Age Difference Between Them

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One of the more eyebrow-raising parts of Scott and Sofia's relationship is their age difference. Scott is now in his mid-thirties and has three young children with his famous ex, Kourtney Kardashian. Sofia just turned 20 years old. While she has dated some big names too—looking at you Justin Bieber—she has not lived as much life as Scott. She still can't have a legal drink in a fancy restaurant with her beau for another year!

The fifteen-year age difference might not make much of a difference when these two are fifty and sixty-five, but it is pretty significant now in regards to maturity and life experience.

14 Scott Might Sire More Children With Kourtney

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Kourtney Kardashian loves being a mommy to Mason, Penelope, and little Reign, and while three kids might sound like a handful to many, she has been pretty clear that three children might not be enough for her.

She has also hinted on occasion that she would like her children to all be full-blood siblings, meaning her ex would have to pony up for one more baby. Huh?

In last season's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, sister Kimmy hinted that Scott indeed wanted one more kiddo with Kourtney, and the fact that the former pair had moved on in their relationships wouldn't matter because they could always do IVF. We have a feeling this plan might not fly with Sofia.

13 Sofia Might Find Herself Being A Young Mom Soon

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Scott might find himself a very busy guy in the upcoming years. Not only does he already have three children, and supposedly wants one more child with his ex-partner Kourtney Kardashian, but he might also be planning on making Sofia a mommy soon too. The pair has been spending a lot of time practicing on Scott's existing kids, and they co-parent a little puppy that Scott named.

Besides this, the couple has weathered several bumps in the road and is still standing strong after two years of dating. In Hollywood time that is closer to an entire decade! Maybe it is time for a baby?

12 There Have Been Breakups, Make-ups, And Fights

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The last two years have not exactly been smooth sailing for Scott and Sofia. The couple has seen some pretty rough patches including breakups.

Considering Scott is toting around a whole lot of baggage and Sofia was barely an adult when they two became involved, it's no great surprise that there have been some kinks to work out.

The couple broke up this summer, and it looked as if they were done for good, but apparently not considering they are back together and stronger than ever. Whatever it is, there is just something about these two that make us think the breakups will never be permanent.

11 The Model Love Triangle

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This one is a bit confusing, so try and follow along. Many moons ago it was Kourtney Kardashian and Scott forever and the two seemed indestructible. No matter how messy their spats and issues, they always seemed to bounce back. Then that whole fiasco ended, and each found a new, much younger paramour. Kourtney paired up with model Younes Bendjima, and Scott fell hard for model and socialite Sofia Ritchie. Not only were the two young newbies models, but they were also close pals. That's right—the new boyfriend and new girlfriend were old pals.

Since Kourtney and her man split, the Ritchie-Bendjima friendship appears to be no more. Still, what a tangled web.

10 Scott Has No Reservations About Putting His Lady's Assets On Display

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Lionel is not going to like that Scott! There is no shortage out there of bare-bottomed Sofie Ritchie images, believe us! The Lord Disick seems perfectly okay with his woman's assets being seen by the world. Truthfully, he is responsible for some of them.

On more than one occasion Scott was behind the camera snapping shots of his lady.

He had no qualms about posting them to social media for everyone, including Sofia's disapproving father, to see. Maybe he is used to all this scantily clad behavior. He did, after all, spend a decade in the presence of the Kardashians.

9 The Announced Their Dating Status With Social Media And Dessert

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Not exactly the most mature way to go in our opinion, but maturity is not precisely this couple's thing. After many months of speculation, Scott and Sofia finally let the world in on their romance via dessert and social media. Taking a picture of a congrats dessert seems a little bit strange in regards to relationship status announcements, so maybe this one was Sofia's idea.

This kind of announcement seems much more in line with something a teenager would do, not a middle-aged father of three! Oh well, at least they got a picture and a decent snack out of the whole thing. Plus, as corny as the announcement was, the two are hanging in there.

8 They Vacation In Many Places Where Scott Has Been Before

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Scott likes what he likes, and there are certain spots on the map that he gravitates to. The places he used to travel to with his ex-partner are still on his vacation itinerary, except he now goes there with Sofia. Sometimes they take the kids with them, and other times they travel alone.

These days they even include the mother of Scott's three children in this vacation plans.

It has to be strange to be somewhere with a new love and have old memories of your former-family floating through your head, especially when she is in the room next to you!

7 More Than One Kardashian-Jenner Has Thrown Some Disses Sofia's Way

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While things have indeed settled down for Scott, Sofia, and the Kardashians in recent months, the previous years were loaded with jabs and cutting remarks made by family members towards the lovebirds. Kendall Jenner notoriously trolled the pair on social media, commenting on photos and posts of Sofia, Scott, and the children. Her greatest dig was when she saw a post of them all and remarked, "Awwww, Scott and all of his children."

Kendall has some reservations about her former friend slipping into the role of caregiver for her nephews and nieces. Those comments have to sting, especially considering how close Sofia and Kendall used to be.

6 Scott Has Had One Serious Relationship Before Sofia

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Scott and Sofia seem to have a "grown-up" relationship despite their roadblocks and unusual situation. This rock steady relationship is surprising because neither has a ton of mature relationship experience under their belt. Sofia, of course, dabbled in the wild, quirky world of dating Justin Beiber before looking Scott's way.

Scott, even though he is fifteen years her senior, doesn't have a ton of diverse experience himself.

He has only been with his ex-partner Kourtney for the entirety of his adult life. Neither brings a whole lot of wisdom to the table in the relationship department.

5 Things Got Shaky When Scott Introduced Sofia To The Kids

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Scott and Kourtney had an understanding that seeing other people post-break-up was normal, but introducing new boyfriends or girlfriends to the kids was crossing the line.

The two had agreed to wait until after the new year before letting the kids meet Sofia, and while Scott honored that request, Kourtney still exploded on him calling him " a joke." The irony here is that Kourt had already allowed the children to meet and spend time with her much younger man. When it comes to Kourtney Kardashian, there seems to be a double standard. In the end, Scott ate crow and apologized to Kourtney.

4 They Don't Do All Holidays Together Yet

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Scott recently did Thanksgiving with Kourt and the kids, but not Sofia. While he spent the weekend with a gaggle of Kardashians, Sofia spent the holiday with her mother.

This separation at the holidays proves that while the trio is making progress in the amicable parenting department, they still have miles to go.

As of now, it seems that occasional dinners together are alright, but they aren't all at happy holidays just yet. Maybe next year Sofia. We suppose it all depends on mama Kourtney and her feelings about things. Perhaps she will have a change of heart for Thanksgiving 2019.

3 But Recent Vacations Point To Hope For One Big Happy Family

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If there is one thing that the Kardashian Klan loves, it is giant, intertwined confusing web-like families. While the holidays still seem reserved for Lord Disick, Kourtney, and the kiddos, a recent getaway included Sofia and might point to signs of further family merging.

Scott brought Sofia along to Aspen and Mexico and even sat poolside in between his ex and his current love as all three contentedly basked in the sun. The jet-setting move is a big step in the Kardashians' move towards accepting Sofia as a part of the family. It is obvious that anyone in Scott's life will eventually be a part of their lives too.

2 Despite Speed Bumps, Scott's Kids Seem To Like Sofia

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The hard stuff seems to be out of the way for now. Scott has dealt with Kourtney's emotions regarding the children meeting his new girlfriend. He has made it clear to his former family that Sofia is here to stay, and they seem to have accepted this fact by extending invitations to vacation with them.

This odd couple has managed work through various relationship details and stick things out.

Now they can relax a bit and spend some time as a family unit. Word on the street is Mason, Penelope, and Reign Disick like Sofia very much and are very comfortable around her, another positive step for these two.

1 And Kardashian Jabs Aside, The Family Does Think Sofia Could Be A Good Thing For Scott

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So now all parties appear to be on board. Even Lionel is coming around in recent months. Despite some of the more bizarre parts of this relationship that we can not ignore, Kourtney's family feels that overall, Sofia might be a good influence on former bad boy Scott. In the end, she only wants the father of her children to be healthy, stable, and present in his kids' lives.

He seems to be checking all of the boxes, and because he is doing that with Sofia by his side, Kourtney and the Kardashian Klan cannot help but consider Sofia's presence to be a positive thing for Scott.

Sources: Nicki Swift, Refinery29, Hollywood Life

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